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New from China, Mexico, Senegal, and Long Island

New from China, Mexico, Senegal, and Long Island

New from China, Mexico, Senegal, and Long Island

New from China, Mexico, Senegal, and Long Island

Fun, practical, and exotic new publications!

Wonderful new books for the fall season

The last quarter of 2015 will be rich with exciting new books. Here’s a first look at those which have already arrived.  There will certainly be many more soon!

A beautifully designed twice yearly magazine that celebrates women and food, Cherry Bombe is equal parts design and style festival, trend spotter, and culinary revel. Each issue is based on a theme and each contributor offers her own personal viewpoint, not all of them predictable. But that’s one of the pleasures of the magazine. This issue explores pet projects—the passions outside careers and official responsibilities that animate folks like Christina Tosi, Judith Jones, Gillian Jacobs, Nancy Silverton, Lexie Smith, Charmain Bee, April Bloomfield, and a dizzying array of others who demonstrate style and substance across an impressive range. Paperback. Color photographs throughout. $20.00
Order Cherry Bombe #5
This Beijing-published English-language magazine dedicated to Chinese food combines flashy modern graphic design with serious writing on culture, history, ingredients, and contemporary trends. Among the features in the Summer 2015 issue are profiles of a pair of Toronto restaurants run by chefs of the minority Hakka heritage, a feature on the Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index (see below), a salute to bone soup, and a quick guide to Chinese street foods for the adventurous eater, beginning with rabbit heads. Paperback. Color photographs and art throughout. $22.00
Order Cleaver Quarterly #5
The late George Greenstein, the son of a European-trained baker and himself the longtime owner of a beloved Long Island bakery, won a James Beard Award for his 1994 book, Secrets of a Jewish Baker, which concentrated on breads. At the time of his death a few years ago, this second work, devoted to sweet raised doughs and laminated doughs, was nearly complete. Thankfully, his daughters and grandson have worked together to finish it, offering a treasury of old-fashioned delights. The detailed recipes include a wealth of tips and pointers for troubleshooting goodies such as rugelach, hamentaschen, babka, streusel buns, coffee cakes, gugelhopf, cream horns, and prune Danish. A very worthwhile resource. Hardcover. $29.99
Order Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets
Déborah Holtz and Juan Carlos Mena. TACOPEDIA.
When this ambitious, irreverent, yet passionate tribute to the diversity of Mexican tacos and taco culture appeared in 2013, we were inundated with requests for copies in English. And at last, here they are. Imagine a taco-centered tour of America’s southern neighbor given by a team that included a linguist, a historian, a street vendor, and a poet, all of them slightly punchy and willing to dish after a late night reading Mad Magazine and Lucky Peach. Holtz, the editorial director of a Mexican publishing house, and Mena, a graphic designer with the skill to keep a plethora of elements in order and visually exciting, have done a magnificent job capturing just how rich and rowdy the Mexican taco world is. Recipes are arranged by type (grilled, griddled, carnitas-style, stewed, seafood, insect, etc); listings are provided for outstanding purveyors throughout the country; and there are even chapters on taco cousins such as enchiladas, quesadillas, and tlayudas, a Oaxacan specialty that appears at first glance to be something like a tostada but far surpasses it. Fascinating and brilliant. Flexibind. Color photographs throughout. $29.95
Order Tacopedia
Kho came to the US from Singapore and, after abandoning a career in aerospace, began working as a line cook before organizing Chinese banquet pop-ups and blogging at His first cookbook is an impressive and rigorous introduction to Chinese fundamentals that stresses technique, regional cuisine characteristics, and the cultural framework that surrounds the food. The range of dishes here, which are arranged by cooking methods, is remarkably diverse: flavor-potted beef shank; stir-fried pork liver; steamed oysters with fermented black bean sauce; bean and pig’s skin aspic. A very accomplished first book that will advance most cooks’ understanding of Chinese cuisine. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $35.00
Order Phoenix Claws
“Restraint” is never the first word associated with Lucky Peach, an irreverent quarterly magazine born from the frothy creative ferment surrounding the Momofuku restaurant group the way Venus was born from the sea foam. But in this, their “fantasy” issue, few holds are barred as the editorial team and a host of contributing writers imagine aspects of an ideal culinary world. There are profiles of the restaurants they’d like to see opened in the US, a vision of happier restaurant working conditions from the mind of René Redzepi, a tour of dishes from fantasy novels, and a visit to a Medieval Times restaurant. Paperback. Color photographs and art throughout. $12.00
Order Lucky Peach #16
This hip approach to contemporary small-scale agriculture offers a mix of practical information, political advocacy, and whimsical diversion. This Fall 2015 issue provides a guide to understanding the baffling maze of USDA organic certification, a history by David Mas Masumoto of farming efforts by Japanese-Americans placed in internment camps during WWII, a short profile of Wendell Berry, pointers for choosing cover crops, and a feature on the work of seed scientists to find crops that will thrive in the era of climate change. Paperback. Color photographs throughout. $7.99
Order Modern Farmer #9
Cara Nicoletti. VORACIOUS.
Nicoletti, a butcher and former pastry chef, combined her loves of reading and food in cooking dished drawn from works of literature. Her efforts range from a gingerbread cake inspired by “Hansel and Gretel” to a garlic soup that the great Jane Grigson suggests was served at Mr. Bingley’s ball in Pride and Prejudice. She resists being slavishly authentic in her recipes—confessing for instance that she intensely disliked any garlic soup recipes she could find that were contemporaneous with Jane Austen—and admits that in the case of some favorite books her imagination long ago created versions of the dishes that bear little resemblance to what the authors might have envisioned. But her literary taste is wide ranging enough to surprise and delight. You’ll find her drawing on Truman Capote, Michael Cunningham, Joan Didion, Daphne du Maurier, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jonathan Franzen, Thomas Harris, Homer, Toni Morrison, Edgar Allen Poe, Philip Roth, Isaac Bashevis Singer, John Steinbeck, Donna Tartt, Virgina Woolf, and more than thirty others. Smart. Fun. Hardcover. $28.00
Order Voracious
Olvera’s Mexico City restaurant Pujol has been a destination for gastronomes since it opened in 2000. The chef’s thoughtful, sophisticated take on Mexican culinary tradition created a great deal of excitement, which has continued with the 2014 opening of his NYC outpost, Cosme. In this, his first English-language cookbook, he presents two types of dishes. First is a collection of dishes from Pujol displaying both innovation and a respect for tradition, such as roast suckling pig with a pair of moles: almond and chiles, and cumin and raisin. Next, drawing on a group of more informal restaurants Olvera operates, including Cosme, he also offers more simply prepared food, such as squash blossom quesadillas and the already near-legendary corn husk meringue with corn mousse. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $59.95

