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Morton Williams Associated Supermarket New York

Morton Williams Supermarkets – 10/9/15 – 10/15/15

Morton Williams Supermarkets – 10/9/15 – 10/15/15

Morton Williams Supermarkets – 10/9/15 – 10/15/15

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WINE & SPIRITS: please

 call 212-213-0021 for free delivery in Manhattan ($75 min purchase). You may also

 Here are the Manhattan specials:WINE & SPIRITS (Owned and operated by Morton Williams Wine & Spirits, call 212-213-0021 for FREE delivery anywhere in Manhattan, $75 min, 10% case discount on non-sale wine cases)

Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc, 2014, 750ml bottle      $9.99
Mark West pinot noir, 2013, 750ml bottle    $7.99
Los Vascos cabernet sauvignon, 2013, 750ml bottle  $7.99
Mionetto prosecco brut, 750ml bottle           $9.99
Villaggio pinot grigio, 2013, 750ml bottle       $7.99
Valle Reale Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, 2012, 750ml bottle           $7.99
Joseph Carr cabernet sauvignon, 2012, 750ml bottle $15.99
Trapiche oak cask malbec, 2013, 750ml bottle           $7.99
Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 750ml bottle            $11.99
Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve chardonnay, 2013, 750ml bottle $11.99
New Amsterdam vodka, 1.75 liter bottle       $19.99
Fresh lean ground beef chuck, 2lbs or more    $3.99lb
Poland Spring water, 24 pack, 16.9oz bottles            $4.99
Post honey bunches of oats cereal, 11-18oz box        2/$7
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch cereal, 18.2oz box        $4.99
Ocean Spray 100% Juice, 60oz bottle            2/$7
Welch’s 100% grape juice, 64oz bottle (excludes Essentials)             $4.99
De Cecco pasta, 13.25-16oz package, select varieties (excludes lasagne, organic & nests)    3/$5
Barilla pasta sauce, 24oz jar, all varieties       2/$5
Tuttorosso crushed or diced tomatoes and tomato puree, 28-29oz can         2/$3
Hungry Jack mashed potatoes, 15.3oz box    $2.49
4C bread crumbs, 8-15oz canister, all varieties          $1.99
Frank’s Red Hot sauce, 12oz bottle, all varieties        $3.49
Newman’s Own salsa, 16oz jar, all varieties   $2.99
Starkist solid white tuna in water or oil, 5oz can       4/$5
Smart Balance light mayonnaise dressing with Omega 3, 16oz jar     $3.29
Gaea Olive Snack, 2.3oz package, all varieties           2/$5
Pasta Roni pasta & sauce combination, 4.7-6.2oz box           2/$3
Knorr rice sides, 5.1-5.9oz package, all varieties        2/$3
Kraft salad dressing, 12-16oz bottle, all varieties       2/$5
Gaea Organic extra virgin olive oil, 17oz bottle          $11.99
Progresso Vegetable Classics soup, 18.5-19z can      2/$4
Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning, 2-2.5oz package, all varieties $2.99
Cucina & Amore quinoa meal, 7.9oz package, all varieties    $3.99
Nabisco Premium saltine crackers, 6.11-16oz box     $2.99
Arizona iced tea, 64oz bottle, all varieties      2/$4
bai antioxidant infusions (warm only), 18oz bottle or 11.5oz can, all varieties         2/$4
Sparkling Ice zero calories sparkling water, 17oz bottle, all varieties (warm only)   4/$5
Starbucks coffee, 12oz bag, all varieties         $8.99
Wissotzky tea, 16 count box, select varieties $3.99
Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style or Whipped frosting, 12-16oz package $2.29
Kellogg’s pop tarts, 14-14.7oz box, all varieties         $2.99
Del Monte 6 pack raisins, 6oz package          $2.29
Quaker instant oatmeal, 9.8-15.1oz box, all varieties $3.99
Imported from France, Bonne Maman preserves, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, four fruit, wild blueberry, mixed berries, peach, blackberry or orange marmalade, 13oz jar    2/$6
Eagle condensed milk, 14oz can          2/$5
Peter Pan peanut butter, 13-16.3oz jar           2/$4
Asian Gourmet rice crackers, 3.5oz package  2/$4
Once Again organic cashew butter, 16oz jar   $15.49
Haddon House artichoke hearts, 8/10 count, 13.75oz can     2/$5
Think Thin oatmeal cups, 1.76oz cup, all varieties    2/$4
Calbee Snapea Crisps, 3.3oz package, all varieties     2/$4
Maple 3 100% organic pure maple water, 32oz carton          2/$4
Viva paper towels, 102 count roll      2/$4
Cottonelle toilet tissue, 9-12 pack bundle, 1989 – 2592 count           $8.99
Vanity Fair Everyday napkins, 100 count package    2/$5
Arm & Hammer 2X liquid laundry detergent,  43.75-50oz container            $3.99
Shop Rite bleach, 64oz container, all varieties           $1.79
Lysol all purpose cleaner, 22-32oz spray bottle        $2.99
