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Find The Right Fit

Find The Right Fit

Find The Right Fit

Find The Right Fit

Bills Khakis In 4 Fits:
M1 (Traditional), M2 (Regular), M3 (Trim), M4 (Extra Trim)

Finding the right fit makes all the difference between looking good and looking at a pair of pants with regret.

To make sure you’re always looking good, Bills Khakis are now offered in four fits, from the M1 (a roomy, traditional, WWII-style fit) down to the new M4 (an extra-trim fit). In addition, many of the M1 and M2 fits are available with pleats. The trim M3 has started arriving in limited edition fall varieties. And the extra-trim M4 is currently offered in the versatile Vintage Twill (seasonal M4 options will be available soon). 

If you’re new to Bills Khakis, we can tell you that most guys start with the regular-fit M2 and stick to it.

Don’t forget: Our khakis are hemmed to your specifications. Not sure which length or cuff style you want? Use the code FREEALTERATIONS at checkout and we’ll knock 10% Off the price of your khakis. That will save you a little cash to take them to your tailor and make sure you find the right fit.

Original Twill
(M3 Seasonal Colors)
(M3, M2, M1)
(M4, M3, M2, M1)
Chamois Cloth
Stretch Twill
Bullard Twill
(M3, M2)
Cotton Poplin
Weathered Canvas

Touring Anchor Steam:
“Drunk In San Francisco Since 1896″

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