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Is Your Knowledge of Squats Out of Date?

Is Your Knowledge of Squats Out of Date?

Is Your Knowledge of Squats Out of Date?

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  Volume 13, Issue 10       feature: Is Your Knowledge of Squats Out of Date? Group Exercise: Warm Up With Stability Balls workout of the month: Does Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness = Muscle Development? Sponsored nutrition tip of the month: What Should I Eat? Sponsored mind-body-spirit: Choose Pilates & Yoga for Healthy Bones? Industry News: Electric Energy at Fitness Industry’s Premier Educational Event! equipment focus: Learn the Ropes Sponsored IDEA news: Apply for the 2016 IDEA World Fitness Awards     upcoming IDEA events  
IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East™ February 25–28, 2016 Alexandria, VA Early-bird pricing ends January 22nd! IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West™ April 14–17, 2016 Seattle, WA Early-bird pricing ends March 4th!   Is Your Knowledge of Squats Out of Date? by Derrick Price, MS “Deep squats are bad for the knees!” Chances are you’ve heard this advice and maybe even given it to clients. But where did it come from? What principles should we follow when teaching one of the most popular exercises on the planet? read more Warm Up With Stability Balls by Christy Stevenson Instructors tend to spend most of their creativity on the main body of the workout and forget to choreograph an equally inspiring warm-up. Incorporate the stability ball for an unforgettable warm-up that limbers up the body in all planes of movement. read more
  Choose Pilates & Yoga for Healthy Bones? by Sherri R. Betz, PT After age 50, adults typically lose about 1% of their leg strength and 0.5% of their bone mineral density (Gourlay et al. 2012) every year. There are ways to combat this decline, but do traditional Pilates and yoga programs make the grade? read more Does Post-Exercise Soreness = Muscle Development? Do you have to be sore in order to qualify your workout as “good”? Brad Schoenfeld, ReebokONE Expert Contributor, explains why that usually is not the case. read more
  What Should I Eat? Health- and fitness-minded people face many challenges in determining their best choices in the key lifestyle area of diet. None is more important than that most basic question, “What should I eat?” Find out the two biggest changes you can make in your diet for the most impact! read more Can barefoot running prevent injury?
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Electric Energy at Fitness Industry’s Premier Educational Event by Joy Keller, Alexandra Williams, MA, and Sandy Todd Webster Like lightning to a rod, close to 12,000 attendees were drawn to the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention’s 380 educational sessions and to its largest and most diverse Fitness and Nutrition Expo to date. read more Learn the Ropes Battle rope training is becoming more visible in the fitness industry. It gained popularity at training camps of all levels and has worked its way into the fitness industry over the past 5 years. Now it is very common to see battle ropes used in programming for groups and individuals. read more


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