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Center For Inquiry West Los Angeles

CFI-L.A. Events and News – 10/7/15

CFI-L.A. Events and News – 10/7/15

CFI-L.A. Events and News – 10/7/15



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CFI-L.A. Events and News – October 7, 2015
Special Lecture:Fighting for Equality for Non-Believers in the Military Tuesday, Oct. 13
Houdini Among the Spirits Sunday, Oct. 18
Skeptics’ Book Club Wednesday, Oct. 14
Jailed Saudi blogger receives fr
speech award
Book sales expand to internet; estate sale books also highlighted here!
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Jason Torpy
Tuesday, Oct. 138 p.m.
     The American military establishment has been known for its support of religion for years despite the principle of church-state separation, but individuals and groups fighting that promotion of religion have appeared in recent years. Speaking about his work with one of the groups, the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF), is Jason Torpy, the non-profit group’s president. MAAF’s mission is “to provide a supportive community for nontheistic service members, to educate military leaders about nontheism, and to resolve insensitive practices that illegally promote religion or unethically discriminate against nontheism.”    Torpy, a West Point graduate, Iraq veteran, and former Army Captain, will talk about atheists in foxholes, humanists, and other nontheists serving in the military. He will discuss successes, the major obstacles to equality for nontheists, and the specific and simple changes that could be made but for powerful anti-atheist opposition at the highest levels of the military.     Admission is free. 
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John Cox
Sunday, Oct. 1811 a.m. at CFI-L.A.4:30 p.m. in Costa Mesa*
     Harry Houdini’s role as a skeptic and debunker of fraudulent spirit mediums is one of the most fascinating aspects of his remarkable career. Yet very few people understand the whole story. Was Houdini’s crusade really motivated by his mother’s death?
hat role did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle play? What really happened between Houdini and the notorious “Margery the Medium”? And what about the sensational claim that Houdini himself escaped death in 1929?    Using photos, film clips and rare documentation, noted Houdini historian John Cox, who has made a 40-year study of the life of Harry Houdini, offers fresh insights and tells the largely untold story of how Houdini spent a lifetime among the spirits.    Cox consults on Houdini projects for radio, television, stage and film, and writes a popular blog devoted to the magician, WILD ABOUT HARRY ( A graduate of USC, John has written for film and television and is a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Acclaimed for his lecture on “Houdini in Hollywood,” this will be John’s first presentation of “Houdini Among the Spirits.”*This lecture will be repeated at 4:30 p.m. at the Costa Mesa Community Center at 1845 Park Ave. in Costa Mesa. Hosted by the CFI Community of Orange County. 
AdmissionPublic: $8Students: $4Contributing Members: FREE  
Jailed Saudi blogger receives free speech award
     Raif Badawi, the freethinker and blogger jailed and flogged by the Saudi government for “violating Islamic values and propagating liberal thought,” received Britain’s PEN Pinter Prize for free speech. Badawi is currently serving a 10-year sentence that includes 1,000 lashes over 20 floggings, but only one flogging has occurred.     Supporters of CFI-L.A. and other groups staged a protest about Badawi’s imprisonment at the Saudi consulate in L.A. a couple months ago.     The New York Times reported that “Badawi criticized what he considered religious hypocrisy, lauded Western legal systems and said that atheists should have the right to state their views without punishment.”
While we continue to sell most of our books in the bookstore at 50% off the publisher’s price, except some of the newer and special ones as marked, and our special discount table of books and DVDs, we have expanded to the internet by becoming an Amazon Bookseller – CFI-L.A. Books – to sell some of the more valuable books from the estate of Louise Monaco and other donations. But, we also want to highlight weekly some special books here that you can purchase at the Center. These books must be picked up here at the Center for Inquiry-L.A., 4773 Hollywood Blvd., during business and event hours.  This week, we are featuring a wonderful 13-volume set published in 1912 called The Real America in Romance from Louise’s collection. These volumes are in remarkably good shape, well-illustrated, green embossed covers, published by the William H. Wise Co., edited by Edwin Markham, and labeled as the Art Edition. We’re selling the set for just $95. Hurry and add this terrific set to your book collection and help our Center in its mission to promote science and reason!back to top

 Richard McNally A Visit with Robert Green Ingersoll

 Joe Kirschvink A New History of Life: Are We Really Martians?

Tony Ortega How the Church of Scientology Tried to Destroy Paulette Cooper 
Yvette d’Entremont, AKA Science Babe BS Detection and the Fall of “Food Babe”

Wendy Russell If You Teach Critical Thinking, Will Your Kids Become Secular?

Tremendous thanks to volunteer videographer Carl Wong for recording and uploading these.

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