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Today in Sports Plus: Support for Don Orsillo grows as Red Sox players react

Today in Sports Plus: Support for Don Orsillo grows as Red Sox players react

Today in Sports Plus: Support for Don Orsillo grows as Red Sox players react

August 27, 2015
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Support for Don Orsillo swells in aftermath of NESN move
Boston Globe – see viewing tip at top of this section

Red Sox react to news Don Orsillo won’t be back

Play-by-play announcers enjoy special place in Red Sox Nation

Red Sox notebook: Clay Buchholz’ season, future in doubt
Boston Herald

Buckley: John Farrell worthy of chance next season

Players excited for cracks in Oldtime Baseball Game

Travis Shaw Provides Spark With Bat For Red Sox In Victory (Video)

Red Sox Notes: Rick Porcello Shows His Worth With Stunning Comeback

First things first: Hanley Ramirez has long way to go

The Hanley Effect has rippled through Red Sox roster, left destruction in wake

WEEI’s Dave O’Brien: ‘Most difficult part’ of taking over NESN job is parting with Joe Castiglione
Mass Live

Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz expected to play at least two games at first vs. New York Mets

Red Sox rookie Travis Shaw: ‘I won’t worry about Hanley Ramirez’

Red Sox fans rally to Don Orsillo’s defense via Twitter

Lovullo: Dombrowski put Ramirez first base plan in motion

That’s more like it: Porcello strong in return

Well-rested Harvey starts first Sox-Mets clash in 6 years

Down on the Farm 

Red Sox Farm Report

PawSox 4, RailRiders 3: Roof’s single in 10th completes sweep

Projo – see viewing tip at top of section

Salem Red Sox honor Virginia journalists killed Wednesday

Sports Illustrated

Sold-out crowd watches Sea Dogs win

Portland Press Herald – see viewing tip at top of section

PawSox owner Lucchino scouts Victory Place site

Benintendi wasn’t long for Lowell, where the Spinners continue to draw a crowd

 Wise Guy

Quote of the Day

If Don Orsillo is not leaving NESN on his own, this decision baffles me. Class man, awesome announcer, and respect throughout the sport.      
Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay

Sports/Athlete Quote of the Day

I think anybody who has ever watched a Red Sox game knows who he is, how good he is, and recognizes his voice. He’s been here a long time and he’s one of the best at what he does. It’s a big loss for the fans and for the guys in the clubhouse.  Clay Buchholz

 On This Day In Baseball History
1946 – A committee formed to study integration, which includes Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey, delivers its secretive report during an Owners’ Meeting, defending the covert color barrier which exists in professional baseball. The absurd reasons given to why blacks shouldn’t be allowed to play in the big leagues include an absence of skills due to inferior training and lack of fundamentals and the need to respect Negro League contracts, but another lesser known motivation may have been profit as revealed later in the report, “The Negro leagues rent their parks in many cities from clubs in Organized Baseball (and) Club owners in the major leagues are reluctant to give up revenues amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year” as well as the fear white fans would be driven away if black players attracted more minorities to the ballpark.
2007 – Jake Peavy becomes the Padres leader in career strikeouts when he punches out Orlando Hudson looking at an inside fastball in the first inning of a 3-1 San Diego victory over the Diamondbacks at Petco Park. The right-handed fireballer, who fans 11 in the game, moves past Andy Benes, who had struck out 1036 batters, pitching for the Friars from 1989 to 1995.

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On Your Mind

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Want to show Don Orsillo some love?  Sign the online petition to keep him in Boston!  Even if it doesn’t change the outcome, it is surely going to be an emotional boost to him when he sees how many have signed.  As of time of printing, there are over 31,000 signatures and growing steadily.  It is even garnering media attention!
In my opinion ratings are down because of three last place finishes in four years.  Don and Jerry are a great team that kept us listening despite the (many) losses.  Don, we will miss you. Talk about “getting the bad news”.
Gerry – Longtime Red Sox fan
I am extremely upset about NESN blaming Don Orsillo for a ratings drop. I will withhold further comment while I collect my anger and thoughts and post by the end of the weekend.  This news is worse than any loss on the field this season.

