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Morton Williams Associated Supermarket New York

Morton Williams Supermarkets – 8/28/15 – 9/3/15

Morton Williams Supermarkets – 8/28/15 – 9/3/15

Morton Williams Supermarkets – 8/28/15 – 9/3/15

Morton Williams SupermarketsOne Taste is All It Takes!

1) MADISON AVENUE STORE ALMOST COMPLETE! Please visit our new store at Madison Avenue and 87th Street. The store is open for your shopping pleasure while finishing touches are being completed. 

2) Purchase Morton Williams Gift Cards online and have them delivered electronically to any recipient. Simply click here for gift cards.


WINE & SPIRITS: please

 call 212-213-0021 for free delivery in Manhattan ($75 min purchase). You may also

 Here are the Manhattan specials:WINE & SPIRITS (Owned and operated by Morton Williams Wine & Spirits, call 212-213-0021 for FREE delivery anywhere in Manhattan, $75 min, 10% case discount on non-sale wine cases)

Smirnoff vodka, 1.75 liter bottle         $21.99
Justin cabernet sauvignon, 2012, 750ml bottle           $21.99
A to Z Wineworks pinot noir, 2012, 750ml bottle    $15.99
Da Vinci chianti, 2013, 750ml bottle  $8.99
Decoy Sonoma county sauvignon blanc, 2013, 750ml bottle $14.99
William Hill Nappa Valley chardonnay, 2013, 750ml bottle $11.99
Barone Fini pinot grigio, 2014, 750ml bottle  $7.99
Mark West pinot noir, 2013, 750ml bottle    $8.99
Apothic Red winemaker’s blend, 2012, 750ml bottle $9.99
Valdo prosecco brut, 750ml bottle     $7.99
Dewar’s scotch whisky “white label”, 1.75 liter bottle          $39.99
USDA choice boneless beef hanger steak       $6.99lb
Talenti gelato, 1 pint container, all varieties   2/$6
Silver Palate Grain Berry cereal, 12oz box, all varieties         2/$5
Post honeycomb, alpha bits or golden crisp cereal, 12-14.75oz box  $3.99
V8 Original 100% vegetable juice, 46oz bottle (excludes vegetable blends)   $3.49
Ocean Spray 100% Juice, 60oz bottle            2/$7
Light ‘n Fluffy egg noodles, 12oz package, all varieties          $2.19
Classico pasta sauce, 15-24oz jar, all varieties           2/$5
Aunt Nellie’s vegetables, 15.5-16oz jar, all varieties  $1.79
Libby’s corn, peas or green beans, 14.5-15oz can      3/$3
Hunt’s barbecue sauce, 18oz bottle, all varieties        $1.69
Hunt’s ketchup, 24oz squeeze bottle $0.99
Grey Poupon dijon mustard, 10oz squeeze bottle     $3.49
Ortega salsa, 16oz jar, all varieties      2/$4
Chicken of the Sea pink salmon, 14.75oz can            $3.49
Hellmann’s mayonnaise, 20-22oz squeeze bottle       $3.99
Mancini roasted peppers, 12oz jar     2/$5
Kraft macaroni & cheese, 5.5-7.25oz package            $1.89
Minute instant rice, 14oz box, all varieties     $2.29
Ken’s salad dressing, 9oz bottle, all varieties  2/$3
Smart Balance blended cooking oil, 48oz bottle         $4.99
Fever Tree premium tonic water or ginger ale, 4 pack, 6.8oz bottles $5.99
Murray sugar free cookies, 5.5-9oz package  $2.99
Fiji water, 1.5 liter      2/$4
Arnold Palmer or Golden Bear lemonade & Iced Tea, 23oz can (warm only), all varieties   $0.99
Evian water, 1 liter bottle       3/$3
Sparkling Ice zero calories sparkling water, 17oz bottle, all varieties (warm only)   5/$5
Peet’s Coffee, 12oz bag, all varieties   $8.99
Starbucks K-Cups, 3.5-4.4oz package, all varieties   $9.99
Lipton tea bags, 100 count box           $4.49
Pillsbury frosting, 12-16oz package   $1.99
Pillsbury Moist Supreme cake mix, 15.25-18.9oz box           4/$5
Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 4.5-6.6oz package, all varieties  $2.99
Jell-O gelatin, .3-3oz package $0.99
Del Monte fruit bowls, 4 pack, 15-16oz package      2/$5
Quaker Oats, old fashioned or quick, 18oz canister   $2.99
Imported from France, Bonne Maman preserves, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, four fruit, wild blueberry, mixed berries, peach, blackberry or orange marmalade, 13oz jar    2/$6
Jif peanut butter, 15.5-16oz jar          2/$5
4C iced tea mix, 53-74.2oz canister, makes 20-28 quarts       $5.99
Stoneridge Orchards dried fruit, 4-5oz package, select varieties        $4.99
Once Again organic sunflower seed butter, 16oz jar  $7.99
Medford Farms savory crackers, 4.4oz box, all varieties       $1.79
Brawny paper towels, 368 count, 8 pack bundle       $8.99
Shop Rite  bathroom tissue, 1,000 count single roll   5/$4
Shop Rite 9″ paper plates, 100 count package           $4.49
Fab 2X liquid laundry detergent, 50oz container       $3.99
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, 24oz package         2/$5
Shop Rite plastic cutlery, 24 count package  $1.29
