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Coastal German Shepherd Rescue San Diego

A Message from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue’s Founders

A Message from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue’s Founders

A Message from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue’s Founders


We Need Your Help!

We are writing to you today to make a personal plea and ask for your help and continued support!
This Saturday, we will be walking at a fundraiser in Los Angeles called Strut Your Mutt.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we are at only 47% of our goal. These funds are desperately needed to keep doing the work we do to help the homeless animals! Today, we have 164 dogs waiting for homes that we care for on a daily basis.  Food, boarding, vet care, spay/neuters, shots, all add up as well as the major medical cases we take on to help when others won’t.  Unfortunately, our work never gets easier, and it requires so many people that love animals to keep doing what we do. 
We would like to tell you a little story about what Strut Your Mutt is really all about.  We have the privilege of being able to walk a dog named Champ this weekend because someone cared enough to help.  He had been dumped in a strawberry field by the only family that he ever knew.  He came back every night looking for his family who dumped him there.  A wonderful lady noticed him as she left church every night and started to feed him, but wasn’t able to catch him.  She contacted one of our wonderful volunteers who worked for days, every night, hours at a time, trying to catch him, but he didn’t trust people anymore…  After days of this, our volunteer got a trap, set it and waited, and waited, and finally caught him.  These ladies did this all on their own time.  No one paid them, it was all because they love to help homeless animals that other people have no regard for.  This is why we exist and why we need your help…..
Champ is a great example of why we Strut our Mutts.  He survived over a month on his own, lost hope of trusting people, but thanks to people who care he was able to get into a wonderful foster home and has thrived at being a dog again.  It took time for him to trust people, other dogs, even the veterinarians, but now he awaits a good home that will love him and care for him for the rest of his days the way his first family should have in the first place.
We will also be joined by Simon…  Simon was left for dead at a local shelter at only 6 weeks old because he was sick.  We were contacted by another volunteer who pleaded with us to help him.  We drove 6 hours through rush-hour LA traffic and immediately got him into one of our trusted veterinarians.  Simon had a disease called “Puppy Strangles” which means his immune system was on overdrive and eating his own tissue.  It took months, but today Simon is a beautiful little boy that is with a wonderful foster family and awaits his forever home.  He will always have some scarring, but it’s just a constant reminder of the fighter this little boy is and the struggle he had to endure early in his life. 
We are asking you to consider opening your heart and help us financially with a gift of any amount that you might be able to sacrifice.  The help we provide to dogs like Champ and Simon goes on every day.  It never stops.  Because of our current financial situation, I’m asking you to please be as generous as you are able. 



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