Glass Plus glass & multi-surface cleaner, 32oz spray bottle  $2.49
Glad cling wrap, 100 square foot roll $1.99
Glade candles, 3.8oz package, all varieties     $3.99
Listerine antiseptic mouthwash, 33.8oz bottle          $6.99
Friskies cat food, 5.5oz can    $0.69
Mighty Dog dog food, 5.5oz can        $0.89
Milk-Bone dog biscuits, 24-26.4oz box         $3.99
Canada Dry mixers, 1 liter bottle, all varieties            2/$3
Snapple iced tea, 6 pack only, 16oz glass bottles      $3.99
Stella Artois 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles   $8.99
Rolling Rock beer , 12 pack, 12oz cans          $8.99
Spaten Oktoberfest, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles   $9.99
Imported from Germany, Schofferhofer hefeweizen or grapefruit hefeweizen beer, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles            $8.99
Southern Tier IPA or Harvest beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles (excludes 2X IPA)           $8.99
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace or Local 1 & 2, 750ml bottle  $8.99
Smirnoff ice  6 pack, 11.2oz bottles, all varieties       $9.99
NEW! Guinness Nitro IPA, 6 pack, 11.2oz cans       $9.99
Sam Adams beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles           $10.99
Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Schweppes or Mountain Dew,  2 liter bottle            2/$3
Coca-Cola Classic, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagram’s ginger ale, 6 pack, 12oz cans       $3.49
Lay’s potato chips, 7.75-8oz bag       2/$5
Boar’s Head low salt or deluxe ham, sliced to order   $8.99lb
Morton Williams American cheese, white or yellow, sliced to order $4.99lb
Boar’s Head EverRoast oven roasted chicken breast, sliced to order $8.99lb
New Zealand cheddar cheese, aged one year, by the piece     $5.99lb
Store made boneless loin of pork, sliced to order       $7.99lb
Fresh made rotisserie turkey breast on the frame       $7.99 each
Fresh made blackbean salad with red roasted peppers and corn        $6.99lb
Fresh made roasted butternut squash with cranberries & pecans      $6.99lb
Morton Williams herb roasted turkey breast,  sliced to order            $6.99lb
Imported parmigiano reggiano, by the piece or grated            $10.99lb
Fresh made shrimp salad        $9.99lb
Champignon brie with mushrooms, by the piece       $16.99lb
Fresh made quinoa salad with spinach & feta cheese $7.99lb
Chavrie goat cheese, 5.3oz pyramid, original or basil only    $3.99
Acme nova, 4oz package        $6.99
Danish fontina cheese, by the piece   $8.99lb
Fresh made pork loin dinner with wild rice & grilled vegetables, 16oz portion         $6.99
Fresh made, Morton Williams Healthy Deli kickin’ roast beef with horseradish sauce on ciabatta bread     $6.49 each
Morton Williams Sandwich Club – buy 7 sandwiches and get the 8th one FREE…see deli manager for details      
Amy’s Artisan baguette, plain or whole wheat, made with local NY state flour       $1.99 each
Dancing Deer brownies or cookies, 8oz package, all varieties            $4.99
Something Sweet chocolate or apple caramel crumble or coffee cake, 22oz   $6.99
Arnold Country bread, 24oz loaf, white, 100% whole wheat, oat bran, honey wheat, multigrain or oatmeal          2/$5
Thomas original white english muffins, 6 pack, 12oz package           $2.29
Firehook baked crackers, 7oz package, all varieties    $7.99
New York Style panetini, 4.75oz package, all varieties         $1.99
al fresco chicken sausage or meatballs, 12oz package, all varieties     $4.99
Hebrew National all beef franks or knockwurst, 11-12oz package, all varieties        $3.99
Applegate Naturals sliced cold cuts, 7oz package, all varieties (excludes organic)    $5.99
Boar’s Head thick cut sliced bacon, 12oz package      $5.99
Simply Potatoes, 24oz package, all varieties  $3.99
Perdue Simply Smart breaded chicken strips, chunks or tenders, 10-11.2oz package           $5.99
Shady Brook Farms ground turkey, 48oz package     $11.99
Bar S cotto salami, 16oz package       $2.99
Gwaltney chicken or meat franks, 12oz package       4/$5
Bar S turkey bologna, 16oz package   $2.59
Sabrett sauerkraut, 16oz package       $1.99
Plumrose fully cooked babyback ribs in BBQ sauce, 16oz package  $7.99
In our frozen meat department, Bell & Evans chicken tenders, 12oz package (excludes gluten free)            $6.99
In our frozen meat department, Great American hamburgers, 24oz package $9.99
Simply juices, 59oz carafe, orange, grapefruit or cranberry   2/$6
Dannon yogurt, 6oz cup, Fruit on the Bottom, All Natural or Light & Fit only       3/$2
