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New Arrivals #475.5: Some Sale Stuff!

New Arrivals #475.5: Some Sale Stuff!

New Arrivals #475.5: Some Sale Stuff!

~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~ aQuarius recOrds
~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~ New Arrivals #475.5
~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~ Some Sale Stuff!
~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~ May 29th, 2015

Beloved Customers and Friends:

Hey everybody! Hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday last
weekend, had a great time at or away from Carnaval, and have been
having a good week in general. Warriors fans definitely have.

Last Friday was our regular New Arrivals list – #475, still full of
please check (or re-check) it out, so this week is an in-betweener. We
didn’t have a lot of time to come up with a clever theme for it this
week, so we’re going with a simple, tried-and-true crowd pleaser:
putting some stuff on sale! Yeah, it’s time for some (late) Spring
cleaning, picking out a batch of titles to price to move.

The records we’re listing are things, old and new, that, haven’t, ah,
‘shifted as many units’ lately as we had hoped they would (including a
few Record Store Day 2015 items that we might have gone a little too
big on), and so we’re marking ‘em down, by at least five bucks under
the original price in most cases. As usual, we should say, these sale
prices are only good while supplies last. And supplies vary – some we
have a ton of, but others not actually all that many (i.e. 10+ of
some, just 2 or 3 of others, but we’re sick of looking at ’em). So act
fast if you really want something, is all we’re saying.

Also, while we have your attention, an in-store announcement! We’re
pleased to be hosting a special appearance by SAM PREKOP of The Sea &
Cake the week after next! Sam has recently released a solo album in
the modular synthesis mode, The Republic, on Thrill Jockey. Touring
for it now, he’s bringing along Sea & Cake bandmate ARCHER PREWITT to
play guitar. They’re playing the night of June 9th at Slim’s in SF,
and they’ll be coming by aQuarius to do a special, free in-store set
earlier that same day, at 4pm sharp. Modular synth & guitar improv! So
please take off work early that day and come down and check it out,
should be pretty cool!!

And then, as previously announced, the very next evening, June 10th,
we’ll have another special event here! JON FINE, of the band Bitch
Magnet, is the author of a new book called Your Band Sucks: What I Saw
At The Failed Indie Rock Revolution (But Can No Longer Hear). Jon will
be here that night to sign and sell books, and, more hilariously, to
do an “in conversation” style live interview with our own Andee,
talking about the book and the scene back in the day… ah, nostalgia
for the ’90s!! More details/reminders to follow.

Both events will be live-streamed by our pals at, so
even if you can’t be here/don’t live here, mark your calendars anyway,
you can tune in via the internet!!!

Okey doke, now on with the sale stuff!!

Oh, and to view all the bargains in this in-betweener in glorious

And as always, thanks for reading the list, passing it on to all your
friends who love weird music, shopping at our store, turning -us- on
to all sort of great stuff, and helping us spread the word and get all
this great music to the people who love it. YOU!! And as always,
please realize that we work really hard on the list, so if you find
out about stuff through us, please try to buy your records from us.
That way we can keep on doing what we do, and we’ll always be here
with our ears to the ground, and with cds full of metalcore pitbulls,
death metal parrots, gamelan playing elephants, recordings of glaciers
cracking, ice melting, zamboni’s, life support systems, drag races,
audience applause, and of course self flagellating Norwegian dwarves,
moaning telephone wires, recorded exorcisms, acapella straight edge
metalcore, high school battles of the bands, movie theater organ
music, Christian psychedelic folk, Bhangra Black Sabbath as well as
all the metal, indie rock, electronica, punk rock, reggae, dub,
sixties psych, krautrock, classic rock, country and anything else your
heart may desire. So thanks. A bunch!

ABIGOR “Leitmotif Lucifer” (Avantgarde Music) cd 13.98
Lots of folks did not dig 2010’s Time Is The Sulphur In The
Veins Of The Saint, the ninth (?!) full length from Austrian black
metal legends. They had already been moving away from their raw,
primitive beginnings, but on Time Is The Sulphur, the group went all
out, adding all manner of tripped out weirdness, tons of effects, the
record had a sort of electronic black industrial vibe that we found
pretty appealing, but definitely alienated lots of their fans. With
this new record, last year’s Leytmotif Luzifer, the band don’t return
to their roots, but they do reach back a bit, with a sound that to our
ears sounds quite a bit like their 2007 masterpiece Fractal
Possession. The sound is still pretty polished, and super produced,
but it’s also chaotic and dense, dizzyingly complex, and heavily
layered, with moments of classic blackness, splintering into tripped
out Deathspell worthy churn, the guitars too, flitting from furious
insectoid riffing to wild, alien shreddery, and while not nearly as
bewildering as the new Mastery, it does display a similarly avant
bent, without losing sight of the black roots from which their sound
was born. And while it’s not as weird as some of their other material,
it’s still plenty fucking weird the band launching into some straight
up classic metal crunch, unleashing twisted multi tracked shredding
solos, the vocals suddenly erupting into a super dramatic bellow, some
twisted minimal drift, some weirdly melancholic moodiness, even one
track that sounds almost like Abigor gone power metal, right down to
the weird ork-choral vox, and the final track that gets downright
poppy and bombastic, reminding us a bit of Code actually, but Abigor’s
sound sound here is never far from another eruption of black metal
madness, and mad it is…
So yeah, maybe don’t be expecting Orkblut or Nachthymnen, but
don’t be scared off by the band’s twisted sonic sensibilities, cuz
it’s that outsider, obtuse, modern take on black metal, that produces
transcendent art like Leytmotif Luzifer. We have the super fancy A5
digibook, which comes with a huge beautifully printed booklet with
lyrics and artwork, but like the Darkspace, it took forEVER to get
these, so once we sell out, it might be a bit before we can restock,
and we might not be able to get the digibook version again, which just
means you should grab one now before they’re gone.

ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO “Torches Ablaze” (Ektro) lp 15.98
If you’re a fan of Finland’s Circle and/or their various
offshoots (and if you’re an aQuarius customer, chances you are!), then
you know all about the NWOFHM (New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal), the
invented sub-genre self-classification that many of those bands
embrace, as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way of incorporating various
heavy metal signifiers that they’re fans of, into their sound and
image. Although even at their most “NWOFHM”, Circle, Pharaoh Overlord
and the rest still usually come across more proggy and poppy and WTF?
than actually metal in most cases. Very few of their records could be
mistaken for “real” metal albums, in their entirety – maybe Steel
Mammoth’s Nuclear Rebirth lp?
But this new NWOFHM unit, a project of Circle mainman Jussi
Lehthisalo and his pal Samae Koskinen (a live member of Finnish grind
freaks Xysma), is definitely (in our authoritative opinion!) a real
metal band. A weird one perhaps, when you read the lyrics and look at
the artwork, but metal first and foremost. The iron gauntlet is thrown
down right on the opening track, the pounding “Cult Of No
, which reminds us a bit of the the “black n’ roll” approach of
Norwegian kings Satyricon, circa such albums as Volcano and Now,
Diabolical. Or at least, this sounds more like Satyricon than Circle,
for sure. We’re also reminded a bit of the Finnish melodic death metal
band Sentenced, back on their long-forgotten NWOBHM (note the B, not
an F) influenced Amok opus from ’95. And this aggressive (yet also
atmospheric) attack by the Akhamin Kirjasto duo continues, for ten
varied tracks in total on Torches Ablaze. There’s hella old school
evil riffing a la Venom, some lashings of symphonic synths, and a dose
of (melodic) death metal brutality in the form of the gruff (but
intelligible) vokills from Samae, singing in English about such
subjects as “Synthetic Death”, “Knights Of Torment”, and a “Bitch From
Hell”. Though, he changes up to a more clean style on the likes of
“Sea Of Madness” and others, giving a whispery death-gasp on the
speedy “Thousand Snakes”, a track that could possibly have fit in on
Circle’s Katapult album. The Lovecraftian thrasher “Speed, Yog
Sothoth” is another blazing ripper, albeit laced with unexpected weird
noisy breakdowns, Jussi’s avant-garde/experimental leanings coming to
the fore without violating the essential metalness of this one.
Overall, Torches Ablaze is certainly something that Circle fans
should check out, but is maybe more for actual metalheads. Since we’re
both, of course we’re digging the results here, the weird atmosphere
that arises from Arkhamin Kirjasto’s unusual blend of chugging metal
shred, majestic spacey psychedelic synthwork, and the harsh but catchy
vox doused in reverb. As NWOFHM goes, if their tongues are in cheek
here, they’re well hidden. Hail!

