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The Dig 02.16.11: ROGUE STATUS Tees.

The Dig 02.16.11: ROGUE STATUS Tees.

The Dig 02.16.11: ROGUE STATUS Tees.


‘Camoknuckle’ T-Shirt
Cali, we go hard. Rogue Status revives this classic graphic which they used to originally drop in solid color ways during their early years. Brass knuckles in the shape of California, ready to crush… Now in a 4-color clay-earth camo printed against a contrasting black tee. Big, bold sleeve lettering reads “ROGUE STATE US”. by Rogue Status
Price: $20.00

‘Dots’ T-Shirt
Never intending to pay off your credit card: Priceless. For everything else, there’s Rogue Status. by Rogue Status

‘Jonestown’ T-shirt
That slick talk will get you anywhere… and probably kill you in the end. Charismatic, crazy cult man Jim Jones spits his game at a church while followers fall all over him. The back print features his ominous assurance “I Wouldn’t Bullsh*t You” with the RS frown face logo making a guest appearance. by Rogue Status

‘Warning’ T-Shirt
Everything good is bad for you. Bold white print on a solid black t-shirt. by Rogue Status


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