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New Bikes, New Surly Gear, and… we’re closed this Sun., 8/30 for the Bike Picnic

New Bikes, New Surly Gear, and… we’re closed this Sun., 8/30 for the Bike Picnic

New Bikes, New Surly Gear, and… we’re closed this Sun., 8/30 for the Bike Picnic

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NEW BIKES, SURLY GEAR, PICNIC REMINDER (Note: we will be closed SUN. 8/30!) 

We’re happy to announce the arrival of some of our favorite bikes here at Trophy: The BREEZER Uptown and Downtown city bikes, and the Jamis Coda Sport. Our mechanics are busy building up the latest 2016 Jamis and Breezer bikes, arriving daily!
Let’s start with the JAMIS Coda Sport, a top-selling bike at Trophy Bikes for more than 10 years.
Sometimes a bike is so ordinary, that it becomes SUPER-ORDINARY. The Coda Sport is such a bike; it has a lightweight frame made of Reynolds steel tubing, a 24-speed drivetrain, and flat bars that put you in the perfect position for city or path riding. It’s made to allow easy installation of fenders and racks, but you can put big chunky tires on it if you ride rougher trails.  Jamis’ designers created a machine that can work hard all week, then go play on the weekends. You can accessorize it to carry groceries and kids, or go with skinny tires and bar ends for that long fundraiser ride. (Many Coda Sport owners regularly ride 50 or even 75 mile days on them)
There’s no fussy, cutting-edge tech on this bike, no carbon fiber or superlight parts.  It’s hard to tell a 2005 Coda Sport from the 2016 models, though there are all sorts of upgraded parts on the new ones. And the Coda Sport is fun, reliable–and fast. We see these machines all over town, and no two seem to be set up exactly alike by their riders.   Looking for a long-term relationship? Stop in and test ride a JAMIS Coda Sport.

In Europe’s bike capitals like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris, nearly every bike looks like these BREEZERS– Set up with luggage racks and fenders, and, often, with front hub generator lights.  And rightly so; an everyday utility bike should be ready to carry loads–in the rain–and at night.
Though they’re “loaded”­­–the both the Uptown (26″ wheels, 7 or 8 speeds) and the Downtowns (700 wheels, 3 or 7 speeds) are still agile and easy-pedaling.  
For sturdy, daily urban transit the Uptown and Downtowns will get you there and back. The internally-geared models (like the Uptown 7, above) offer low maintenance and a cleaner look. If you want a full-equipped commuter ready to roll off the rack, take a look at these Breezers. We have all sizes in stock, including step through and extra-small models.

Trophy Bikes has always stocked Philadelphia’s best selection of SURLY; and we all love riding ours, too. We’re happy to see them branching out with clothing and accessories, and we’re now stocking more SURLY Stuff than ever. Beyond the classics, like SURLY’s Jethro Tule 15mm/bottle opener and stainless-steel hip flask, they now offer a nice raglan long sleeve shirt, Merino wool jerseys and caps, and a ton  more. We’ve polished the big mirror in our bathroom so you can see what you look like wearing the new SURLY gear. 

BIKE PICNIC (and Sunday closing!) R•E•M•I•N•D•E•R
… If you’ve read this far, you’re probably getting hungry. Well, hold that thought till this Sunday, Aug. 30, for our Bike Picnic. We’re bringing some grills, a beat-up cooler and more on our Bakfiets cargo bike, and we’d love you to join us.  Meet at Trophy Bikes at 10:30 a.m., or at the Reading Terminal Market (12th & Filbert Entrance) at 11 a.m. We’ll watch the bikes while people shop for vittles.  Then we’ll promenade out to Belmont Plateau for a nice picnic under a tree of some sort.

THANKS FOR READING AND RIDING • Look for big news in our Sept. e-Letter, coming soon!

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