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Urban warfare in our backyard?

Urban warfare in our backyard?

Urban warfare in our backyard?

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It’s not just CODEPINK: President Obama,
Black Lives Matter activists, and white allies in SURJ (Showing Up for
Racial Justice) have identified the demilitarization of the police as
a top priority to put an end to police
violence. Despite this, from September 11-14 the San
Francisco Bay Area will be hosting Urban Shield, a 3-day convention for local,
national and international law enforcement agencies. Urban Shield is a
county-wide war games, SWAT training and weapons expo, held each year
involving hundreds of local, federal and international agencies
including those from Apartheid Israel. They’re teaming up with
hypermilitarized defense industry contractors to “provide training”
and introduce more weapons for police and security companies to use in
our streets. The police don’t need more war
toys! Join us for these events to learn more about the
impacts of police militarization and protest the counter-productive
work of Urban Shield.Monday,
August 31st, 6 – 9 pm – OccupyForum presents… Who Killed Sandra
Bland?Historical context, response, and vision for the
Local 2215 Golden Gate near Leavenworth San Francisco,
94102Civic Center BART

On July 13, Sandra Bland became another casualty in the war on
black lives and bodies. Pulled over for the minor infraction of
changing lanes without signaling, Sandra Bland was brutalized,
arrested, and three days later found dead in her Texas jail cell. Her
arrest and death has sparked national outcry for answers after police
reported that Bland committed suicide. OccupyForum will bring together
activists working to address the racism and brutality that continues
to tear apart our society.
Thursday, September 3rd – Potluck dinner at 6pm, and Teach-In at
This is a free event. Please bring a dish to share if attending
Teach-in panel includes:George Lippman – Chair, Berkeley Peace
and Justice CommissionSharon Adams – Civil Rights/1st Amendment
AttorneySusan Harman – Urban Shield volunteer witnessFamily
members of victims of police brutality
Friday, September 4th, 6:30pm – Why Should the Bay Area SAY NO to Urban
Shield?401 26th Street (across from the Palestine
Solidarity Mural)Uptown Body & FenderThe Stop Urban
Shield Coalition successfully stopped the Urban Shield expo from being
hosted in Oakland any longer. But activities still take place in
Oakland, and the expo still happens in our backyard and still involves
local agencies, local money and targets our local communities. Join us
in a town hall on why we should all join forces to stop this from
happening anywhere.
Featuring:Art exhibit curated by Art Forces, art and sign
making for upcoming actions, and community testimonies. Part of Art
Forces Dispossession(s) event series. Hosted by The Stop Urban Shield
For truly safer communities,Bay Area CODEPINK

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