FADENSONNEN “Badlands” (One Hand) lp 15.98
Badlands is the debut from this New York duo who traffic in
wild, blown out, free form, noisy avant psychedelia, a relentless
blistering sonic freakout spread over three tracks and thirty minutes.
It might help (or maybe it won’t, but it’s still cool) to list the
instruments used to conjure up this skree: one guy handles: “Machete
Harmonic, Octave Shaking, Psycho Slide and Echo Disaster Lead Guitars,
Feedback Vox, Tape Manipulation”, the other is in charge of “Feral
Wah, Astral Echo, and Feedback Lead Guitars, Amp Manipulation, Drums”,
which in a way says it all. After a brief bit of droniness, the sound
splinters, and explodes into a five minute onslaught of frenzied
guitar abuse, spluttery drum damage, all wreathed in thick swirling
clouds of twisted FX and layered noise, but this is not straight up
noise (although there’s plenty of that), there are lots of dynamics
going on, with stretches of scrabbly guitar, tranced out hypno-rock
churn, tangled swirls of guitar psych, dense walls of crumbling,
grinding, in-the-red, feedback doused dirgery, extended sprawls of
effects heavy drift, and twisted droney ambience, but for all that,
the sound is most definitely rooted in face melting psych-noise
freakouts, which most definitely dominates the proceedings. But stick
around for the 15 minute closer, the sound slowed down to a droney
crawl, all grinding guitars, skittery drums, dense swirls of feedback
and noise, the sound almost more psychedelic space rock than anything,
but WAY on the noisiest side of that spectrum, imagine multiple
Hawkwinds playing at once, each one trying to play louder and heavier
than the other, the result some sort of ultra heavy, noise psych
dirge, that is equal parts doom, spacey, tripped out and heavy as
fuck. Where have these guys been all our lives. Fans of freaky noisy
psych, line starts here. Fans of Fushitsusha, Mainliner, Burnt Hills,
Heavy Winged, etc. check this shit out. NOW.
Super deluxe handmade packaging, maniacally ADD line drawing
cover art (a la Nick Blinko), with a heavy cardboard insert, hand
taped, with more line drawings, a picture taped to one side, housed in
a stickered plastic sleeve, hand numbered, LIMITED TO 150 COPIES!!!

HOWLROUND (AKA ROBIN THE FOG) “Secret Songs Of Savamala” (The Fog
Signals) lp 16.98
The first we heard from British sound artist Robin The Fog
(here going by the name Howlround) was the stunning and mysterious lp
The Ghosts Of Bush, which was sourced entirely from audio recorded in
an abandoned building in the UK. It had been the home of the BBC’s
world service for seventy years, now left derelict, but somehow alive
with strange sounds, captured and decontextualized into a haunting
world of creaks and whirs, of shifting textures and buried melodies.
For Secret Songs Of Savamala, Robin set up in an abandoned
house in Belgrade, with a flooded basement, the structure itself the
palette, with open beams struck, surfaces rubbed and scraped, the
sounds outside the house causing walls to vibrate, doors and windows
to rattle, with some deft recording, and what sounds like some sort of
haunting vocalizations, the sounds are whipped up into some sort of
primitive ritualism, at times barely there, at others, nearly
psychedelic, small soft cacophonies, that ebb and flow, dripping
water, the clang of metal on metal, but more often than not,
everything blurred and smeared into dreamlike soundscapes, lush and
layered, rife with miniature sound events, all woven into languorous
drifts, tape hiss and warble woven into the natural sounds, giving
even the most mundane moments a woozy, hazy, faded feel, with other
moments transformed into almost dublike trippiness.
Heady and hypnotic, this is some fantastic, and fantastically
hypnotic deep listening, that we can get enough of. But it will have
to hold us over until we get the OTHER new Robin The Fog record, that
one sourced entirely from a squeaky iron gate!

JOHNNY TRUANT “In The Library Of Horrific Events” (Under Groove)
cd 7.98
There’s a point at which music can get no more frantic, no more
noisy, no more heavy. The point at which the sound of music just
becomes a blur of sound, a mess of noise. The trick is, especially
with extreme music, is to get as close as possible without slipping
over that line. Plenty have come close, and the closer they come, the
more they hit that indescribable spot. Punk rock got close way back
when, then metal got even closer, then the variants of metal pushed
closer and closer thrash metal, metalcore, death metal, black metal,
each generation of band, each new genre trying its best to get as
close to the edge as possible. At moments on In The Library Of
Horrific Events, Johnny Truant manage to get pretty fucking close.
Their sound is a dizzying blend of ultra technical grind metal and
classic heavy metalisms, each song an ultra complex downtuned
chugfest, blast beats careen through dense fields of squiggly riffing,
crushing crunchy sludge and howled vocals, half time breakdowns butt
up to impossible buzzing grind workouts, but occasionally, out of a
dense wild swirl of grinding chaos will emerge some incredible hooky
dual guitar harmony, or some strangely melodic breakdown, as if Iron
Maiden was somewhere under Johnny Truant’s barbed blackened spiked
exterior trying desperately to hack their way out.

LITURGY “The Ark Work” (Thrill Jockey) cd 10.98
Controversial as always, Brooklyn’s Liturgy, the band ‘troo’
black metallers love to hate, is back. And it’s not just purists who
have found Liturgy’s self-proclaimed ‘transcendental black metal’ (and
accompanying manifesto) to be way too pretentious, arty, overly
intellectual and dare we say hipsterish. And yeah, sure, Liturgy ARE
intellectual and/or pretentious, but they also make some freaking
amazing, weird music. So let’s get all that out of the way by saying,
they can call it whatever they want, just don’t expect us to read the
manifesto. To us, ok, maybe we wouldn’t really consider them a
bonafide black metal band, but the music they make wouldn’t exist
(probably) if there weren’t such a thing as black metal. It’s a part
of their sound that they, well, have transcended? They’re definitely
their own ‘thing’ whatever it might be, a thing that beyond the black
metal elements also incorporates math rock and academic new music and
IDM electronica and other strange stuff besides. Totally up our alley
in other words – although making The Ark Work an aQ Record Of The Week
was also was a wee bit controversial here, ‘cause we’ll admit right
off the bat that this isn’t an easy album to sit through all at once.
It’s just so tripped out and CRAZY and exhausting, as you mentally
process what you’re hearing. But even if you can’t take it all in one
sitting, it’s the sort of thing where we swear you’ll be compelled to
play individual tracks on repeat, over and over, just to get your head
around ‘em, and because certain parts can be so intense and
mesmerizing, you want to really try to fully absorb/understand the
awesomeness of them before experiencing the next draining yet
uplifting track. So Record Of The Week it is, none can deny that it’s
an impressive piece of work and unlike anything else really. It’s
gonna have you going, what IS this? Very aQ-worthy, indeed.
Liturgy’s bandleader, guitarist/vocalist/composer Hunter Hunt-
Hendrix (whose name is only slightly less plausible than, say, Guy
Mann-Dude, anyone remember that ‘80s metal shredder?) is one ambitious
& talented dude… man… guy. Some pretentiousness may be a side
effect of that, but whatever. It’s not like we’re paying attention to
the conceptual lyrics about who knows what (though you might, they
could be worthwhile). We’re just busy being blown away by all the
choppy stop-start arrangements; the symphonic horn parts; the
insectoid guitar buzz that sounds like a Glenn Branca guitar orchestra
made up of a whole bunch tiny, tiny, pygmy-like black metal
guitarists; the mesmeric, trance-inducing drumming by the inhuman Greg
Fox (Guardian Alien); the glitchy digital stutter that, seizure-like,
grips bits of these tracks occasionally; the post-rocky, sea-saw way
these tracks can build and build; the sheer proggy/mathy grandiosity
of the whole thing, and all the other surprises, including, despite
this music’s difficulty-factor, some really beautiful, blissful parts
There are bagpipes, too, along with the trumpet and trombone,
all played by guest musicians, but in addition there are also
synthesized MIDI horns on here, the latter giving a bit of the vibe of
an outsider composer realizing his epic opus with DIY bedroom
recording technology. Then there are the processed vocals, also kinda
melodic, but chant-like, a mantric supplication, sorta sounding like
Om, but with the tape sped up perhaps or otherwise manipulated, and
still quite emotive.
Yeah, we said they sure came up with something that doesn’t
sound like anything else, at least not anything that exists, though we
can come up with some this-meets-that, hybrid of this-and-that
esoteric band math equations to try to describe it, like, um, Orthrelm
doing their version of Om (if Om attended the Church Universal and
Triumphant), or Phantomsmasher goes to conservatory… or how ‘bout
this: the track “Vel Valhaal” sounds like a song by outsider epic
metallers Realmbuilder, remixed by Venetian Snares, with a gamelan
thrown in for good measure, mashed up with a Herman Nitsch aktion.
How’s that? We’re trying.
If all that’s not ridiculous enough, oh then there’s the fact
that Liturgy recently they appeared on an episode of NBC TV show The
Blacklist, with freakin’ Peter Fonda behind the drum kit. WTF? If
haters gonna hate anyway, you might as well cash in with surreal shit
like that.
You’ve got your whole life to listen to this Liturgy album, so
don’t delay, get it now! While maybe we can’t say yet for sure, we
think it’s one we will be coming back to when some other, more
acceptably ‘troo black metal’ albums are long forgotten.

