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Kettle of Fish News

Kettle of Fish News

Kettle of Fish News

Cheers All. Ben and Doug, Packer fans extraordinaire, jokingly sent a text after the game asking if we had heard of “some” team that was 4-0 and the reply surprisingly enough was we had. What a game, what a win and what a way to end the first quarter of the season! The coaching staff had a great game plan, “D” – “O” – Special Teams executed and we are now 4-0. We are living the good life with a team that seems to improve every week. A little concerned about the O-Line’s clitches (3 sacks), they have to keep Aaron upright but “clitches” is probably the correct word and they will resume their excellent play this week against another tough defensive line. It was great reading that Bryan practice today, hopefully he is medically A-OK. And what can be said about the D’s performance! Monsters of the Bay, Clay and the lads kept the 9ers offense bottled up and nonexistent. It was great watching their dominance. Beautiful game! And lets not forget to mention their seventeen sacks to date, unreal. Last but not least, the Special Teams are playing great ball. We all know what a difference “starting field position” can mean to an offense and our guys are doing a great job keeping the bad guys bottled up in their own territory to begin their drives. Chris B, Jeff J, Aaron R and company are doing a number on the opposition. A side note concerning the first quarter of the season: we faced our two nemeses in the past three weeks, namely wilson and kaepernick. Both were 3-0 against us, now both are 3-1 and I believe that slate has been wiped clean. Aaron is by far the dominant quarterback of the three and I’m guessing that he and our D will never allow the Pack lose to either of them again. A wonderful way to close the chapter on those two guys. We are living a charmed life. This week we are opening our doors at noon. It’s a Party!

Kettle of Fish  p.s. We got the best team, GO PACK!
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