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Human Rights Watch New York

Pakistan’s Death Row Dilemma

Pakistan’s Death Row Dilemma

Pakistan’s Death Row Dilemma

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Follow us on:   Dispatches: Pakistan’s Death Row Dilemma Photo © Reprieve by Shantha Ray Barriga Abdul Basit, a 43-year-old prisoner paralyzed from the waist down after developing tuberculosis in prison in 2010, will likely go to the gallows in his wheelchair in the next few days. Basit is the latest person with a disability on death row whose life is at risk since the Pakistani government began its execution spree this year. Rather than confronting the inherent cruelty and injustice of capital punishment, Pakistani officials are puzzling over how to hang a man in a wheelchair. To save their client’s life, Basit’s lawyers are now arguing macabre technicalities, including that a prisoner in a wheelchair can’t meet the prison’s requirement that the condemned “mount” the scaffold and “stand” beneath the noose.
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