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What’s happening at Rock Church

What’s happening at Rock Church

What’s happening at Rock Church

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Meet Christina Paiva, Rock Church’s new City Heights Campus Kids Director, and hear her heart to raise up a generation of children passionate about the Kingdom of God.
In Part 5, of Fight Club, Pastor Miles encourages us to choose God when we don’t understand His ways or think He’s unfair in our limited understanding.
Pastor Danny Barragan was out of work; he had no idea God would use tacos, salsa, and a dose of the Holy Ghost to teach him an invaluable lesson.
Many are being drawn toward the kindness of Jesus and some of those making the trek to our Rock Ambassador’s Bible study might surprise you!
Let us help you plug in and fulfill God’s vision for your life.
Be a part of the Sunday experience and help fulfill the vision of the Rock.
See a listing of job opportunities at the Rock Church.
Help the Rock Church bring God’s love to San Diego and beyond.
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