MANII “Kollaps” (Avantgarde Music) cd 10.98
Manii might have to be one of the more confusing black metal
bands going. These Norwegians began life as Manes, releasing some
seriously black buzz, before transforming into something altogether
NOT black metal, keeping the name, but delivering a sound that mixed
electronica, goth, trip hop, even some rapping, into something that at
the time we described as sounding a little bit like Duran Duran. Manes
are still a going concern, having released a similarly non black metal
record in the from of 2014’s Be All End All, another dizzyingly
abstract collection of crooned electro pop, wild bombastic
experimental sort-of-metal, churning modern rock, and other un-metal
sounds, but for several years now, there apparently exists an alter
ego, in the form of the similarly monikered Manii, which it seems, is
where much of the old Manes’ metal ended up. Kollaps is indeed a
suffocatingly grim proposition. But gone here too for the most part is
the buzz and blast, and in its place some slow-mo dirginess, a synth
swaddled creepy crawl, that slithers and churns, a lumbering blackened
doominess that is harrowingly atmospheric, while remaining extremely
heavy, a hauntingly melodic slab of melancholy black miserablism, with
brief bursts of more metallic fury, but with just as much moody
ambiance, long stretches of mysterious shimmer give way to keening
minor key murk, before mutating into heaving swells of epic metallic
majesty, the usual drums and guitars bolstered by all manner of synths
and keyboards, minimal electronics, making Kollaps sound almost proggy
in places, a swirling and psychedelically transcendent songsuite that
would be a contender for metal record of the year, if it hadn’t come
out in 2013!!!

MUSIC BLUES “Things Haven’t Gone Well” (Thrill Jockey) lp 15.98
The grimy and oozing, sludgey and slimy, sonic apple does not
fall far from the musical tree, as Harvey Milk bassist Stephen Tanner
turns an aborted attempt at writing a new Harvey Milk record into his
own solo record, the evocatively titled, and ultra personal Music
Blues, a droning, dirgey, downtuned rumination on Tanner’s life, from
birth all the way up until right goddamn now. With a heavy focus on a
recent spate of blues-worthy bad times, heart break and homelessness,
death of friends and depression, Tanner crafts a brooding sprawl of
epic slo-mo heaviness, that really could have been a new Harvey Milk
record, with long stretches of murky churn butted up against
impossible metallic majesty, soaring and epic, dirgey and doomy. At
time it’s actually a little bit difficult to not imagine HM’s Creston
Spiers bellowing over the top, but even sans those distinctive vocals,
Tanner’s soundscapes of tarpit riffage, knuckle dragging drummige,
churning, crumbling low end, and tripped out, droney, abstract, almost
psychedelia, make for some sweet, and sweetly abject heaviness.
Peppered amidst all the low slung sludge are brief bits of
weirdness (or maybe more accurately, weirder weirdness), woozy
stretches of pitchshifted ultra lo-fi downer country strum,
transformed into some twang flecked murk, or moments that sound like
intros to some Fucking Champs-like shred, but which instead just lock
into stretched out stasis, minimal and metallic and mesmerizing.
But the songs themselves, for being as minimal as they often
are, are pretty riveting, and hypnotic, heavy for sure, but also
textured and strangely nuanced, with varying levels of fidelity, the
sound slips easily from massive crush, to home brewed heaviness and
back again. Many of the sounds here are obviously beholden to the
‘Milk mothership, and channel the sound of classic metal (Kiss,
Priest), and like HM turn it into something that sounds like it’s
being played by someone with serious head trauma, and spinning way too
slow on some old busted up turntable (check out “Trying And Giving
Up). But there are also moments of monochromatic mesmeric metal trudge
(“Great Depression”), murky, hazy, atmospheric soundscapery
which perhaps not surprisingly at all, does not stay poppy for long.
This will definitely tide over Harvey Milk fanatics until the
next HM full length (assuming there ever is one), but really, anyone
into droned out, melodic minimalism, and droney, doomy heaviness, will
dig these here Music Blues.

NAZORANAI “The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has it Arrived
Already..?” (Ideologic Organ) cd 10.98
Elsewhere on the site you’ll find the new SUNNO))) + Scott
Walker collaboration, while this album is the 2nd effort to see half
of the SUNNO))) duo teamed up with Japanese psych shaman Keiji Haino.
We’re hoping that this somehow means that we’ll soon see a Scott
Walker + Keiji Haino team-up, too… There’s not too many degrees of
separation left, c’mon!
But, that’s not what this review is about. It’s about the
sophomore outing from the in-and-of-itself awesome Nazoranai trio,
featuring guitarist/vocalist Haino, bassist Stephen O’Malley of
SUNNO))), and on percussion, the ubiquitous Oren Ambarchi – who plays
with Haino in another trio also well, with Jim O’Rourke instead of
O’Malley. O’boy, these guys do like each other for dance partners,
recall also that recently Ambarchi and O’Malley got together with
Randall Dunn, too…
Anyway, we super duper dug the 1st Nazoranai, as did a lot of
you, it’s gone out of print (too bad if you missed it) but this is a
fine follow-up, again allowing (as if there was any choice) Keiji
Haino’s musical personality/aesthetic to take the fore: ultra intense
dark psychedelic out-rock improv, made all the darker and heavier by
the presence of O’Malley, as you can imagine.
As usual with anything Haino related, the track titles are long
and cryptic, starting with “You Should Look Closely Those Shattered
Spells Never Attaining Embodiment As Prayer They Are Born Here
Again” (whew!) and the tracks are long, too (that one approaches 19
minutes). All four cuts here are fairly heavy and harrowing, featuring
plenty of grinding droning guitars (abetted by some synth played by
Haino too). Ambarchi’s drums skitter and shake, Haino offers up the
gut wrenched vocal lamentations like nobody else, and O’Malley keeps
the bottom end solidly way, way down in the abyss. The rapport these
three possess is evident, and emotive, whether whilst bringing the
freeform freakout action to a boil, or when they lock into more
structured passages – as on the album’s final cut and title track,
another 19-minute epic, that rides a lurching, repetitive rhythm
reminding us of some of Haino’s legendary band Fushitsusha’s ‘rockier’
moments. Needless to say, recommended to all with fearless ears,
poetic hearts and/or sorrowful souls.

PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT “Live 2002 The Franco-Italian Tour” (Public
Guilt) cd 5.00
Long time list readers and aQ customers know just how much we
loved the now defunct Laddio Bolocko. And just how excited we were
when half of Laddio Bolocko resurfaced in The Psychic Paramount,
displaying a sound that somehow managed to be the perfect extension of
what LB were doing when they called it quits along with a healthy dose
of some all new shit that took all the things we loved about Laddio
to impossible to imagine extremes.
Laddio Bolocko was like a super distorted, blown out, mathrock
Krautrock band. Repetitive, propulsive, complex, heavy, but weird as
fuck! And actually we would probably use the same set of words to
describe PP. But PP has a more looped quality, less jammy, more
psychedelic, if that makes any sanse. The sound is close enough that
a chance to see Psychic Paramount a few months back, and we were
transfixed, standing by the side of the stage, slack jawed and wide
eyed. Loving it, but at the same time trying to figure out how the
fuck these guys make those sounds. It was really that amazing. They
somehow managed to out heavy Khanate (who were also playing) while
still managing to be dense and complex and weirdly catchy. They sound
like a heavy metal This Heat! The most amazing part was the band
locked into an impossibly furious freak out, when the bass player just
stopped playing and packed up his stuff and walked off stage. A few
minutes later the drummer stopped, broke down his whole kit and then
walked off stage. The whole while, the guitar player is at the front
of the stage, in a manic, eyes-closed trance, unfurling massive super
distorted loops and dense washes of sound that sounded like there was
still a whole band up there. A few minutes later, the guitarist put
his guitar down, and it continued to churn out this heavy sludgy
psychedelic loop, the stage totally empty, but a massive crowd frozen
in place, watching the guitar laying on the stage as if there was a
full band up there. After about ten minutes a super cute anime looking
girl, short skirt and pigtails walked up on stage and shut off the
guitar and the crowd went apeshit. That’s what this cd sounds like.
Exactly. And live! How the hell do they make these sounds LIVE? Huge
swaths of looped guitar, impossibly amazing drummer, maybe one of the
best drummers we’ve seen/heard in ages, there’s one track on here
where the bass and guitar drop out completely and the drummer just
GOES for a few minutees and he somehow stirs up a din that sounds as
dense and full and freaked out as the whole band playing. Some tracks
are just full on blasts of NOISE, wild and dense, thick swirls of
psychedelic sound, freaked out and chaotic, but even at its most noisy
it’s still so musical. Loud, weird, repetitive, hypnotic, mesmerizing,
so so so good!
Recorded live in 2002 in Europe. Packaged in a swank black
digipak, it also includes a short film shot on tour that you can watch
on your computer.

PURLING HISS “Weirdon” (Drag City) lp 12.98
Latest batch of lo-fi ’60s style retro-psych paisley-jangle
garage-fuzz from these Philly phreaks, although this time around, the
sound is actually a lot less lo-fi, and while we thought up until now,
Purling Hiss was a one man band, this time around, they sound more
like a proper group (which according to the liner notes they indeed
now are). In fact, where past records often sounded like super stoned
bedroom 4-track jams, or wasted zoner-psych via old school power pop,
the new record almost sounds more like a weird mix of early Sebadoh
and Guided By Voices, some mutant version of the British Invasion via
the early American indie rock underground. But there’s still plenty of
seventies style Yellow Pills-y power popisms, loads of fuzz and buzz,
jangle and crunch, hooks galore, but the sprawling jammage of past
records is definitely dialed back a bunch, minus the occasional slow
psych smolder or wild shreddy blowout, shifting into something more
like some druggy strain of downer power pop, or maybe some outsider
indie-psych gem that could have come out on Homestead back in the day,
although these guys occasionally let loose and do some hard rocking,
peppering their fuzzy jangle and psych garage thrum with bursts of
swaggery, garage pop crunch.
Some will miss the murk, we do a little, but with all that
noisiness, all that hiss and hum, stripped away, these guys reveal
themselves as an indie rock force to be reckoned with, maybe a group
out of time, who could be beaming these sonic transmissions from some
alternate universe, where it’s always 1992, or heck, maybe even 1978,
and all the bands come from the Midwest, armed with 4-track recorders,
big amps, beat up old vans, long hair, lots of weed and a clutch of
killer jams, and until someone can actually find that glorious place,
Weirdon might just be about as close as you can get…

RESONATOR “Lost Language” (Human Identity Recordings) cd 5.00
The first few seconds of Lost Language, a blast of fuzzy
crumbling distortion, will have you expecting the latest slab of
monster sludge, or a blast of pummeling downtuned brutality. And the
bands pedigree might have you expecting something similar, guitarist
Larry Dolan produced the debut full length from metallic post rockers
Tides and drummer Mikey Lemieux used to bash the skins for metalcore
heavyweights Drowningman. But what you get instead is some killer,
super propulsive, slightly mathy, but very moody, instrumental rock,
that harkens back to bands like Pell Mell. There’s all sorts of
definite reference points, Pell Mell is the most obvious, a
simultaneously laid back and caffeinated burst of super energetic
mathy groove. But can hear lots of nineties indie rock, plenty of SST,
a bit of Tortoise, some Minutemen for sure. Surf rock guitars are
wound tight beneath thick splashy swirls of open high-hat and frenetic
almost funky drumming, the bass is sometimes slithery and dark,
sometimes rubbery and almost dub like. Some tracks stretch into
languid epics, others fly by, a manic expulsion of chaotic energy.
Once in a while they sound a little like a less Joy Division obsessed
Interpol, but again with that nineties instrumental rock vibe. The
final track is the show stopper, a near half an hour epic, that almost
sounds like the band took the first seven tracks and rearranged,
reshaped, and reimagined them into one lengthy jam, keening angular
riffs, wildly chaotic drumming, a hypnotic neverending epic, with cool
backwards guitars, some My Bloody Valentine swoosh, the whole thing
constantly shifting from full blown overdrive, to laid back lope, and
back again, until the whole thing fades to a haunting soundscape of
minimal guitar drone. Finally, a simple tribal rhythm emerges, and the
track unwinds, a slowly decelerating coda, all muted rhythmic rumble
and barely there melody. So cool.

THORBURN, NICK “Music From Serial” (Manque) lp 13.98
Did you listen to the Serial podcast, that This American Life
spinoff? If not, that’s weird ’cause EVERYBODY did (heck it was
popular enough to be parodied on SNL), and also you should maybe
listen to it ’cause it was pretty great, a fascinating true crime
mystery about a high school student accused of murdering his ex-
girlfriend that leaves you wondering how we can ever be sure of
anything at all, ever. Is Adnan an innocent man, wrongly convicted?
Seems likely. Or or instead is he a complete psychopath / brilliant
actor? Maybe that’s the explanation, just as likely perhaps. Anyway,
the gripping and quirky podcast was accompanied by some very cool
moody soundtrack music by Nick Thorburn, of various indie bands like
Islands and The Unicorns, and it got a special vinyl-only Record Day
release this year. Listening to this will definitely send Serial fans
right back into the hole of puzzling about this confounding case, for
sure. And even if you weren’t ever addicted to Serial, this music is
enjoyable and evocative – though we should note that none of the 16
tracks here are much longer than a minute or two.