Order Mexico from the Inside Out
PPC 102.
This ever-surprising journal of food scholarship is refreshingly jargon free and features articles and excerpts from works in progress across a broad spectrum of inquiry. In this issue, for instance, Elizabeth Stainforth and C. Anne Wilson delve into a literary satire of eighteenth-century tea parties by a passionately opposed Quaker; David Walddon and Dawn Malmstrom investigate and elaborate Maestro Martino of Como’s method for cooking whole eggs on a spit over a fire (the greatest danger is that they will explode); Andrew Dalby seeks to shed light on whether George, Duke of Clarence, was really drowned in a vat of Malmsey, and why; and André Taber explores the history of the use of chemical leaveners such as sodium carbonate, potash, hartshorn, and baking soda. A short section of erudite book reviews follows. Paperback. Line drawings. $13.95
Order PPC 102
The sudden demise of Gourmet magazine was a shock to many people, not least among them Reichl, its editor for the previous decade. Finding herself adrift professionally and personally, she retreated into the kitchen and began to cook. The food was soothing and comforting, and also a way to refocus from a daily routine that had revolved more around restaurant dining than home fare. The recipes she offers here, the ones she says “saved my life,” don’t fit any obvious category except to say that they are flavorful home-inspired dishes: pollo alla diavola; spice-rubbed pork cooked in banana leaves; apricot pie. Throughout there are anecdotes about the insights gained from cooking at a leisurely pace, written with a thoughtful economy that brings the messages home quickly. A very practical book, but also a boon to those who curl up to read cookbooks without ever taking them into the kitchen. Hardcover. Color photographs through. $35.00
Order My Kitchen Year
In just a few short years, Ronnen’s Los Angeles restaurant, Crossroads, has become a focal point in an ambitious new generation of vegan fine dining establishments. Like so much of the best vegetarian cooking, his recipes don’t attempt to create substitutes for dishes that once contained meat. Instead they make the most of plants, combining flavors and texture to create enticing food: roasted cauliflower flatbread with pistachio-kalamata tapenade and frisée; oven-roasted okra with calabrese peppers and pickled scallions; chive fettucine with asparagus, morels, and prosecco sauce. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $35.00
Order Crossroads
Christopher St. Cavish and Ailadi Cortelletti. THE SHANGHAI SOUP DUMPLING INDEX.
We can think of several reasons you’d want this brilliantly informative little packet:

#1. You’re obsessed with soup dumplings and have the means or determination to go to Shanghai and can then use it as a guIde to the 52 restaurants the authors sampled in their rigorous comparisons.

