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News & Events 7.22.15

News & Events 7.22.15

News & Events 7.22.15

Community Garden Days are Back This Fall!

August 22 & 23, September 12 & 13
This year we have added Fall Community Garden Days for the first time! We hope you will get back into your community garden and try planting for a fall harvest. As the traditional growing season comes to an end, we encourage you to plant some fall cold crops and annuals, fall is a great time of year to get perennials and trees established too!

Cut Off Date August 7
If you have been on the fence about joining the CSA this summer, now is the time to join! We are in week 10 of 24, so there is a lot of great summer and fall produce to come. We’ll prorate your share and get you started. Checkout the photo gallery of what the shares have looked like so far this year.

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We love seeing how your plants are doing! Thanks to Instagrammer @susancrawshaw for this great shot of her blackberry bramble. Once a little stick in a pot at Greensgrow. These are sure to be turned into some great jam! Tag YOUR garden shots #greensgrowgarden.
Heat Advisory
Perennial Sale!
Greetings! We are seeing the full bloom of summer everywhere on the farm and in the neighborhood. Our featured plants this week are Perennials. Buy 3, get the 4th free (of equal or lesser value). The promotion lasts until Sunday, July 26. 

Perennials are long-lived herbaceous plants that survive cold winters and return in spring to grow beautiful foliage and flowers year after year. They generally die back in the fall, and send up new growth in the spring; a few have evergreen foliage. Some have brief bloom times, as others bloom over several months. Perennials are wonderful in borders (along walkways, against fences or walls) or in containers. The range of sizes, shapes, and colors is vast-with plants to suit every type of garden. Whether you are looking for that ‘wildflower look’, or for something a bit more manicured, we have a great selection for you right now. Grabbing these beauties will give you happiness for the rest of the season, and year to come! Come on by and ask an associate for help in picking out the best plants to suit your needs.

There are many sun loving perennials choose from: Check out one of the most carefree and generous bloomers; Achillea (Yarrow), Echinacea in an array of colors, long-blooming Coreposis, amazingly-scented Agastache & Hyssop, Salvia, Lilies, Joe Pye Weed, drought-tolerant Sedum & Yucca, Geum, Catmint, Lavender, Hardy Hibiscus, Balloonflower, and so much more for full sun.
We have plenty of shade loving perennials in stock too: Heuchera (Coral Bells), Tiarella, Ferns, Astilbe in a variety of colored blooms, Ornamental Strawberry, Brunneria, Anemone, creeping ground covers, Hostas in an array of varieties, Barrenwort, Sandwort, and much more!
Seeds are Back!
Yes, that’s right-a whole new round of veggies comes with this time of year. Arugula, Asian Greens, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi, Radishes, & Spinach are just to name a few! Get started with your cold crops to plant in late summer for fall and winter harvest!

First Melons of the Year and More Stone Fruits!
This week purple plums, nectarines, and blackberries make their 2015 Greensgrow debut.  Make preserves now so you can enjoy delicious peaches from Three Springs Farm all through the winter.  We are featuring a sale on peach seconds for all of you canners out there. The skin has seen better days but the fruit is perfect. You can get a half peck weighing 10 lbs for $15.  Melons are finally in and we’ve got Athena & sugar cube cantaloupe. Sugar cube melons are the size of soft ball and twice as sweet as a normal melon. 

You can tell Farmer Katelyn is harvesting Greensgrow Grown cherry tomatoes when staff begin circling high tunnel three.  These cherry tomatoes are tangy with finely balanced acidity – perfect to take to a BBQ or to simply enjoy by yourself in ice cold air conditioning.  Take a look inside of the high tunnels which are labeled with the wonderful produce we grow.  It doesn’t get much more local than that!

Look out for Greensgrow Prepared dips, Claudio’s Mozzarella, and Greensgrown basil to make the perfect caprese salad.

Only a Few Spots Left!

Spanish Cooking Workshop: Paella & Tapas
October 10 • 12–2pm
Learn how to make Paella from start to finish as well as a couple of traditional tapas dishes. Our instructor Carmen Trujillo, a native of Madrid, will be teaching how to cook a traditional Paella with local products, including rice, seafood, shellfish, chicken, vegetables and the precious Spanish saffron. You’ll help prep ingredients as we make this amazing Spanish classic national dish from start to finish.  Paella is a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots, we will get some of the traditional techniques that can make it elusive to master at home. How do you get that wonderfully crusty bit of rice and keep the seafood from over cooking? All will be revealed!
We will also be exploring a spanish potato soup as well as the classic tapas, Catalan Pan Tumaca (Tomato Bread) with Boquerones y Matrimonio. (Marinated Fresh Large Anchovy.) Anchovies and sardines are extremely healthy and popular in Mediterranean countries freshly grilled or marinated. They are much more sustainably fished than large fish like tuna or swordfish.
Everyone will get to try some of the paella traditional family style and get to make and eat their own tostas while learning how to make it at home! Our paella will contain shellfish & chicken.
When Carmen isn’t cooking or exploring her new barrio, she teaches Spanish at Independence Charter School in Center City. In her opinion, “it takes exactly the same time to order a pizza or heat a pre-cooked dish, than making a simple and tasty tapa. It is a healthier, fun and cheaper way to enjoy seasonal food”.

