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Le Video – New Releases – 02-22-2011

Le Video – New Releases – 02-22-2011

Le Video – New Releases – 02-22-2011

Hey there film fans,

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Le Video New Releases (February 22,2011):

All Star Superman (2011): Fueled by hatred and jealousy, Lex Luthor masterminds an elaborate plot to kill the Man of Steel ? and it works. Poisoned by solar radiation, Superman is dying. With weeks to live, he fulfills his life?s dreams ? especially revealing his true identity to Lois Lane ? until Luthor proclaims his ultimate plan to control the world with no alien hero to stop him. Powers fading, Superman engages in a spectacular deadly battle with Luthor that could truly trigger the end of Earth?s Greatest Protector. This startling and gripping DC Universe Animated Original Movie stars the voice talents of James Denton, Anthony LaPaglia, Christina Hendricks and Ed Asner.

Black Lightning (2009): A student?s life turns upside down when he discovers the battered old car his father gave him can fly? After his entire world falls apart he makes a choice and shoots from zero to hero as a crime fighter known as ?Black Lightning?. Little does he know that evil forces are watching, they want the incredible car, and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means killing him and destroying the city. Produced by Timur Bekmambetov (Director of Wanted and Producer of the animated adventure 9), this exciting action-adventure features the Special Effects Team behind Wanted.

Climate of Change (2010): From the producers of the Academy Award® winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and narrated by Oscar® winner Tilda Swinton comes a timely film about the steps we can take save our environment. Tilda Swinton narrates this documentary about ordinary people across the globe whose dedication to fighting the devastating effects of global warming helps prove that everyday citizens have the capacity to enact monumental change.

Eyes of the Mothman (2007): November 15th 1966, four young adults traveling through the West Virginia backwoods of an abandoned TNT Plant, come across something, unnatural… The headlights from their ’57 Chevy strike what appears to be a black, lurking, lumbering, 7 foot tall man with red eyes and wings! Before the winged man of Point Pleasant would make his departure from its menacing raid on the God fearing souls of this minute church going community, 46 people would die tragically and hundreds more would be left traumatized and emotionally scarred for life. With rumors adrift of a haunting Indian curse, wild stories of men in black, bridge collapses, and a history of uncanny coincidences, UFO sightings, and even alien abductions; The Eyes of the Mothman is the first feature length documentary to delve deeper than any other program to uncover the truth behind this unsolved mystery from 43 years ago.

The Killing Jar (2010): Working the late shift at a remote diner turns into an unrelenting nightmare for waitress Noreen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer?s Amber Benson) when she and six customers learn of a nearby murder spree that?s connected to a mysterious stranger (Kill Bill?s Michael Madsen) who just walked in the door. A hostage situation quickly erupts, resulting in shocking outbursts of violence and even more startling revelations they could have never anticipated. Packed with twists and high-voltage performances, this white-knuckle thriller also featuring Danny Trejo (Machete) and Harold Perrineau (TV?s Lost) will keep you guessing all the way to the shocking end!

Leaving (2009): Suzanne is a well to do married woman and mother in the south of France. Her idle bourgeois lifestyle gets her down and she decides to go back to work as a physiotherapist. Her husband agrees to fix up a consulting room for her in their backyard. When Suzanne and the man hired to do the building meet, the mutual attraction is sudden and violent. Suzanne decides to give up everything and live this all engulfing passion to the fullest.

Megamind (2010): Super villain Megamind’s (Will Ferrell) dreams have come true when he conquers the city’s protector Metro Man (Brad Pitt) gaining control of Metro City. But when a new villain (Jonah Hill) is created and chaos runs rampant, the world’s biggest “mind” and his comic sidekick Minion (David Cross) might actually save the day. With an all-star cast – including Tina Fey – and amazing animation, Megamind is packed with high-flying action and non-stop laughs.

Mesrine ? Killer Instict: Part 1 (2008): Mesrine: Killer Instinct the first of two parts charts the outlaw odyssey of Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel) the legendary French gangster of the 1960s and 1970s who came to be known as French Public Enemy No. 1 and The Man of a Thousand Faces. Infamous for his bravado and outrageously daring prison escapes Mesrine carried out numerous robberies kidnappings and murders in a criminal career that spanned continents until he was shot dead in 1979 by France s notorious anti gang unit. Thirty years after his death his infamy lives on. Mesrine was helped along the way by beautiful and equally reckless Jeanne Schneider a Bonnie to match his Clyde. Mesrine made up his own epic between romanticism and cruelty flamboyance and tragedy.”