TMPLS “Tmpls” (Don’t Fuck With Magic) cd-r 8.98
One of three new releases on Don’t Fuck With Magic, Campbell
Kneale’s (he of Birchville Cat Motel and Our Love Will Destroy The
World) new post Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label, the others being an
archival sonic blast from the now defunct BCM, and a killer collab
print, already – but these, we’ve still got a few, too noisy for
the already small pressing, of which we’ve already sold half before
even reviewing…
The consonant heavy Tmpls is yet another Kneale project, and
you thought his other projects were noisy, whoo boy, they ain’t got
nothing on Tmpls, a nearly 47 minute blast of ear shredding, head
melting, speaker destroying white noise sound, a heaving wall of
crumbling sound, blown out and distorted, crunchy and corrosive, on
the surface, pure Merzbowian brutality, and heck even a little bit
below the surface too, but in places you can definitely tell this
started out as maybe something a bit more melodic, or something(s), in
fact it sounds a bit like multiple Kneale jams laid on top of each
other and then sent through a battery of malfunctioning distortion
pedals, only to come out the other side a roiling chaotic crush. The
timbre and tone constantly shifts too, from warm and warbly, with what
could actually be buried melodies, to pure rhythmic crunch, as if any
bits of melodies were stripped away, leaving a strange bit of glitched
out garble, and elsewhere the sound is infused with undulating sheets
of lowend, as if the noise component might be shed at any second,
leaving a woozy warbly thrum, but it never does, it’s a continuous
sprawl of wild noise drenched sound, that is about the most intense
and brutal thing Kneale has ever whipped up. You have been warned,
only the iron eared need apply.
And as mentioned above, we have a handful left, but odds are
even these noisy little buggers will disappear in a flash.

V/A “Rough Guide To African Rare Groove Vol. 1″ (Rough Guides) lp
Record Store Day 2015 brings us another batch of special vinyl
installments in the burgeoning Rough Guide series! And as
international genre/subgenre samplers go, the Rough Guide comps are
usually pretty good. This year, we managed to get enough of most of
‘em to list (sold out on RSD: Psychedelic Cambodia and Psychedelic
This one is certainly pretty great, it would be tough to come
up with a bad comp of African rare groove after all, there’s so much
good stuff. This is touches on only some of it of course, and it’s a
broad spectrum, with tracks from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and today, everything
from Nigerian highlife to Ethiopian R&B. It’s got aQ fave Francis
Bebey on it, it’s got a great track from Ayalew Mesfin which adds some
surprisingly garagey, fuzzed out guitar to the usual Ethiopian groove
sound, it’s got a neat, previously unreleased collaboration between
Congolese singing group Les Mangalepa & Afro-oriented UK production
duo Yam Yam… among other fine cuts.
180 gram vinyl, includes download with the album plus extra

V/A “Rough Guide To Bollywood Disco” (Rough Guides) lp 15.98
Record Store Day 2015 brings us another spate of special vinyl
This one, Bollywood Disco, would probably be worth it just for
the last track alone, Vijay Benedict’s insane epic “I Am A Disco
Dancer”, which clocks in at 7:44 and is indeed very vehemently all
about being a disco dancer, which is a great subject for a disco
number, obviously. The other tracks here are pretty fun too. As you
can imagine, the Bollywood version of “disco” is a bit freakier than
regular old ’70s disco that’s for sure. Besides Benedict, the artists
include Mohammed Rafi, Nazia Hassan, Manna Dey, Usha Uthup and Bappi
Lahiri, all “playback” singers with lengthy and successful careers in
the Indian film/recording industry.
180 gram vinyl w/ download included – which features a whole
other album sampler of music by Bollywood legend Kishore Kumar as a

V/A “Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove Vol. 2″ (Rough Guides) lp
Record Store Day 2015 brings us another slew of special vinyl
This here’s the sequel to last year’s Vol.1 of Latin Rare
Groove and again the Rough Guide compilers have dug up a bunch of
deeeep cuts for this one. Rather than be a survey of better-known
essentials in a genre, as is the idea behind most Rough Guides (or
similar compilations), they really embrace the “rare” concept and go
with some total obscurities, old AND new, and it’s not all music from
Latin America, either – as long as it’s Latin beats, and funky
grooves, it’s ok, so there are UK and American acts on here, too. Some
stuff is previously unreleased, can’t get rarer than that, including
one cut by NYC salsa orchestra Conjunto Alayon, from an unfinished
1980 album. Get this and get your boogaloo on.
180 gram vinyl, comes with download of the album plus six bonus