Scott “Holding his tongue” in NH

Holly said it best..  STUPID..  What will be accomplished by letting Don go..  I said it earlier, and I will repeat.. Maybe he hasn’t had his hand in all, but I do not like Dumb-rowski.. NESN games will never be the same.. NEVER.. I loved  “Don and Jerry” .. The players themselves are taking blame for their poor play this year, not the coaches, certainly not the announcers.. Who will be fired for Fenway Park half full at games..
Is the new Pres going to let the owners go??  I am sick.. Don and Jerry are the only thing sometimes making the game worth watching.. I sure hope there is enough  “storm of fans”  that tell owners how they feel about this..  I am sick..   I love Don.. 

KF * Vegas
Hey Marr  are you crazy?The best thing to happen to the sox’s this season is now gone. Why does the owner step in and say no WAY Mr Marr.The rating’s are down not because of Don& Jerry but because the team is not up to par.Please people of RSN    sign partition and let’s keep the only winning team together.Maybe Don will not want to come back if offered.NESN started when they took off D&C in the early moning,I’m thinking of scratching   NESN from my sport’s program ,see how the advertiser’s like to be losers with this move. 
Tom * Warwick RI
There has to be a way for fans to have a say! This move to remove Don and break up Don & Jerry is just plain stupid. Without us to watch the advertisers and buying their product where would NESN be than? We need to do a blackout of watching for one night maybe, plus signs at the games and flood John Henry’s tweet to stop this foolishness. Maybe empty seats for an upcoming home game. I know people paid well for their tickets but because of that we should have some say in things as this. We have lived with losing favorite players, managers, overpaid under-performing play on the field. Enough is enough.
Maybe some empty seats with ” bring Don back and we’ll come back” signs in their place will wake them up. We will stay loyal, peaceful and respectful but this straw is the last one to a BAD season!
So, Red Sox higher ups, you are blaming low ratings on Don Orsillo??  Really!!??  How about the poor performance of the team?  This is ridiculous and though I like Dave O’Brien, he can’t hold a candle to the “Don and Jerry” show!!  What a bad move!!  Very disappointed.
Ann * Salem, NH
NESN has clearly shot themselves in the foot…Don did a tremendous job of working with so many different people when Jerry was out and fans hung in there because of Don. They should have gotten rid of Joseph Maar and the guy that hired Joseph Maar! Who gives their broadcasters mandatory vacations during the seasons? There has been outrage on that issue by the fans and still NESN doesn’t care. They also don’t care how Don being let go will impact the fans! There is no better team in baseball broadcasting than Don and Jerry. But unfortunately for us Red Sox fans… what is next Jerry being on the chopping block too when his contract is NESN will put it, “we are going in a new direction.” A huge mistake firing Don! Red Sox should never have been allowed to buy NESN. This is a Hanley and Panda move, STUPID!
Former NESN fan … JMM
Over the years, I’ve watched many on screen personalities come and go, and frankly, except for the Japanese woman, who had rare interviewing skills and was part of the Bruins coverage, I missed none of them.  Don Orsillo is no Heidi Watney.  He has a way of communicating the actions on the field, in a way that’s understandable and has the rare talent of not trying to make himself the star of the game.  He’s the narrator of the book, turning the pages to keep you up with the action.  He comments on little nuances that might slip by the audience and has such communication with Jerry Remy, (and camaraderie and humor)that I don’t think of one, without thinking of both. When Jerry has been out, he’s carried the fill-in well, whether it’s a star of his own like Dennis Eckersley or a lesser known personality.   He hardly missed a beat.  As much as I love Jerry Remy, he did not carry Don Orsillo’s absence well at all.  It was way too apparent that Don was not there, and the time without him was painful.  Although the Sox have not done well the last couple of years, they still appear on National TV from time to time, and it’s readily apparent that the NESN crew is far superior to what else is out there.  The Fox people, the ESPN people and the MLB people, collectively are dreadful.  I sit and watch with the sound off, unless I have to have the audio to understand what’s going on “right then”.  These people pound on their own chests and give the appearance of thinking you only tuned in the game to see them.  They’re the story tellers and not the stars of the game.

I look at your current announcers in the Red Sox telecast and feel there’s no one here with the skills to do play by play.  Tom Caron is a pleasant man, well spoken, rather dull.  Tim Wakefield is a man that’s good to his Wife, Mother and kids, but,  watching women’s’ golf, candlepin bowling, and paint drying, are each a step up from any interest he creates.  Steve Lyons doesn’t hold my interest in the half hour shows preceding the game, and as much as I enjoy Dennis Eckersley, all his “cheese” and other terms, get old.  A big hot fudge sundae is yummy, but four or five a day, get to be too much.  You already have the best.  Whatever he wants, give it to him.  You can’t do better and you sure can do a lot worse.