Midsummer Madness (2007): Janu Nakts (St. John’s Night) is a traditional Latvian celebration during which family and friends gather to build bonfires, barbecue, drink and generally have a good time. According to legend, lovers and those who would like to fall in love, can search the woods for the “magic fern” on this night. This magic fern serves as the focus and pivotal point of the six stories in “Midsummer Madness” It is also a metaphor for the film’s underlying theme – finding love. Midsummer Madness is reflected in the recurring element of the magic fern, a metaphor (both in the film and in real life) for love. The question posed by the film is: can a search for love ever be successful? Each story deals with this question. An answer is provided at the film’s conclusion in a humorous and unforgettable way: we see the legendary fern, glowing magically in a meadow. It exists after all! Then a cow ambles along and eats it. The deeper message, which is not obvious to the audience, is therefore: Yes, a search for love can be successful, though we are generally unaware of how to deal with it.

Psych: 9 (2010): A young woman (Sara Foster) with a troubled past takes a job at recently closed-down hospital. Working the night shift alone she begins to experience a series of unsettling events that lead her to believe that the hospital may be connected to a number of recent murders in the area. To uncover the truth, she will have to revisit the past behind the walls of PSYCH:9.

Quest for Love (1971): When an experiment goes haywire, a nuclear physicist (Tom Bell, Lock Up Your Daughters, The Krays) is thrown into a parallel world. This alternate life is different – here he is not a scientist, but a playwright with a beautiful wife (Joan Collins, Dynasty, Devil Within Her, Land of the Pharaohs)! He is extremely attracted to her, but she despises him because of his womanizing. He thinks he may win her over by convincing her of his true identity. But by winning her love, will he solve the problem of remaining in a world where he does not belong?

Road, Movie (2009): Vishnu, a restless young man, itches to escape his father’s faltering hair oil business. An old truck beckons, which Vishnu sees as his ticket to freedom. He offers to drive the antique Chevy across the desert to the sea, where it has been sold to a local museum. As he sets off across the harsh terrain, he discovers he’s not merely transporting a battered vehicle, but an old touring cinema. Along the way, Vishnu reluctantly picks up a young runaway, a wandering old entertainer and a striking gypsy woman. Together they roam the barren land, searching for water and an elusive fair. The journey turns dire when they are waylaid by corrupt cops and a notorious waterlord. The key to their freedom is the eccentric collection of films and the two forty-year-old film projectors in the back of the truck. As in 1001 Nights, if the films are good, they live and move on. If the films are boring, they face death in the outback. The journey proves transformative for each of the travelers, but especially for Vishnu who discovers life, love and laughter on the Indian highway.

Room in Rome (2010): One room. Two women. Infinite possibilities. Like the erotic classic Last Tango In Paris, the new drama Room In Rome is a controversial, boundary-breaking film about two women who bare their bodies and their souls during one memorable night in a hotel in Rome. Writer-director Julio Medem (the international smash hit Sex & Lucia) returns with this provocative tale of Alba and Natasha. Two strangers meet, tentatively flirt and then head to Alba s hotel room where they exchange life stories amidst passionate bouts of love-making. The stunning actresses Elena Anaya (Pedro Almodovar s Talk To Her, Sex & Lucia) and Natasha Yarovenko (Diary Of A Nymphomaniac) unflinchingly expose their deepest desires: the two women grow increasingly honest emotionally the closer they get physically. Certain to be a landmark in cinematic sexuality, Room in Rome is a serious and sexy foray into uncharted territory.

