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New Markdowns (Up To 70% Off)

New Markdowns (Up To 70% Off)

New Markdowns (Up To 70% Off)

New Markdowns (Up To 70% Off)

Including: Ramblers Way, Nettleton’s Shoes, Daines & Hathaway

70% Off luxurious, sustainable wool knits from Ramblers Way 60% Off dress shoes and loafers from Nettleton’s 50% Off select leather goods from Daines & Hathaway

Ramblers Way Quarter Zip Polo
(4 Colors Available)
$75 $250
Ramblers Way Cross Neck Long Sleeve Tee
$36 $120
Ramblers Way Cross Neck Short Sleeve Tee
$34.50 $115
Ramblers Way V-Neck Cardigan
(3 Colors Available)
Ramblers Way Reversible Vest
(2 Colors Available)
$171 $570
Rambler’s Way Long-Sleeve Crew
Daines & Hathaway Travel Watch Roll
$135 $270
Daines & Hathaway Shoe Shine Kit
$127.50 $255
Daines & Hathaway Kensington Document Case
$330 $660
Daines & Hathaway Kensington Zip Case
(5 Colors Available)
$255 $510
Daines & Hathaway Military Wet Pack
Nettleton Savannah Charleston
$318 $795
Nettleton Fayetteville
Nettleton Bentley
(Black, Size 13 Only)
Nettleton Chesterfield Cap Toe
(Black, Size 9 Only)

Best Dressed Guest

“Private club.” The phrase just wreaks of stuffiness. We rarely hear people call the Club at Wingtip stuffy, and if we did, it would break our hearts. Usually, and certainly on our best days, the words “accessible” and “comfy” are used to describe the environment upstairs. Certainly, when it comes to a dress code, amongst private clubs, we have one of the more lax dress codes around: all we really ask is no shorts, no sandals, and no sweats.

That said, as someone that prefers to wear a suit, and whose dream is to have a club filled with members and guests in formalwear (we come close twice a year during the Bond party and the Sinatra party!), I feel it’s my responsibility to at least try to influence the way a guest might dress for a visit to the Club.
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