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS “Transfixiation” (Dead Oceans) lp 17.98
“Benzaiten” (Important) cd 15.98
Live In New Haven” (Safety Meeting) 3lp 38.00
AHMED, ILYAS “I Am All Your Own” (Immune) lp/cassette 17.98/9.98
AKKOR, KAMURAN “s/t” (Pharaway Sounds) lp 28.00
ALABAMA SHAKES “Sound & Color” (ATO) 2lp 28.00
ALTAMONT “The Monkees Uncle” (Valley King) picture disc 30.00
APARTMENTS, THE “The Evening Visits…And Stays For Years” (Captured
Tracks) 2lp 26.00
ARESKI & BRIGITTE FONTAINE “Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme” (Superior
Viaduct) lp 17.98
ASCENDENTE “s/t” (Black Horizons) cassette 8.98
ASSATEAGUE “Dancing Mood” (Plaptk) cd+5″ lathe 7.98
AUGURS/DEATHGRAVE “split” (Shove/PLT/Sentient Ruin/Trill Kommand)
7″ 6.98
AVARUS “Oranssi Vintti” (Ikuisuus) cassette 5.98
AYLER, ROBERT “Spirits Rejoice” (ESP-Disk) lp 27.00
BAD GUYS “Bad Guynaecology” (Riot Season) cd/lp 16.98/27.00
BANQUET “Run To You/Mother Road” (Who Can You Trust?) 7″ 9.98
BASHO, ROBBIE “The Falconer’s Arm Volume 1″ (Takoma) lp 19.98
BASHO, ROBBIE “The Falconer’s Arm Volume 2″ (Takoma) lp 19.98
BENSIINI “R” (Ektro) cd 14.98
BEST COAST “California Nights” (Harvest) cd/lp 13.98/23.00
BJORK “Vulnicura” (One Little Indian) 2lp 26.00
BLACK DEVIL “Disco Club” (Alter K) lp 17.98
BLACK MARE / LYCIA “Low Crimes / Silver Leaf” (Magic Bullet) 7″ 8.98
BLANCK MASS “Dumb Flesh” (Sacred Bones) cd/2lp 12.98/19.98
BLIND SHAKE, THE “Fly Right” (Slovenly) cd 11.98
BORROWED TIME “s/t” (High Roller) cd 11.98
BRINKMANN, THOMAS “What You Hear (Is What You Hear)” (Editions
Mego) 2lp 32.00
BROWNOUT “Brownout Presents: Brown Sabbath” (Ubiquity) cd 15.98
BUDOS BAND “Magus Mountain” (Daptone) 7″ 6.98
BUILT TO SPILL “Untethered Moon” (Warner Bros.) cd 14.98
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM “In Dub” (Echo Beach) lp+cd 27.00
CAINA “Setter of Unseen Snares” (Broken Limbs) 12″ 12.98
CALEXICO “Edge of the Sun” (Anti-) cd/lp 15.98/23.00
CARDUCCI, JOE “Life Against Dementia” (Redoubt Press) book 22.95
CARTER, CHRISTINA “L’Etoile De Mer” (Emerald Cocoon) lp 21.00
CAVE IN “White Silence” (Hydra Head) lp 22.00
CCR HEADCLEANER “Cokesmoker” (Stale Heat/Pollen Season) 12″ 14.98
CHADWICK, SARAH MARY “9 Classic Tracks” (Siltbreeze) lp 15.98
CHASNY, BEN “The Hexadic System” (Drag City) book/playing cards
CHERRY, DON “Modern Art” (Melltronen) lp 35.00
CHERRY, DON “Mu Pt. 1 & 2/Orient” (Charly) 2cd 21.00
CIRCLE “Silta” (Ektro) dvd 15.98
CIRCUIT DES YEUX “In Plain Speech” (Thrill Jockey) cd/lp 14.98/17.98
CLENT, DJ “Last Bus To Lake Park” (Duck N’ Cover) 2lp 24.00
CLOSE LOBSTERS “Firestation Towers 1986-1989″ (Fire) 3lp 67.00
COLORFUL Z-BRA “C.R.H. / This is Sparta!” (Genjing) 7″ 9.98
COMMUNIONS “s/t” (Tough Love) 12″ 12.98
CONFESSOR “Condemned” (Earache) lp 16.98
CONNORS, LOREN “Blues: The “Dark Paintings” Of Mark Rothko” (Family
Vineyard) lp 15.98
CONTAGIOUS ORGASM “Confessions Of A Mannequin” (Industrial
Recollections / Freak Animal) cd 14.98
CONTAGIOUS ORGASM “Corporal” (Industrial Recollections / Freak
CONTAGIOUS ORGASM “Thin Skinned” (Industrial Recollections / Freak
COTTRELL, DORTHIA “Dorthia Cottrell” (Forcefield) cd 8.98
CRAMPS, THE “Psychedelic Jungle” (Vinilissimo) lp 27.00
CROCODILES “Boys” (Zoo) cd/lp 13.98/15.98
CROOKS ON TAPE “In The Realm Of The Ancient Minor” (Pure Or Gone)
CROW, JOE “Compulsion” (Dark Entries) 12″ 14.98
CROWN LARKS “Blood Dancer” (Space Lung/Land Breathing) cd/lp
DAMON & NAOMI “Fortune” (20/20/20) lp 15.98
DAWN OF MIDI “Dysnomia” (Erased Tapes) 2lp 27.00
DEATH “N.E.W.” (Tryangle) lp 22.00
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE “Kintsugi” (Barsuk) 2lp 35.00
DEATH GRIPS “The Powers That B” (Harvest) 2cd 14.98
DECERF, JEAN-PIERRE “Space Oddities 1975-1979″ (Born Bad) cd/lp
DENIKE, KARINA “Under Glass” (self-released) lp 14.98
DESTRUCTION UNIT “Live In San Francisco” (Castle Face) lp 15.98
DEVIL CHILDE “s/t” (Minotauro) cd 17.98
DEVIL WORSHIPPER “s/t” (Holy Mountain) lp 15.98
DEVO “Hardcore Devo: Live” (MVD Audio) 2lp 31.00
DHAMPHYR “Oceanclots” (Acephale Winter) cd 11.98
DICK DIVER “Melbourne, Florida” (Trouble In Mind) cd
DISAPPEARING PEOPLE “Inventory” (Self Released) cassette 4.98
DISTEL “Puur” (Black Horizons) cassette 8.98
DOCTOR SMITH “Into The Unknown” (Stormspell) cd 11.98
DOMINATRIX, THE “Sleeps Tonight” (Street Wise) lp 26.00
DREAM, THE “Get Dreamy” (Cherry Red/RPM) cd 12.98
DROP DEAD “s/t” (Armageddon) lp 21.00
EL HIJO DE LA AURORA “The Enigma Of Evil” (Minotauro) cd 17.98
ELECTRIC WIZARD “Dopethrone” (Rise Above) 2lp 34.00
EMOTIONAL “Animal World” (Grabbing Clouds) cassette 4.98
ENFORCER “From Beyond” (Nuclear Blast) cd 13.98
ENSLAVED “In Times” (Nuclear Blast) 2lp 35.00
EREMITA, VICTOR “Clearing” (Black Horizons) cassette 8.98
EVANS, BILL “Explorations” (Wax Time) lp 19.98
F. AMPISM “The Ancient Wing” (Ikuisuus) cassette 5.98
FAHEY, JOHN “Volume I: Blind Joe Death” (4 Men With Beards) lp 19.98
FAHEY, JOHN “Volume II: Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military
Waltzes” (4 Men With Beards) lp 19.98
FAIRHORNS “Fuckup Rush” (Kindarad!) cd 14.98
FAITH NO MORE “Sol Invictus” (Reclamation) cd 13.98
FELL, MARK & GABOR LAZAR “The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision
Making” (The Death Of Rave) 2lp 28.00
FEVRE, BERNARD “Cosmos 2043″ (Anthology) lp 22.00
FEVRE, BERNARD “Suspense” (Anthology) lp 22.00
FF “Ffeeling” (300 Mics) lp/lp+blotter paper 17.98/24.00
FIORE, GIACOMO “IV: American Electric Guitars” (self-released) lp
FLEECE “Eulogy” (Death) cassette 4.98
FLESHLIGHT “s/t” (Ratskin) cassette 5.00
FLUKE FANZINE “#12″ magazine 5.00
FRICKE, FLORIAN (POPOL VUH) “Kailash” (Soul Jazz) 2cd+dvd 48.00
FRIZZI, FABIO “Zombie Flesh Eaters” (Death Waltz) lp 35.00
GA’AN “Black Equus” (Captcha) lp 17.98
GASCOIGNE, BRIAN “Phase IV OST” (Waxwork) lp 29.00
GERMS “Forming” (Superior Viaduct) 7″ 10.98
GIZZI, CLAUDIO “Flesh For Frankenstein OST” (Dagored) 2lp 39.00
GRASSOW, MATHIAS & JOHN HAUGHM “Mosaic” (Dammerung Arts/Anthem) lp
GROWWLER “The Even Tenor Of Growwler” (self released) lp 12.98
Jockey) lp 19.98
HAMMER KING “Kingdom of the Hammer King” (Cruz Del Sur) cd 16.98
HARLEY, RUFUS “King/Queens” (Atlantic) cd 10.98
HAWN “Badmans” (self-released) cassette 4.98
Manipulature” (Ophidian Rhythym) cd 9.98
HELDON “Live In Paris 1975″ (Souffle Continu) lp 22.00
HELDON “Live In Paris 1976″ (Souffle Continu) lp 22.00
HENRY BLACKER “Summer Tombs” (Riot Season) lp 30.00
HESSLER, NIC “Soft Connections” (Captured Tracks) lp 15.98
HEXORIZONTAL “Act Natural” (Geweih Ritual Documents) lp 14.98
HOCKEY NIGHT “Neutral Zone Trap” (Ikuisuus) lp 14.98
HOLDERLIN “Holderlins Traum” (Zyx) lp 21.00
HOLY SERPENT “s/t” (Riding Easy) cd/lp 13.98/19.98
HOLYDRUG COUPLE, THE “Moonlust” (Sacred Bones) cd/lp 12.98/15.98
HOME BLITZ “Foremost & Fair” (Richie) lp 15.98
HONEYPOT “s/t” (Oh Lawd Yeah) 7″ 8.98
HYMAN, DICK “Moon Gas / Moog: the Electric Eclectics of Dick
Hyman” (Omni Recording Corporation) cd 17.98
IMPLODES “Reverser” (Gilead) 12″ 24.00
INVENTIONS “Maze Of Woods” (Temporary Residence) lp 15.98
JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD “Wasted On The Dream” (Infinity Cat) cd 13.98
JESSO JR., TOBIAS “Goon” (True Panther) cd 14.98
JEWELED SNAKES “s/t” (Ratskin) cassette 5.00
JOYNER, SIMON “Grass, Branch & Bone” (Woodsist) lp 17.98
JUTE GYTE “The Night Door Under Lock and Key/Laocoon” (Black
KALMA, ARIEL “Open Like A Flute” (Black Sweat) 2lp 40.00
KAWAI, KENJI “Ghost In The Shell OST” (Ghost In The Shell) lp 25.00
KERR, TIM & RICH JACOBS “Time Between the Time” (The Movie Soujnds)
KING DIAMOND “Tells the Tale of Abigail” (self-released) lp 23.00
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW, THE “Bad News Boys” (In The Red) lp 15.98
KISS CAM “Kiss and Tell” (self-released) cassette 3.98
KITTY “s/t” (Medical) lp 21.00
KOZELEK, MARK “What’s Next To The Moon” (Badman) lp 17.98
LEER, THOMAS “Private Plane International” (Dark Entries) 12″ 14.98
LELAND “A Self-Taught, Decathlon, Hard Rock Musician!” (Stoned
Circle) cd 17.98
LEVY, BARRINGTON “Shaolin Temple” (Auralux) cd 11.98
LITTLE WINGS “Explains” (Woodsist) lp 15.98
LIVING EYES, THE “Living Large” (Agitated Records) lp 17.98
LUNDE, ERIC (AKA TRAIT) “Inspirationals” (Industrial Recollections /
MAY, BRIAN “Turkey Shoot OST” (Dual Planet) cd 14.98
MCLUSKY “Mcluskyism” (Too Pure) lp 17.98
MEDIEVAL “One Morbid” (Buried By Time And Dust) 2lp 32.00
MICACHU “Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill” (DDS) 2lp