See What I’m Saying – The Deaf Entertainers Documentary (2010): With more than 30 million deaf and hard of hearing individuals living in the U.S., deaf culture thrives in America. Yet although deaf performers are famous within their own communities, they remain largely unknown to hearing audiences. A powerful and rare glimpse into the lives of deaf artists, See What I’m Saying focuses on four deaf performers actor Robert DeMayo, singer TL Forsberg, drummer Bob Hiltermann, and comic CJ Jones over the course of one year as they endeavor to cross over into mainstream culture. Together, their fascinating and intertwining stories showcase the talent and the universal human appeal of their gripping journeys.
Illuminating and inspirational, See What I’m Saying opens a door into America s vibrant deaf culture for those who are signing impaired.

Senso (1954 – Criterion): This lush, Technicolor tragic romance from Luchino Visconti (Le notti bianche, The Leopard) stars Alida Valli (The Third Man, Eyes Without a Face, Suspiria) as a nineteenth-century Italian countess who, amid the Austrian occupation of her country, puts her marriage and political principles on the line by engaging in a torrid affair with a dashing Austrian lieutenant, played by Farley Granger (Rope, Strangers on a Train). Gilded with fearless performances, ornate costumes and sets, and a rich classical soundtrack, Visconti?s operatic melodrama is an extraordinary evocation of reckless emotions and deranged lust from one of the cinema?s great sensualists.

Sunny and Share Love You (2007): A washed up rock duo reinvents itself as a wildly inappropriate children’s act.

Sweet Smell of Success (1957 – Criterion) – Ernest Lehman drew upon his experiences as a Broadway press agent to write the devastating a clef short story “Tell Me About Tomorrow.” This in turn was adapted by Lehman and Clifford Odets into the sharp-edged, penetrating feature film Sweet Smell of Success. Burt Lancaster stars as J. J. Hunsecker, a Walter Winchell-style columnist who wields his power like a club, steamrolling friends and enemies alike. Tony Curtis co-stars as Sidney Falco, a sycophantic press agent who’d sell his grandmother to get an item into Hunsecker’s popular newspaper column. Hunsecker enlists Falco’s aid in ruining the reputation of jazz guitarist Steve Dallas (Martin Milner), who has had the temerity to court Hunsecker’s sister Susan (Susan Harrison). Falco contrives to plant marijuana on Dallas, then summons corrupt, sadistic NYPD officer Harry Kello (Emile Meyer), who owes Hunsecker several favors, to arrest the innocent singer. The real Walter Winchell, no longer as powerful as he’d been in the 1940s but still a man to be reckoned with, went after Ernest Lehman with both barrels upon the release of Sweet Smell of Success. Winchell was not so much offended by the unflattering portrait of himself as by the dredging up of an unpleasant domestic incident from his past. While Success was not a success at the box office, it is now regarded as a model of street-smart cinematic cynicism. The electric performances of the stars are matched by the taut direction of Alex MacKendrick, the driving jazz score of Elmer Bernstein, and the evocative nocturnal camerawork of James Wong Howe.

Sword of War (2009): Brandishing his unstoppable sword of war, German Emperor Barbarossa will stop at nothing to conquer enemy lands and to revive the empire that once belonged to Charles the Great. But a young man from Milan, along with his army of 900 men known as the Company of Death, is prepared to challenge the Emperor and his relentless dominance.

The Temptation of St. Tony (2009): A mid-level manager who develops an aversion to being “good” finds himself confronting the mysteries of middle-age and morality as he loses grasp of what was once his quiet life.

Two in the Wave (2010): Directors Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut changed the face of cinema forever as members of the French New Wave. They also happened to be best friends. TWO IN THE WAVE documents their intensely combative and creative relationship during their time at Cahiers du Cinema, their triumphant work on The 400 Blows and Breathless, and their dramatic falling out following the worker and student strikes of May 1968. It also presents the unique bond both filmmakers shared with the actor Jean-Pierre Leaud, who started his career as a child and grew up with Godard and Truffaut as brilliantly bickering father figures. Written and narrated by former Cahiers editor Antoine de Baecque, it is a meticulously researched examination of this vibrant and turbulent period in film history. With clips from over 30 films, and rare interviews with Godard and Truffaut throughout their careers, TWO IN THE WAVE is an essential and often revelatory look at the life and work of two of cinema s inimitable masters.

Waiting for Hockney (2008): Waiting For Hockney is the true story of Billy Pappas, a rough and tumble Baltimore artist who – on a dare – devotes nearly ten years of his life to creating a groundbreaking portrait. When he’s finally finished, Billy and his group of eccentric supporters believe there is only one man who can decide if he has created a new art form: famed artist David Hockney.

