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A Midsummer Nights Dream - Impact Theatre Berkeley

The Gun Show closes Saturday! (And the poker tourney is only 2 weeks away!)

The Gun Show closes Saturday! (And the poker tourney is only 2 weeks away!)

The Gun Show closes Saturday! (And the poker tourney is only 2 weeks away!)

The Gun Show closes Saturday! (And the poker tourney is only 2 weeks away!)

FULL HOUSES IS SAT, OCT 24! Details inside.

The “POWERFUL…GRIPPING” Gun Show closes Saturday!

“In Impact artistic director Melissa Hillman’s powerful bare-bones staging, Peter Townley gives a gripping performance as the voice of the author, beautifully capturing the gravity and humor, the sweetness and horror of the story” (San Jose Mercury News)

“Power and rawness and unexpected amount of humor” (Chicago Tribune)

In this celebrated solo show by E.M. Lewis, Peter Townley plays a surprising character who lays bare Americans’ complicated, contradictory feelings about guns, with a unique perspective that upends common harangues from the opposite poles of the political spectrum.

“The drama’s life-changing moments evoke a here-and-now immediacy, not easily forgotten.” —LA Weekly

Telling five true stories that are by turns humorous, touching, harrowing, and heartbreaking, The Gun Show makes audiences realize there are no easy answers in the gun debate. “We have a problem with guns in America,” Lewis writes. “The problem is, we really, really like them.” In stories ranging from a nostalgic look at growing up in rural Oregon — where having a gun around the house is as normal as anything and learning to shoot is a familiar rite of passage — to life-changing episodes of gun violence, Lewis offers an unflinching look down the barrel at the America we live in today. The show received rave reviews and played extended runs in its two previous productions, in Chicago and Los Angeles.

FINAL 3 PERFORMANCES—tonight, tomorrow, Saturday!

The Gun Show received its world premiere at 16th Street Theater in the summer of 2014, directed by Kevin Christopher Fox, starring Juan Francisco Villa, Ann Filmer: Artistic Director.
Written by E.M. Lewis
Directed by Melissa Hillman
Featuring Peter Townley

Through Oct 10 · Thu-Sat 8pm
$15*/$20 advance, $20*/$25 at the door
La Val’s Subterranean, 1834 Euclid Ave, Berkeley

*Students, seniors, TBA members, military members.
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Join us for the entire 20th season: The Gun Show plus a Looney Tunes–inspired Comedy of Errors and two shows we’re announcing very soon, a raucous dark comedy and an adaptation of a groundbreaking classic by two of our very favorite writers. Don’t miss a minute of this milestone season!


Our poker tournament is finally back on! Please join us on Saturday, October 24 for the best time you can have supporting your favorite small theatre! As always, a top prize of a $500 Amazon card, tons of prizes worth $20–100 for anyone who gets a full house or better (seriously, you can suck at poker and still win big!), and pizza and desserts all night. See you there!
Tickets and more info
A special offer from our friends at Crowded Fire Theater!

Crowded Fire Theater presents the American Premiere of 
TRUCK STOP by Lachlan Philpott
directed by Marilee Talkington
Through October 24, 2015
Presented at the Thick House, 1695 18th St., SF
Featuring Jamie Asdorian, Jessica Lynn Carroll, Jeri Lynn Cohen, and Chelsea Looy

Sam and Kelly are best friends. At fourteen years old, they spend their lives waiting for texts, for boyfriends, for something exciting to happen, for their moment to arrive. Could it be the arrival of Aisha, the new girl from India? They talk about sex, fantasies, who’s in and who’s out. Bored with school, the girls skip class to hang out at the truck stop on the highway. A truck pulls up. Their hearts race. The trucker’s kind of young. And hot. Three words change their lives. “I dare you.”

Based on real events, this gut-punch of a play by Australia’s Lachlan Philpott shines the headlights on sex, gender, and growing up in the digital age. Chad Jones of Theater Dogs says, “The performances here all crackle with vitality and the spark of Philpott’s strong script.”

Impact fans receive a 15% discount on advance sale tickets with the code: IMPACT

More info and tickets here

Achieve Impact’s 20/20 vision

Help us succeed in our 20th season and beyond with a gift of $20 or more

At Impact, we focus on new plays usually by playwrights Bay Area audiences haven’t heard of (yet), creating early professional opportunities for theatre artists in every area, chances those artists don’t necessarily get anywhere else. And so many of them have gone on to bigger things. It’s not a stretch to say that we are providing an absolutely crucial stepping-stone for the next generation of artists. We’re creating the kind of theatre that the next generation of theatre patrons wants to see. And we’re creating theatre that’s affordable for everyone. And we’re doing our best to pay our artists as much as we possibly can. But we can’t do that all on our own.

Simply put, we need your help to succeed in our 20th season and beyond. Please help us achieve our amazing vision and continue to create the kind of theatre we do by donating at least $20 TODAY. Here’s what your donation can help us afford:

A piece of wardrobe for a character

$60 (only $5/month!)
One day of rent at La Val’s

$120 (only $10/month!)
Furniture pieces for the set

Paying an artist to work on one of our shows

A set or costume budget for one of our shows

You can make your gift in a single payment or spread out in recurring payments over an interval of your choice (monthly, quarterly, semiannually). As you can see, every dollar counts. Please help us reach our 20/20 vision with a gift of at least $20.

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