Chobani Oats or Flip Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup (excludes fruit on the bottom, blended, simply 100, indulgent & kids)      4/$5
Yoplait GoGurt portable low fat yogurt, 18oz package, all varieties            $2.99
Axelrod cottage cheese, 16oz container, all varieties  2/$4
Friendship sour cream, 8oz container, all varieties     3/$3
Shop Rite soft cream cheese, 8oz container, all varieties       $1.79
Tropicana grapefruit juice, 59oz carafe          $3.99
Pure Leaf iced tea, 59oz carafe, all varieties   2/$5
Land O’ Lakes butter, salted or unsalted, 1lb package (quarters or half sticks)         $3.99
Borden American singles, white or yellow, 12oz package     $2.99
Sargento shredded cheese, 5-8oz package, all varieties           $2.99
Sargento deli style sliced cheese, 6.67-8oz package, all varieties       $3.99
Kozy Shack pudding, rice, tapioca or chocolate, 22oz container       $3.79
Fleischmann’s spread, 11.8-16oz package, 2/5.9oz tubs or quarters  $2.49
Pillsbury crescent rolls, 8oz package  $2.99
Almond Breeze non dairy beverage, 64oz carton, all varieties (excludes iced coffee)            $3.99
Fairlife ultra-filtered milk, 52oz bottle, all varieties   2/$7
Reddi Wip cream, 6.5oz aerosol can   $2.99
Maple Hill Creamery creamline yogurt, 100% grass-fed, made from organic milk, 6oz cup, all varieties     5/$5
Noosa yoghurt, 8oz cup, all varieties 2/$4
Zen Soy organic soy milk, 64oz carton          $2.99
Haagen Dazs ice cream, 14oz container          2/$6
Skinny Cow low fat ice cream, sandwiches, bars and cones, 4-6 count package, all varieties           $4.49
Van’s natural foods waffles or pancakes,       7.5-9oz package           2/$5
Amy’s lasagna, 8-9.8oz package, all varieties $4.99
Super Pretzel soft pretzels, 9-13oz box         $2.99
P.F. Chang’s Home Menu meals, 22oz package, all varieties             $7.99
Seviroli cheese, tri cheese or meat tortellini, 12-14oz package           $2.99
Mrs Smith original flaky crust pie, 35-37oz package, all varieties     $4.99
Celeste pizza, 5.5-9oz package, all varieties  4/$5
Alexia roasted fries or potatoes, 13.5-28oz package, select varieties $3.99
Marie Callender’s pot pies, 16oz package, all varieties          $3.99
Shop Rite steam in bag! vegetables, 12oz package, all varieties         3/$3
New York State gala, McIntosh or golden delicious apples, 5lb tote $4.99 each
Red ripe grape tomatoes, 1 pint container      $1.99 each
Fresh green peppers   $1.49lb
U.S. #1 Eastern potatoes, 5lb bag       $1.99 each
Fresh Boston lettuce   2/$3
Washington state bartlett pears, 80 size         $1.79lb
Fresh spinach, 8oz bag           $2.49
Fresh green cabbage    $.69lb
Fresh cucumbers         $1.49 each
Red Jacket apple cider, half gallon container  $3.99
Panera salad dressing, 12oz bottle, all varieties          $3.99
Spanish onions            $.79lb
Organic fuji apples, 80 size    $2.49lb
Pero Family Farms fresh organic green beans, 8oz bag          $4.99 each
Fresh Nature loin veal chops  $9.99lb
Fresh store made, ready to cook, boneless chicken cutlets seasoned with panko bread crumbs       $4.99lb
Fresh imported, grass fed, French rack of lamb          $14.99lb
Sterling Silver premium flank steak    $9.99lb
Sterling Silver premium top round london broil         $5.99lb
Perdue grade ‘A’ bone in whole or split chicken breast with ribs       $2.19lb
Sterling Silver premium sliced beef braciole    $6.49lb
Fresh Esposito bratwurst       $4.59lb
Grade ‘A’ skinless chicken drumsticks or thighs         $1.99lb
USDA choice boneless beef for stew $4.99lb
Fresh made beef, pork & veal meatloaf mix    $4.39lb
Previously frozen turkey wings         $1.99lb
Fresh American breast of lamb           $3.99lb
Fresh ground pork      $3.59lb
Meal Mart Kosher beef pepper steak            $10.99lb
Coleman organic boneless chicken breast       $9.99lb
Fresh cut salmon fillet            $8.99lb
Jumbo white shrimp with shell on, U-15 count         $12.99lb
Fresh imported basa fillet       $2.99lb
Fresh cod fillet            $7.99lb
Fresh minced clams in natural juice    $4.99lb
Cape Gourmet cocktail sauce, 8.8oz jar         $3.99
Chicken of the Sea premium crab claw meat, 8oz package     $9.99
Louis Kemp lobster delights, 8oz package     2/$5

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What is the origin of Stella Artois?

In 1708, Sébastien Artois became head brewer at the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, giving his name to it in 1717.
(source: wiki)


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