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The Dig 02.24.11: Tons of Tees: Upper Playground / Fifty24SF / SuperFishal / Twelve Grain / Estevan Oriol

The Dig 02.24.11: Tons of Tees: Upper Playground / Fifty24SF / SuperFishal / Twelve Grain / Este ...

The Dig 02.24.11: Tons of Tees: Upper Playground / Fifty24SF / SuperFishal / Twelve Grain / Estevan Oriol


‘Death Balloon’ T-Shirt
Happiness is a Death Balloon. Either this happy little girl doesn’t realize that her giant balloon is a giant skull, or she’s a really twisted individual. In any case, that’s a fantastic smile. by Upper Playground
Price: $24.00

‘Don’t Believe’ T-Shirt
PUBLIC ENEMY’s been telling you forever to not believe the hype, but you just don’t listen do you? Dustin Canalin redelivers the message in this clever rendition of the phrase which plays off the Golden State Warriors’ “WE BELIEVE” slogan and iconography. Words get switched and The Warriors logo gets appropriately replaced by a Flavor Flav clock. by Upper Playground

‘Mr. Craola’ T-Shirt
So how come there were Reservoir Dogs, but no other type of Reservoir Animal? Seems a bit unfair, no? Well Craola set out to level the animal playing field with this re-imagined movie poster conjuring up wild hybirds with his remarkable hand skills. by Upper Playground

‘Killafornia’ T-Shirt

‘Baseball’ T-Shirt
The heavy hitters keep swinging for the fences with this fresh old timey baseball emblem flip of their walrus logo. UPPER PLAYGROUND SAN FRANCISCO. by Upper Playground

‘Blue Tooth’ T-Shirt
All praise the glory of the phone Gods! Even Jesus got a blue tooth! W.W.J.T.? by Upper Playground

‘Records’ T-Shirt
For all us hundred year olds that remember vinyl, Upper Playground crafts a retro record label tee. Black gold, baby. by Upper Playground

BAST: ‘War Games’ T-Shirt
BAST builds on the quaintness of the term “War Games’ with this beach day photo of kids playing with a miniature military tank. Ah, war looks so relaxing. by Fifty24SF

‘Hurt’ T-Shirt
Herbert Baglione puts the HURT on you with this elaborate gun-shaped lettering in his distinctive style. Cream print on soft black tee. by Fifty24SF

‘Never’ T-Shirt
Jeremy Fish reminds you to never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Also, never trust a big booty and a smile. But that’s a whole other story. by SuperFishal

‘Roll Out Yer Dead’ T-Shirt
It would suck to have your skull used for bowling. It would suck even harder if Nixon of all people was the one using it for bowling. Roll out Yer Dead! by SuperFishal

‘Canis Lupis’ T-Shirts
While we were all listening to Huey Lewis and The News, Jeremy Fish was listening to Huey Lupus and The Newts. How a band like this could ever stay together? Power of love, i guess. by SuperFishal

‘Tiger Bones’ T-Shirt
You’ve seen his trademark characters rocking tigers (and all other things) on their heads.. but now Sam Flores takes it prehistoric with this fossilized remix of his tiger dude. Damn, Twelve Grain just put you on to some archaeology game. by Twelve Grain

Estevan Oriol x Dustin Canalin: ‘Army’ T-Shirt
Upper Playground just came up with a brilliant collaborative idea.. Estevan Oriol’s photographs remixed by graphic design heavy weight Dustin Canalin. This piece features an Estevan shot of two of his notoriously fly ladies flipped into little green army figurines by DC. Army strong, indeed. by Estevan Oriol

‘Guns’ T-Shirt
Tons o’ Guns, Estevan Oriol style. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. A full color photo print from the king of street shots. by Estevan Oriol

‘Hard Times’ T-Shirt
Sh*t’s real in the field. Don’t let the hard times get you down. A gritty black & white photo print from Estevan Oriol’s extensive portfolio. by Estevan Oriol


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