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Projects We Love: Watch This

Projects We Love: Watch This

Projects We Love: Watch This

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This week we announced that the Fifth Annual Kickstarter Film Festival will be hosted at thirty-two theaters across the U.S. on October 15, making it the biggest fest yet! The night will feature an incredible selection of features and shorts that showcase the depth and variety of films brought to life on Kickstarter. Find a theater and RSVP to join the fun — and, in the meantime, help ensure a great future for the cinematic medium by supporting the projects below.


Keith A. Beauchamp

It’s been sixty years since the murder of fourteen-year-old Emmett Till catalyzed the civil rights movement in the U.S., but his story — and its profound aftermath — has never been fully told. TILL is a feature film that will offer a look at the events as they occurred, as well as the courageous decisions that Till’s mother made, which went on to change the course of American history.

Young Women of Cinema


In 2014, women comprised only 7% of all directors working on the year’s top 250 films — 93% of them had no female directors at all. And on screen, only 12% of all clearly identifiable protagonists were female. DCTV’s Young Women of Cinema project endeavors to change that by providing young women filmmakers the support to share their stories, make films, get jobs, and be heard!

THE KIDS – a documentary about the kids who inspired KIDS

The Kids Film

Larry Clark’s 1995 cult classic, Kids, shocked viewers with its gritty, real-life portrayal of teenagers in pre-gentrification NYC. Now an all-access documentary is being made to tell the story of the real kids who inspired the original movie, just in time for its twentieth anniversary. The documentary will explore the formative — and at times traumatic — emotional magnitude that the kids from Kids experienced before, during, and after the film’s global success.

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