Here’s hoping you’ll reconsider your choice.  It’s not Don’s fault he can’t play second base.
Peggy from NH
Lilly * NY Red Sox fan
Jerry and Don are not responsible for the poor ratings of NESN.  The losing Red Sox are!!  When the team is doing great, everyone joins in and watches.  This year, not as much fun.  Only thing that gets me through the game is Jerry and Don.  Bring back Heidi and Hazel Mae, too.  Love Gary but the others are boring.
Irene * Manchester, NH
A little slow in getting the news, but @#%@###! We have a team that’s played like junk too much of the time, and some “suit” is blaming poor ratings on Don?  Thanks Trish for the petition, but that’s just a start.  Hope all who are at RS games protest long and loud, and I’m writing alter to NESN.  How do they think Jerry coped with all the tough days these past couple of years without the support of a true friend like Don?
Marty S
Truly a sad day for Red Sox Nation, For Don, and for Jerry.   Trish…….and everyone else who posted today, all well said, not much I can add other than this is the biggest blunder of all time.  Watch out Jerry,  sadly, you could be next !!   I have signed the petition,  wish I could do more.  If I lived in Boston I would picket the Management Parking Lot every Day.   Good Luck Don, your the best & deserve much better than this !!
Rick from Maine
Out side of the actual game for today’s comment,,,,I and just about everyone else would really like to know who made the decision on letting Don Orsillo go?? This guy can’t really think he’s earning his paycheck? If he made this decision and he feels good about it,,,then he knows NOTHING about what excites us fans who watch the games,,so please Mr. suit ,,,identify yourself publicly,,,we the fans deserve to know who u are and why or how u can justify dropping such a awesome well respected,,well liked guy from the broadcast booth?,,,just who are u,,,u got to feel like a crook when u cash your check this month,,,,not only is the faithful Fenway fans pissed off,,,but a lot of people in the business are shocked,,,Jerry is heartbroken,,I can’t imagine how he’s hurting!,,,,Shame on Mr. suit,,,,hiding to avoid looking foolish,, 

Trish your words about Don and Jerry and moments shared are mirrored by many in the nation this day. NESN, John Henry and the other powers to be in this another bad decision by Henry and company definitely have their heads up their a…. . They should pony up the $$$, pay off Hanley, get an Ace, and their decision to drop Don will cost them. Obie is a nice guy , knows his stuff, but he’s not Red Sox Nation and his many remarks on ESPN in past games prove it. If Don was to be replaced it should have been done off season and not humiliating the guy and Eck, Joe C from WEEI, or Wake. It comes down $$$$$$ and just how much  $$$$$$$ does Henry need.I will miss the banter with he and the Remdawg and God knows Jerry has had enough bad news these past few years but piling more on is senseless.
Keep Don and get a new owner or let Tom Werner run the show and John and Linda can cohabit an island in the Pacific.
A PO’D Dave from RI

The “brains” at NESN must be sitting on theirs!  Don Orsillo is the BEST and partnered with Jerry Remy, this team cannot be beaten.  Of course ratings are going down – not because of the performance in the broadcast booth but because of the lack of performance on the field.  Ratings will go even lower now because I’m sure many, like me, tuned into miserable games just to listen to Don & Jerry.  KEEP DON ON THE JOB AT NESN!!!! 

Chris * Denmark, ME
The firing of Don Orsillo feels like a kick in my gut, just like the Jon Lester ouster last year. Don & Jerry have been our salvation this year of miserable play and poor moves by the Ownership Group. If not for Don & Jerry and their steady presence, surely the NESN ratings would have been much worse. Wait until next year, ratings will be in the toilet as many of us will switch to radio. I have nothing against Dave O’Brien, but I wish that Tom Werner & John Henry would consider what the fans want. As more than one player said, “I guess we have to apologize to Don because we didn’t do our jobs.”  I think that worst thing is announcing this during the season, not in December. This shows no class, no consideration for the feelings of a man who has been nothing but loyal for 15 years. 
Watch out Red Sox fans!  Next thing you know they’ll be replacing Jerry Remy with Bobby Valentine…
Judy * Ipswich, MA
Shame on Sox. Shame on NESN. Shame. Shame 
Paul Kuell * Maine fan

So Don is really going to be let go.  Really, April fools, its August.  Sign the petition, hope that helps.  Poor Jerry. Don is going to be some tough shoes to fill.  Wow – Ridiculous. That is all for now.



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