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Brand New

Brand New

Brand New

We’ve been busy but it’s time to get out on the water while it’s good. It’s really good right now!

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Fly Fishing in October – (Scroll Down for River Reports)
So here we are. October. And like I said last year during this monthly rant…it just feels good to say. It also just feels good to feel. These cool mornings (or cold, it was 29 degrees as I rolled through Fairplay the other morning on the way to the Dream Stream) have the fish on the move and feeling good. Read More

My 5 Step Strategy For Covering Water
I can say with certainty, putting together and executing a plan for covering water will without a doubt lead to more fish in the net for you. While it may leave you walking away from your favorite ol’ reliable deep hole quicker than usual, it will end up putting your flies in front of more feeding fish throughout the day. Read More

King of the Dream – Ft. Landon Mayer
Landon Mayer is without a doubt one of the most recognized fly-fishing guides around. His face has appeared on nearly every fly-fishing magazine and odds are -whether you know it or not- you’ve likely already learned a thing or two from him, as his how-to tips and articles have graced those same pages countless times.  Read More

How to Clean a Fly Line
Dirty fly lines inevitably become a name of this game. They get stepped on, caught in bushes (and sometimes maybe pulled a little hard out of bushes), caught under rocks, drug through the mud, etc. That’s part of the deal. Thankfully, high quality fly lines are made to take this sort of abuse and keep right on ticking. Read More

Back to Basics: Know the Flow
For those unfamiliar with this concept, I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. CFS- or ‘cubic feet per second’- is a numeric term used to describe the amount of water currently flowing on a particular river. As you can probably guess, more CFS=more water. The way I like to think of CFS is to picture a basketball. Read More



Trouts Gift Card

Fall Guiding Special
From now through the END OF THE OCTOBER:
Book a FULL DAY fly fishing trip and get a $100 Trouts Gift CardBook a HALF DAY fly fishing trip and get a $50 Trouts Gift Card

Offer Expires 10/31/15. Trip must be complete by December 31st, 2015


Yeti Rambler Lowball 10oz
From the tailgate to your favorite chair in the living room, the Lowball glass will not disappoint. Our Price: $24.99 Learn More

Simms G3 Guide Jacket
Redesigned for Fall 2015, the G3 Guide Jacket is 100% waterproof and ready for the elements. Our Price: $449.95 Learn More



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