MINSK “The Crash And The Draw” (Relapse) cd 14.98
MODEST MOUSE “Strangers To Ourselves” (Epic) 2lp 29.00
MONDO DRAG “New Rituals” (Alive) cd/lp 9.98/12.98
MONDO DRAG “s/t” (Kozmik Artifactz) cd/lp 14.98/22.00
MOORE, STEVE “The Guest OST” (Death Waltz) lp 41.00
MORRICONE, ENNIO “Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore” lp 32.00
MORRICONE, ENNIO “Veruschka OST” (Dagored) lp 34.00
MORRISSEY “Autobiography” (Penguin Classics) book 18.00
MOUNTAIN GOATS, THE “Beat The Champ” (Merge) cd/2lp 14.98/23.00
MY MORNING JACKET “The Waterfall” (Capitol) 2lp 32.00
NEKRASOV “The Ever-Present” (Crucial Blast) 2xcd-r + poster + pins
NERFBAU “Dr. Meniere’s Sideshow” (Ratskin) cassette 5.00
NEW SUN COMPANY “.44 A.M.” (self-released) lp 11.98
NICOLE 12 “Playground / Lolita Love” (Freak Animal) cd 12.98
NICOLE 12 “Substitute” (Freak Animal) cd 12.98
NIGHT DEMON “Curse Of The Damned” (Century Media) lp 16.98
NISENNENMONDAI “Live” (Clouds Hill) cd 16.98
NO MORE “A Rose Is A Rose” (Dark Entries) lp 22.00
NOCTURNAL POISONING “Doomgrass” (The End) cd 12.98
NOVELLA “Land” (Sinderlyn) lp+7″ 19.98
NUN “s/t” (HoZac) lp 14.98
O’ROURKE, JIM “Simple Songs” (Drag City) cd/lp 14.98/22.00
OBNOX “Know America” (Ever / never) lp 17.98
OBSEQUIAE “Aria Of Vernal Tombs” (20 Buck Spin) cd 13.98
OGRE “Dawn Of The Proto-Man” (Minotauro) cd 17.98
OGRE “Seven Hells” (Minotauro) cd + dvd 17.98
OH SEES, THEE “Mutilator Defeated At Last” (Castle Face) cd/lp
OLD EARTH “A Wake In The Wells” (Arrow Girl) lp 14.98
OVERSCAN “Conscious” (Constellation Tatsu) cassette 4.98
PART TIME “Return To Cherry” (Mother Of Pearl) lp 14.98
PAST LIFE/SMILES “split EP” (Death) cassette 4.98
PEINE PERDUE “Disparitions” (Medical) lp 21.00
PHILLIPE, ANNIE “Sensationnel!: Ye-Ye Bonbons 1965-1968″ (Ace) lp
PLOTNICK, HENRY “Qualia/Blue Fourteen” (Blue Tapess) cassette 14.98
POPULARE MECHANIK “Kollektion 03″ (Bureau B) cd/lp 19.98/27.00
PORTOPIA ’81 “Jet Stream” (Constellation Tatsu) cassette 4.98
PRATT, JESSICA “On Your Own Love Again” (Drag City) lp 19.98
PREFUSE 73 “Forsyth Gardens” (Warp) lp 15.98
PRINCE JAMMY VS CRUCIAL BUNNY “Dub Contest” (Auralux) cd 8.98
PRISONERS, THE “A Taste Of Pink!” (Big Beat) lp 17.98
PRURIENT “Frozen Niagara Falls” (Profound Lore) cassette 9.98
PSYCHIC MIND “Penrose Stare” (self-released) cassette 5.98
PYRAMIDS “A Northern Meadow” (Profound Lore) lp 34.00
QUTTINIRPAAQ “Dead September” (Rural Isolation) lp 13.98
REBEL WIZARD “Demo Collection” (self-released) cd-r 11.98
ROBERTSON, TIM “Outer Planetary Church Music” (Aguirre) lp 25.00
RODMAN-MELCHIOR, LETHA “Shimmering Ghost” (Siltbreeze) lp 15.98
SAN UL LIM “The Second” (Granadilla) lp 27.00
SATAN “Into The Fire” (Buried By Time And Dust) LP+7″ 29.00
SCHARPLING & WURSTER “The Best Of The Best Show” (Numero Group) 16cd
+book 113.00
SCHLIPPENBACH, ALEXANDER VON “Pakistani Pomade” (Cien Fuegos) lp
SETH “s/t” (Minotauro) 2cd 17.98
SHANA FALANA “Set Your Lightning Fire Free” (Team Love) lp 14.98
SHERWOOD, ADRIAN “Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979-1984″ (On
U) cd/2lp 16.98/27.00
SHOGUN ASSASSIN “OST” (Cinewax) lp 22.00
SHOVELS “s/t” (Homeless) lp 19.98
SILENCE, THE “s/t” (Drag City) lp 25.00
SILVERFISH “Fat Axl” (Southern) lp 16.98
SIR LORD VON RAVEN “The Age Of Machines” (Guitars And Bongos) 2lp
SKELTON, K. “High Maintenance Diva Princess” (self-released) lp
SKIN GRAFT “Ill Will” (Ratskin) cassette 5.00
SKINNY JESUS “Goddamn Saviour” (Death) cassette 4.98
SLEAFORD MODS “Tiswas” (Invada) 12″ 26.00
SNICKERS “On The Hi-Fi” (Poor L’Amour) 7″ 4.98
SNIPES, JONATHAN “Starry Eyes OST” (Waxwork) lp 34.00
SNOW ANGEL “So Sick So Cool” (self-released) 7″ 7.98
SOCIETY OF ROCKETS “Plutonian Blues” (self-released) lp 14.98
SONIC YOUTH “Bad Moon Rising” (Goofin’) lp 15.98
SONICS, THE “This Is The Sonics” (ReVox) lp 21.00
SOUND PROJECTOR, THE “Presents Pandaemonium” magazine 9.98
SPEAKING CANARIES, THEE “Platter Base Must Be Constructed Of Moon-
Rock” (Chunklet) lp 16.98
SPEEDY ORTIZ “Foil Deer” (Carpark) lp 16.98
SPELLJAMMER “Vol. 2″ (Riding Easy) lp 19.98
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE “Born in the USA” (Columbia) lp 23.00
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE “Born To Run” (Columbia) lp 23.00
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE “Darkness on the Edge of Town” (Columbia) lp
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE “Greeting From Asbury Park, N.J.” (Columbia) lp
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE “The River” (Columbia) 2lp 38.00
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE “The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street
Shuffle” (Columbia) lp 23.00
SQUAREPUSHER “Damogen Furies” (Warp) 2lp 27.00
STRANGE HERE “II” (Minotauro) cd 17.98
STRANGE LAND, THE “s/t” (Grabbing Clouds) cassette 4.98
STRINGTRONICS “Mind Bender” (Fifth Dimension) cd 17.98
STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” (Ratskin) lp+dvd 24.00
SUN RA “The Heliocentric World Of Sun Ra Vol. 1″ (ESP) lp 27.00
SUN RA “The Heliocentric World Of Sun Ra Vol. 2″ (ESP) lp 27.00
Beauty” (Art Yard) lp 16.98
SURFER BLOOD “1000 Psalms” (Joyful Noise) lp 17.98
SWAMI JOHN REIS & THE BLIND SHAKE “Modern Surf Classics” (Swami)
TACTICS “The Re-Mastered Plan” (Minotauro) 2cd + dvd 32.00
TAYLOR, CECIL “Conquistador!” (Blue Note) lp 21.00
TAZARTES, GHEDALIA “History Off Music” (Holidays) lp 26.00
TEENAGER “The Magic Of True Love” (Essex Records) lp 19.98
TELESCOPES / DEADLY CRADLE DEATH “split” (Genjing) 7″ 9.98
THEESATISFACTION “Earthee” (Sub Pop) lp 17.98
THEM ARE US TOO “Remain” (Dais) lp 21.00
TIARAS “s/t” (Mt. St. Mtn.) lp 15.98
TONY TEARS “Follow The Signs of the Times” (Minotauro) cd 13.98
TOOP, DAVID “Lost Shadows: In Defense Of The Soul (Yanonami Shamism,
Songs, Ritual, 1978)” (Sub Rosa) 2cd 19.98
TRAFFIC SOUND “A Bailar A Go Go” (Lion Productions / Repsychled)
TRIBULATION “The Children of the Night” (Century Media) cd/2lp
TSUSHIMAMIRE “s/t” (Mojor) cd 12.98
TSUSHIMAMIRE “TsuShiMamireMamire” (Mojor) cd 12.98
UMBERTO & ANTONI MAIOVVI “Law Unit” (Death Waltz) cd/lp 16.98/37.00
UMILIANI, PIERO “L’uomo Nello Spazio” (Dagored) lp 28.00
UNDER THE SKIN (MICA LEVI) “OST” (Rough Trade) lp 19.98
UNHEARD INDONESIA “Pencak Silat Situbondo” (Psychic Sounds) lp 19.98
URAN “s/t” (Hoga Nord) lp 27.00
V/A “Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness” (Strut) 2lp 29.00
V/A “Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol. 2: Post Punk, Cold Wave Et Culture
Novo En France 1978-1983″ (Born Bad) cd/lp 15.98/19.98
V/A “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Combodia’s Lost Rock And Roll
OST” (Dust To Digital) cd 14.98
V/A “Ever Alive: A Tribute To Snowy Red” (Weyrd Son Records) 2lp
V/A “La Musique Dans Le Film D’Alain Resnais” (Doxy) lp 22.00
V/A “Punky Reggae Selecta: 19 Punk Club Classics” (Spectrum) cd 9.98
V/A “Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton” (Tompkins
Square) cd/lp 14.98/17.98
V/A “Step Inside My Soul: Rare ’70s And Modern Soul” (Cree / Bear
Family) 2lp 25.00
V/A “The Reverb Conspiracy” (The Reverberation Appreciation
Society / Fuzz Club) 2lp 45.00
V/A “White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994″ (Drag
City) book 60.98
“Northeastern Hymns” (Acephale Winter) cassette 6.98
VALET “Nature” (Kranky) cd/lp 14.98/14.98
VALKYRIE “Shadows” (Relapse) lp 23.00
VATICAN SHADOW / CUT HANDS “Azar Swan Variations” (Handmade Birds)
12″ 22.00
VERCKYS AND ORCHESTRE VEVE “Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic
Rumbo 1969-1978″ (Analog Africa) lp 29.00
VIET CONG “Cassette” (Mexican Summer) lp 22.00
VIRGIN OF THE BIRDS “Winter Seeds” (Abandoned Love) lp 13.98
VISION FORTUNE “Mas Fiestas Con El Grupo” (Faux / Gringo) lp 24.00
WALLS “Urals” (Ecstatic) cd 17.98
WARNER, EDDIE “Progressive Percussions” (Fifth Dimension) cd 17.98
WATERS, PATTY “College Tour” (ESP) lp 27.00
WAXAHATCHEE “Ivy Tripp” (Merge) lp 17.98
WEEPING RAT “Tar” (Handmade Birds) cd 10.98
WELBURN, JAMES “Hold” (Miasmah) cd 19.98
WHITE EYES “s/t” (Numero Group) lp 16.98
WHITE MANNA “Pan” (Captcha) lp 17.98
WIND BURIAL “We Used To Be Hunters” (self-released) lp 14.98
WIRE “s/t” (Pink Flag) lp 29.00
WITCHGRAVE “s/t” (High Roller) cd 11.98
WITCHTHROAT SERPENT “s/t” (Emetic) lp 22.00
XYZ “s/t” (Radical Elite) lp 16.98
YOUNGS, RICHARD “No Fans Compendium” (VHF) 7cd 45.00
ZIRAKZIGIL “World Builder” (Anthem) cd 12.98
ZNR “Barricade 3″ (Superior Viaduct) lp 23.00
ZU & EUGENE S. ROBINSON “The Left Hand Path” (Trost) cd 17.98


