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March 2011: Preparing for this month’s juice cleanse

March 2011: Preparing for this month’s juice cleanse

March 2011: Preparing for this month’s juice cleanse

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Share experiences, comments and miracle stories!
There are over 1400 of us in the JUICE CLUB!
I invite you all to visit
and click on the link for the online community blog called
This blog is meant for us to communicate with one another throughout the week so
the energy supporting us is vast.
I invite you to share with others on the BLOG and let yourself be contributed to.
This is our way of staying connected and from my own personal experience I can share
that it makes a big difference
to JUICE with others!
For those of you who do not have a Cafe Gratitude near you to
support your juicing, I recommend purchasing lots of organic fresh fruits & veggiesif
you are going to be juicing at home. This means that you will need a juicer
and/or blender, and I do strongly recommend this. If you have a juicer or
blender I recommend stocking upon kale, celery, cucumbers,
carrots, avocados, jalepenos (if you’re like me and like spice) and
tomatoes (all organic of course!). For everyone, I would
recommend purchasing some young coconuts, lemons, limes, oranges and
grapefruits I would also recommend buying some organic almonds for
making nut milk. Also purchase your favorite herbal teas, and some
cayenne pepper if you like adding that to hot water with lemon in the
morning. A little local honey is good too, if you’d like. If you don’t
have a good clean water source, then purchase lots of good water that
you enjoy.
I am thrilled and inspired by how many people have chosen to take on the JUICE CLUB
during the first 7 days of each month in 2011! Many new people have joined us this
Congratulations on taking on your
health and well being.
March 20th is the Spring Equinox, a time to seed intentions for the coming months.
What are you grateful for?
on March 1st, 2011. Let’s see… first of all I know that many of you may have
never juiced before and some of you are pros at it, so I realize we are coming from
lots of different perspectives and I want to support those who are new at this.
to view a link on HOW TO MAKE ALMOND MILK!
If you have a juicer simply follow the directions for your juicer and mix your veggie
selection to make fresh juice several times a day. For some great ideas for juices
Enjoy exploring, learning and discovering delicious new preparations for your juices,
smoothies, teas, nut milks, and raw soups.
Check your schedule and make sure you plan time for preparing your drinks, enjoying
them in a peaceful and beautiful surrounding and in a nice glass you enjoy. Also
time for exercise and plenty of rest. Bath salts are also nice to have for soaking
at the end of the day, and also detoxifying through your skin, along with a loofah
or body brush.
Okay, we are only a couple days away and letting your mind know that you are taking
this on. We are looking forward to juicing, and preparing ourselves is a BIG help
in being successful from the very first day.
Make up your mind that you ARE STARTING TO JUICE ON THE 1st!
Start sharing with friends and family about what you are taking on. You may choose
to start eliminating things like flours & sugars from your diet, eating more raw
foods and drinking some juices, to give your body time to adjust. I also recommend
making the midday meal on the last day of February your last full meal and only
eating light foods the night before you
start JUICING!
For our beginners…
I have been thinking about JUICING and all the questions you might have. There are
so many different versions of “giving your body a break” and “cleaning yourself
Mostly what I want this to be providing for you is support, encouragement, community
and love. Some of you are just doing liquids, some are on green juice, some are
on a deeper cleanse, wherever you are, it is perfect. YOU ARE PERFECT.
There are some great books on cleansing, Cleanse and Purify Thyself is one of them.
If you love cleansing you will be inspired by that book!
Hippocrates Health Institute has some great info and is really looking from the
health and well-being aspect, as well as recovery from serious illness.
Elaina Love is another great resource, and mostly what I would encourage all of
you to take on is TRUSTING YOUR BODY. It is my experience that we will be led, guided
and healed by listening deeply to what our bodies have to share with us. If you
are open, willing and listening you will be guided. When you slow down, go within,
breathe, stretch, rest, walk, shower, drink healthy juices you will hear yourself
at a new level. That is my goal for myself and for all of you. So much of our struggles
are from NOT LISTENING to our own inner voice, from not TRUSTING it when we do hear
it. So, be gentle, be still, be open and LISTEN. What are you hearing?
that voice is a POWERFUL guide for you.
The more you trust it the LOUDER it will speak to YOU.
Much love and Blessings, Terces

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 To order one of our books, visit Cafe Gratitude’s Online Store!
support your juicing, I recommend purchasing lots of organic fresh fruits & veggies if
and/or blender, and I do strongly recommend this.  If you have a juicer or
morning. A little local honey is good too, if you’d like.  If you don’t
  Call in your juice order & pick it up at your local Cafe Gratitude locationCall #415-824-4652 


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