William S. Burroughs ? A Man Within (2010): The curious life of controversial avant-garde author and Beat poet William S. Burroughs serves as the subject of this documentary from Chicago-based filmmaker Yony Leyser. A gay drug addict who shot to infamy with his unguarded look at the drug and queer cultures, Burroughs made headlines when he shot his wife in Mexico City, and achieved infamy when his groundbreaking novel Naked Lunch was banned in the U.S. David Cronenberg, John Waters, Genesis P-Orridge, Patty Smith, Gus Van Sant, Laurie Anderson, and other celebrities/artists influenced by Burroughs’ surreal body of work weigh in on why his influence today is still as strong as it was when he was in peak form.


Midsomer Murders – Set 17: Four new mysteries await! Set seventeen includes: The Dogleg Murders – Members of the swanky Whiteoaks Golf Club keep turning up dead by the 13th hole. The Black Book – The detectives investigate a string of savage murders precipitated by a local art auction. Secrets and Spies – A mysterious creature is killing sheep in Midsomer County, but it soon moves on to larger prey. The Glitch – A local scientist?s determination to stop an American millionaire?s latest business venture has fatal repercussions.

Nurse Jackie – Season 2 (2010): Edie Falco stars as title character Jackie Peyton, a drug-addicted emergency room nurse in a New York City hospital. For Jackie, every day is a high-wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses and her own indiscretions. The second season of the Showtime Original Series Nurse Jackie? continues its look deep inside the complicated heart and soul of a functioning addict, a loving wife and mother, and a first-class nurse.

Weeds – Season 6 (2010): Season 6 of this highly acclaimed series turns over a new leaf when pot-selling soccer mom Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe® winner Mary- Louise Parker) tries to leave behind her illegal operations.


Drive, He Said (1971 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

Easy Rider (1969 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

Fish Tank (2009 – Criterion)

Five Easy Pieces (1970 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

48 Hours (1982)

Get Low (2009)

Head (1968 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

The King of Marvin Gardens (1972 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

The Last Picture Show (1971 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

A Safe Place (1971 – Criterion / BBS Story Collection)

– All Star Superman (2011) – Sam Liu (DVD)
– Black Lightning (2009) – Dmitriy Kiselev & Aleksandr Voytinskiy (DVD)
– Climate of Change (2010) – Brian Hill (DVD)
– Eyes of the Mothman (2007) – Matthew J. Pellowski (DVD)
– Fish Tank (2009 – Criterion Collection) – Andrea Arnold (Blu-ray) (DVD)
– Get Low (2009) – Aaron Schneider (Blu-ray) (DVD)
– The Killing Jar (2010) – Mark Young (DVD)
– The Last Train Home (2009) – Lixin Fan (DVD)
– Leaving (2009) – Catherine Corsini (DVD)
– Megamind (2010) – Tom McGrath (DVD)
– Mesrine: Killer Instict: Part 1 (2008) – Jean-François Richet (DVD)
– Midsomer Murders Set 17 (DVD)
– Midsummer Madness (2007) – Alexander Hahn (DVD)
– Nurse Jackie Season 2 (DVD)
– Psych: 9 (2010) – Andrew Shortell (DVD)
– Quest for Love (1971) – Ralph Thomas (DVD)
– Road, Movie (2009) – Dev Benegal (DVD)
– Room in Rome (2010) – Julio Medem (DVD)
– See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary (2010) – Hilari Scarl (DVD)
– Senso (1954 – Criterion) – Luchino Visconti (Blu-ray) (DVD)
– Sunny and Share Love You (2007) – Matthew Buzzell (DVD)
– Sweet Smell of Success (1957 – Criterion) – Alexander Mackendrick (Blu-ray) (DVD)
– Sword of War (2009) – Renzo Martinelli (DVD)
– The Temptation of St. Tony (2009) – Veiko Ounpuu (DVD)
– Two in the Wave (2010) – Emmanuel Laurent (DVD)
– Waiting for Hockney (2008) – Julie Checkoway (DVD)
– Weeds Season 6 (DVD)

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