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Central Works Theater Berkeley

Ada and the Memory Engine opens October 17th

Ada and the Memory Engine opens October 17th

Ada and the Memory Engine opens October 17th


Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day on Oct 13!
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October 17 – November 22Seats are going fast, so make sure to plan ahead!Use the code “AdaL” to get 15% off any performance if you purchase your tickets by October 15!   

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Kathryn Zdan* plays the Countess Ada Lovelace

Ada and the Memory Engine
by Lauren Gundersondirected by Gary Graves

A new play about
the world’s first computer programmer

As the Industrial Revolution dawns, young Ada (daughter of the flamboyant and notorious Lord Byron) sees the boundless creative potential in the “analytic engines” of her friend and soul-mate, Charles Babbage, inventor of the first mechanical computer. Ada envisions a whole new world where art and information converge – a world she will not live to see. Jane Austen meets Steve Jobs in this poignant pre-tech romance heralding the computer age. 
Kevin Clarke*, Josh Schell, Kathryn Zdan*, Jan Zvaifler
Original music: The Kilbanes, Stage management: Vanessa Ramos, Costumes: Tammy Berlin, Choreography: Travis Santell Rowland, Sound: Gregory Scharpen, Props: Debbie Shelley 
*member AEA 

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Ferocious Lotus presents CRANE

 by JC Lee

When Sadako stumbles into a cabin in the mountains in the dead of winter, she meets Bradley, a young artist who once created sublime art but has since descended into mediocrity. He now risks being dropped by his pushy agent if he doesn’t produce another masterpiece. After taking in this mysterious woman, Bradley discovers that Sadako has her own secret talent that could potentially save him. But at what cost?  
Final performances, Oct 8 – 11

 Use the code “CW” and  get 15% offBuy tickets now

Central Works at the Berkeley City Club2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, 94704



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