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Iron Kobra “Might & Magic” cd on Dying Victims Productions

When “The Black Death” lp reissue on Ideologic Organ
Alvarius B. “Chin Spirits (Durga)” 10″ on Unrock
Kid 606 “Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1: Bored of Excitement” lp on
Tigerbeat6 Robert Pollard “Faulty Superheroes” cd/lp on GBV Inc
Robert Pollard “Faulty Superheroes” cd/lp on Guided By Voices, Inc.
Charles Cohen “Brother I Prove You Wrong” 2lp on Morphine
Maurizio Bianchi “Mectpyo Box” 10cd reissue on Mectpyo Sound
Vatican Shadow “Death Is Unity With God (Complete Versions)” 3cd on
Modern Love
William Basinski “Cascade” cd on 2062
JD Emmanuel “Wizards” cd on Important
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow “Ex Machina” 2cd on Invada
John Vanderslice “Mass Suicide Occult Figurines” lp on Native Sound

Jamie XX “In Colour” cd/lp/3×12″
In Camera “Era” 2cd/2lp on 4AD
v/a “Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-
Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978-1984″ cd/2lp on Touch

Damaged Bug “Cold Hot Plumbs” cd/lp on Castle Face
Arthur Russell “Corn” cd/lp on Audika
Alice Coltrane “Universal Consciousness” lp reissue on Superior Viaduct
v/a “Synesthesia – The First Five Years” 2lp on Medical Records
Planning For Burial “Leaving” 2lp on Flenser
Obsequiae “Aria Of Vernal Tombs” lp on 20 Buck Spin
Steve Von Till “A Life Unto Itself” lp version on Neurot
Sandwitches “Our Toast” cd/lp on Empty Cellar
Aidan Baker / Thisquietarmy Hypnodrone Ensemble “The Shape of Space”
lp on Calostro
No Joy “More Faithful” lp on Mexican Summer

Pharoah Overlord “Circle” lp version on Full Contact
Circle “Pharoah Overlord” lp version on Full Contact

Carlton Melton “Out To Sea” cd/2lp+cd on Agitated
Bosse-De-Nage “All Fours” 2lp version on Flenser
David Grubbs & Susan Howe “WOODSLIPPERCOUNTERCLATTER” cd/lp on Blue
Sun Araw “Trio” XI “Gazebo Effect” 2lp on Sun Ark
Evil Acidhead “In The Name Of All That Is Unholy” cd/2lp on Agitated
White Poppy “Natural Phenomena” cd/lp on Not Not Fun
Zomes “Near Unison” lp on Near Unison
Nils Frahm “Music for the Motion Picture Victoria” cd/lp on Erased Tapes

Goblin Rebirth “s/t” cd/lp on Relapse
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow “Ex Machina” 2lp on Invada
King Dude “Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light” cd/lp on Not
Just Religious Music

Ennio Morricone “Spasmo (The X-Ray Version)” lp on Dagored

Superchunk “Come Pick Me Up” cd/lp on Merge

Tim Crog “The Boogeyman OST” lp on One Way Static

Sleaford Mods “Key Markets” cd/lp on Harbinger Sound
Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “Benzaiten” 2lp
version on Important

Faith No More “Sol Invictus” lp version on Ipecac

Biosphere/Deathprod “Stator” lp version

Mac DeMarco “Another One” cd/lp on Captured Tracks

Nibiru “Padmalotus” cd

Lots of love from your devoted AQ staff

and Kirk

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Meet Cityscapes Author John King Tuesday

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New Arrivals #481.5

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Don’t Miss Pulitzer Prize Winning Science Writer John Markoff Tuesday

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