#3. You want to experience an example of over-the-top food nerdiness replete with a map; a complete explanation of methodology; an analysis of whether and when a first-rate dumpling left to cool is surpassed in satisfaction by a freshly-steamed but otherwise mediocre example; a pocket scorecard best used by those with young eyes; and schematics demonstrating the ratio of filling to soup to skin in dumplings from the 18 highest scoring establishments. Also included: a postcard and three cool stickers.
Order The Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index
Sigal, who assisted Patricia Wells with the Food Lover’s Guide to France and has written several of her own earlier cookbooks, has collected recipes from the newest generation of Parisian bistros, capturing some of the confident, subtle innovation going on at places such as Les Enfants Rouges, Spring, Le Comptoir du Relais, and Septime. If you won’t be landing at Charles de Gaulle airport anytime soon, this might be your path to preparing mackerel with blistered herbs, asparagus with smoked trout and hazelnuts, or calvados babas with apple-ginger compote. (Note, this book shares a title with a book by Katrina Meynink which profiles similar restaurants around the world.) Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $39.95
Order Bistronomy
Michael Solomonov. ZAHAV.
Those who have recently been turned on to the pleasures of Israeli cuisine will likely be transfixed by the first book from the Philadelphia restaurant where the Israeli-born Solomonov presides. The chef’s imaginative combinations of bold flavors and (mostly) humble ingredients result in such compelling dishes as fried eggplant with tehina and pomegranate seeds; fluke crudo with olives, grapefruit, and fennel; and salt-baked leg of lamb with sumac and dried lime. It’s so easy to page through this book and be inspired to cook new things—or to inject new ideas into dishes you have been making for years. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $35.00

Order Zahav
Stewart has written two earlier and enormously popular appetizer books, each a great source of ideas for party entertaining, used by home cooks and professionals alike. At first blush, this latest effort seems more casual than its predecessors, but turning a few pages reveals some smart ideas: blistered shishito peppers with bonito flakes; pull-apart lobster rolls; tortilla española cleverly sliced to maximize the number of bite-size servings. There’s even a selection of cocktails that pair nicely with the food. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. cl. $27.50
Order Martha Stewart’s Appetizers
Heidi Swanson. NEAR & FAR.
Swanson’s popular blog,, has been a showcase for her delightful, smart vegetarian cooking and has already led to two previous cookbooks. In Near and Far she divides her new offerings into two broad categories: dishes inspired by her home in San Francisco, where she finds a bounty of local California foods; and recipes that draw on travels that have taken her to places as far-flung as Morocco, Japan, and Italy. It’s so easy to open this book up and be inspired to cook the likes of a spicy green soup with Serrano chiles, herbs, ginger, and almonds; to toss together a salad of baby artichokes with lemon cucumber, leeks, and new potatoes; or to glaze mushrooms with sake before combining them with chopped sundried tomatoes and some shreds of basil leaf. So simple, so fresh. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $29.99
Order Near and Far
Pierre Thiam. SENEGAL.
Other than for South Africa, books on sub-Saharan Africa are scarce. So it is exciting to see such a handsome, vivid, and enlightening new work on the food of an influential culinary crossroads. Not only did many of the African traditions imported to the new world come from slaves taken from what is now Senegal, the country has been influenced by its history as a French colony as well as groups of immigrants from Lebanon and Vietnam, to say nothing of its neighbors. Thiam, the former chef/owner of two highly regarded Senegalese restaurants in Brooklyn, does a superb job here portraying the food of his geographically diverse homeland, from the near-desert north to the verdant south. Senegal makes it clear that American publishers have been overlooking a very exciting cuisine: grilled sardines with mango salsa; chicken thighs with red palm-coconut rice; sweet potato, green plantain, and scallion latkes. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $35.00
Order Senegal
Toni Tipton-Martin. THE JEMIMA CODE.
A food historian and journalist whose personal collection of more than 300 African-American cookbooks has been exhibited at the James Beard House, Tipton-Martin provides an illuminating look at the history of food books written by African-Americans. She seeks to dispel an array of pernicious stereotypes she has named for the minstrel show character appropriated to sell a line of pancake mix in the nineteenth century. The code “assumes that black chefs, cooks, and cookbook authors—by virtue of their race and gender—are simply born with good kitchen instincts; diminishes knowledge, skills and abilities involved in their work, and portrays them as passive and ignorant laborers incapable of culinary artistry.” Profiling more than 150 books, Tipton-Martin seeks to highlight the qualifications and contributions of their authors, placing them in historical context, and calling attention to those which either captured the issues of a particular era or broke new ground. Photos reproduce covers and pages from the books and Tipton-Martin offers as much biographical information about the authors as she can. A significant work of America food history that will surely inspire further scholarship and inquiry. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. $45.00
Order The Jemima Code
Alice Waters with Fanny Singer. MY PANTRY.
Writing with her daughter, Waters—the legendary chef/owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California—shares an array of recipes she relies on to keep her home kitchen stocked with staples, condiments, and comfort foods that form the basis for her personal cooking. The offerings are as simple as a chile-lime salt she dusts over radishes or slices of watermelon; as fundamental as a fresh farmer’s cheese; as inspired as nuts slowly roasted with sage leaves; and as indulgent as an almond- and citrus peel-laden pan forte. Sweet yet thoroughly practical. Hardcover. Line-drawings throughout by Singer. $24.99 For a very limited time we have signed first editions available.

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