Dial body wash, 16-18oz bottle         $3.99
Palmolive dish washing liquid, 25oz bottle    $2.99
Glad cling wrap, 100 square foot roll $1.99
Pantene shampoo or conditioner, 12.6oz bottle         $4.99
9 Lives cat food, 4 pack, 22oz package          $2.39
Pedigree dog food, 13.2oz can            $0.99
Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food, 3.5lb bag, all varieties         $4.99
Radeberger Pilsner beer, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles         $9.99
Brooklyn Blast!, 4 pack, 12oz bottles           $11.99
Heineken, Heineken light or Amstel beer,        6 pack, 12oz bottles  $9.99
Coors light or banquet beer, 12 pack, 12oz  cans       $8.99
Mike’s hard lemonade, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles           $9.99
Canada Dry mixers, 1 liter bottle, all varieties            2/$3
Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Schweppes or Mountain Dew,  2 liter bottle            2/$3
Snapple iced tea, 6 pack only, 16oz glass bottles      $3.99
Bud Light or Budweiser, 6 pack, 12oz bottles           $7.99
Otter Creek beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles           $8.99
Southern Tier IPA or Harvest beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles (excludes 2X IPA)           $8.99
Coca-Cola Classic, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagram’s ginger ale, 12 pack, 12oz cans     $5.99
Doritos chips, 10-11oz bag    2/$5
Nabisco Wheat Thins, Triscuits or flavor crackers, 5.5-10oz box     $3.49
Boar’s Head all American BBQ seasoned roasted chicken breast, sliced to order      $8.99lb
Domestic provolone, by the piece or sliced to order  $4.99lb
Store made boneless loin of pork, sliced to order       $7.99lb
Imported drunken goat cheese, by the piece  $17.99lb
Hormel genoa or hard salami, sliced to order  $6.99lb
Fresh store made grilled london broil dinner with herb roasted potatoes & creamed spinach, 16oz portion            $7.99
Fresh made Mediterranean couscous salad     $6.99lb
Fresh store made grilled vegetables     $6.99lb
Boar’s Head lower sodium or Ovengold turkey breast, sliced to order          $8.99lb
Imported from France, St. Andre triple cream brie cheese, by the piece       $14.99lb
Fresh made lemon seafood salad         $10.99lb
Old Croc Australian cheddar cheese, 7oz package, sharp or extra sharp       $3.99
Fresh made egg salad   $5.49lb
Alouette cheese spread & dips, 6-6.5oz package, all varieties           $2.99
Echo Falls Scottish smoked salmon, 4oz package      $7.99
Imported English stilton blue cheese, by the piece    $12.99lb
Gourmet empanadas, spinach, chicken or beef, 3oz   2/$3
Fresh made Morton Williams gourmet smoked chicken sandwich with avocado & roasted red pepper mayo sauce on 7 grain bread         $6.99
Morton Williams Sandwich Club – buy 7 sandwiches and get the 8th one FREE…see deli manager for details      
Store baked Boulart ciabatta baguette, 11.5oz loaf     2/$5
Fresh made 8″ strawberry shortcake, a delicious vanilla cake with strawberry filling & topped with fresh whipped cream           $18.99
All natural Greek yogurt cheesecake made with 100% Greek yogurt, 4oz    $1.99
Arnold 100% stoneground wheat, brick oven white, lite whole wheat or lite multi-grain, 16-20oz loaf       2/$5
Thomas original white english muffins, 6 pack, 12oz package           $2.29
Red Velvet mini cupcakes, 12 pack, 10oz package    $2.99
Macy’s cheese sticks, 4oz package, all varieties         $2.99
al fresco chicken sausage or meatballs, 12oz package, all varieties     $4.99
Hebrew National all beef franks or knockwurst, 11-12oz package, all varieties        $3.99
Applegate Naturals sliced cold cuts, 7oz package, all varieties (excludes organic)    $5.99
Plumrose premium bacon, 16oz package, regular or thick      $5.99
Butterball turkey bacon, 6oz package, regular or lower sodium         3/$5
Sabrett sauerkraut, 16oz package       $1.99
Shady Brook Farms all white meat ground turkey, 20.8oz package  $8.99
Oscar Mayer chicken dunks Lunchables, 4.2oz package       $2.49
Jones Braunschweiger liverwurst, 8oz chub   $2.99
Bar S bacon, 12oz package     $2.99
Shady Brook Farms turkey burgers, 16oz package    $4.99
Shady Brook Farms turkey meatballs, 12oz package $4.99
In our frozen meat department, Coleman Natural gluten free chicken nuggets, 8oz package $4.99
In our frozen meat department, Great American hamburgers, 1.5lb package $9.99
Tropicana pure premium orange juice, 59oz carafe    2/$6
Yoplait yogurt, 4-6oz cup, excludes greek style, simplait, lactose free or 100 calorie           4/$3
