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KING’S SPEECH TO BE CENSORED – Win $100,000 from Roger Ebert

KING’S SPEECH TO BE CENSORED – Win $100,000 from Roger Ebert

KING’S SPEECH TO BE CENSORED – Win $100,000 from Roger Ebert

Commerce and prudishness have won the battle to allow young people and the easily offended to see THE KING’S SPEECH without adult accompaniment. Harvey Weinstein, a veteran of challenging the MPAA has convinced the ratings board to change the rating from an R to a PG-13. A scene in the movie has King George saying the “F” word over and in variations that help him with his speech impediment and show how silly this “offensive” word can sound. The rating change will be accomplished by our not hearing this word in the movie.

Next week all prints of the current version will be replaced with the cleansed version. This means that if you want to “hear” the uncut version of THE KING’S SPEECH, see it now because it will never be shown uncut in a movie theater (legally) again. And the Balboa will not be showing the cut version.

What if they got a PG-13 for HALL PASS? It would only last 30 minutes.

“Frig, Friggit, Friggity Frig Frig.”

Locally –based film critic and writer David Thomson has written a very good piece about THE KING’S SPEECH.

As I send this out the alternative to the Oscars is being broadcast on cable on IFC. To keep up on the winners, check out Anne Thompson’s comments live from the Spirit Awards.


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