Location: Greensgrow Community Kitchen at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
Register: Online Here
Charcuterie with Nick Macri from La Divisa Meats

Sept 12 • 12-2pm

Get the basics of at-home charcuterie with local charcuterie go-to chef Nick Macri. In this hands on workshop, everyone will get to make their own pâté, and learn about at techniques for grinding meat at home. We’ll start with forcemeat and discuss how to make them and use them in various pâté and terrine recipes.

Nick was named Zagat Philadelphia 30 under 30 in 2014. He is the owner of La Divisa Meats, a house-made charcuterie & butcher shop, at the Reading Terminal Market.
Kefir & Kvass Fermentation with Phickle

October 17 • 12-2pm

Amanda Feifer, fermenting enthusiast behind comes to the Greensgrow Community Kitchen to teach us about these two popular drinks. Milk kefir and kvass are both probiotic, lacto-fermented drinks and yet they are totally different in taste and technique!

If you love experimenting at home or just love ferments, this is a great info packed class to expand your repertoire. One is cultured, the other is wild fermented. One involves dairy, the other is vegetal.
Beekeeping 101 with Don Shump

Sept 19 • 12-2pm

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, a new beekeeper, or just thinking about starting a backyard beehive, this workshop will give you through the ins and outs of managing honey bees. Don Shump, president of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild and Greensgrow’s beekeeper, will be on hand to share his years of experience as an apiarist in Philadelphia. Don will walk you through a beekeeper’s typical first year so you know what to expect, and he will tell you what local resources are available to help you succeed.
Poultry Butchering with Bryan Mayer
October 24 • 2 Sessions

Register: 12–1:00pm
Register: 1:30–2:30pm
Seed Saving Workshop with Nancy Wygant
October 3 • 12-2pm
Nancy Wygant comes to Greensgrow to share her years of expertise and seed saving enthusiasm. She’ll give us the ins and outs of saving seed so you can get started yourself in any size garden. We’ll go over basic topics; how to harvest and store seed, how to do germination tests for seed viability, understanding packaged seed, how to select which plants to save seed from. Plus more in depth topics like understanding open-pollinated vs. hybrid varieties, the basic botany of plant reproduction, how to control cross-pollination and avoid inbreeding.

Oyster Shucking Workshop
November 7 • 12–2 pm
Paul Appleby from Seafresh Oysters comes to the Community Kitchen to teach you how to shuck oysters! We’ll cover topics like oyster varieties, growing methods, taste differences, the history of aquaculture and issues of sustainability surrounding oyster farming.

Everyone will get to taste some of these cold briny bivalves as we get tips on best practices for shucking at home and you’ll get an oyster knife to take home!

Greensgrow West
Monday & Tuesday • 12–4pm
Wednesday & Thursday • Closed
Friday • 2–6pm
Saturday & Sunday • 9am–4pm
CSA Pickup & Farmstand: Sat • 10am–1pm

Join Us at the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll • Thursday, September 17 • 5:30–8:30pm
More info.
Guest Blog: Grilled Shrimp & Apricot Risotto
For this version of risotto, we cooked in this week’s apricots form Beechwood Orchards. We anchored the savory element of this dish with John Glick’s sweet onions and finished it with mint and basil to really drive home the summery flavors. And because it’s grill season, why not throw some shrimp on the barbie too. Read the full recipe here.
In the News
WHYY Shout Out for Our  SNAP Box Program, WHYY Newsworks

Greensgrow’s Founder, Mary Seton Corboy Chats About the Early Days of Urban Farming, Philadelphia Agenda

Greensgrow Secures New West Philly Location on 5100 Block of Baltimore, West Philly Local

2014 NISC Awards: Urban Farming Partnership, National Council on Aging

Give the Gift of Greensgrow!
You can buy one of our cards for the Greensgrow lover in your life right here on the website. We’ll ship it to you or your designated recipient. Cards are also available at the cash register at Greensgrow Farms and Greensgrow West and can be used at both locations.

Background illustration by Melissa McFeeters.


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