Chobani Oats or Flip Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup (excludes fruit on the bottom, blended, simply 100, indulgent & kids)      4/$5
Stonyfield organic yogurt, 32oz container, all varieties          $4.49
Friendship cottage cheese, 16oz container, all varieties         2/$4
Friendship sour cream, 16oz container, all varieties   2/$3
Breakstone’s Temp Tee whipped cream cheese, 8oz container         2/$5
Friendship farmer cheese, 7.5oz package       $2.99
Starbucks iced coffee, 48oz bottle, all varieties          $3.99
Tropicana fruit punch or lemonade, 59oz carton, all varieties           $1.79
Shop Rite whipped butter, 8oz container      2/$4
Cabot cheddar or monterey jack cheese,       6-8oz bar, all varieties  $2.99
Borden American singles, white or yellow, 12oz package     2/$5
Shop Rite shredded cheese, 8oz package, all varieties            $2.29
Shedd’s Spread Country Crock spread, 15oz bowl    $2.49
Land O Lakes half & half cream, 16oz container        $2.29
Nesquik flavored milk, 14oz bottle, all varieties        $1.59
Treasure Cave crumbled feta or blue cheese,  5-8oz package $2.99
Reddi Wip cream, 6.5oz aerosol can   2/$5
Bellwether Farms Carmody cheese, 7oz wedge         $6.99
Evolve Kefir Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup, all varieties   $1.59
Evolve Kefir probiotic smoothie, 32oz bottle, all varieties    $3.59
Breyers ice cream, 48oz package        2/$6
Haagen Dazs ice cream bars, 3 count, 9oz package    $3.99
Luigi’s real Italian ice, 6 pack cups, 36oz package      2/$5
Special K breakfast sandwiches, 13.4-16.4oz package           $5.99
Udi’s gluten free lasagna or penne & cheese, 8oz package, all varieties          $4.99
Super Pretzel soft pretzels, 9-13oz box         $2.99
Dole Dippers, 6.36-10.15oz package, all varieties     $3.99
Seviroli cheese, tri cheese or meat tortellini, 12-14oz package           $3.49
MorningStar Farms meatless or veggie burgers, 8-9.5oz package, all varieties          $3.99
Celeste pizza, 5.5-9oz package, all varieties  4/$5
McCain french fries, 19-32oz package, all varieties   $2.99
Bird’s Eye steamfresh vegetables, 10-12oz package, all varieties       3/$5
Red ripe seedless watermelon $.49lb
California black plums            $1.79lb
Imported Hass avocados, 40 size       3/$5
California baby peeled carrots, 1lb bag           2/$3
Locally grown, Uncle Vinny’s salads, 5oz container, all varieties      2/$6
Snow white mushrooms, 8oz package, whole only    2/$3
Imported asparagus    $3.99lb
Fresh cucumbers         2/$1.49
Golden ripe pineapple, 6 size $3.99 each
Red onions      $.79lb
US #1 Idaho potatoes, 80 size            $.79lb
Organic romaine hearts, 22oz package            $3.99 each
Pero Family Farms fresh organic green beans, 8oz bag          $4.99 each
Organic carrots, 1lb bag          $.99 each
Grade ‘A’ boneless chicken breast, 2lbs or more         $2.49lb
Fresh store made, ready to cook,  USDA choice seasoned flank steak pinwheels stuffed with mozzarella & spinach        $9.99lb
Fresh boneless center cut pork chops            $3.99lb
Fresh Nature shoulder veal chops      $5.99lb
USDA choice boneless beef flank steak         $10.99lb
Fresh whole pork spareribs    $3.99lb
Fresh grade ‘A’ thin sliced chicken cutlets      $3.99lb
Fresh Nature round bone veal chops  $6.39lb
Esposito fresh Italian sausage, hot or sweet   $3.99lb
Grade ‘A’ boneless chicken thighs       $1.99lb
Fresh made extra lean ground round   $5.39lb
USDA choice boneless beef pepper steak      $5.49lb
USDA choice bone in beef short ribs $6.49lb
Fresh smoked hocks   $1.99lb
Suzy Sirloin all natural beef sliders or patties            $10.99lb
Coleman organic boneless chicken tenders     $10.99lb
Ready to cook, fully cleaned peeled & deveined jumbo shrimp, 16-20 count           $10.99lb
Fresh sea scallops       $12.99lb
Ready to grill, fresh store made shrimp shish kabob with vegetables            $12.99lb
Previously frozen, sushi grade tuna steak      $9.99lb
Great for salads, fully cooked ready to eat mussel meat        $5.99lb
Fresh minced clams in natural juice    $4.99lb
Fresh smoked herring fillet     $3.99lb

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When were the first grapes grown in Napa Valley?

Early pioneer and settler George C. Yount is generally credited to have been the first to grow grapes in the Napa Valley. In 1864, on the marriage of one of his granddaughters to Thomas Rutherford, Yount gave the couple around 1,000 acres of land, which Rutherford dedicated to winemaking?
(source: wiki)


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