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InsideSalk – Unlocking the Mystery of Autism

InsideSalk – Unlocking the Mystery of Autism

InsideSalk – Unlocking the Mystery of Autism

InsideSalk – February 2011
Unlocking the Mystery of Autism
Fred H. Gage uses Rett syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, as a “Rosetta Stone” to learn more about the biology underlying autism, one of the biggest medical puzzles of our time. Full Article
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One on One with….John Young
Intensity and determination. Whether he is probing the complexities of AIDS viral infection or bicycling through Death Valley, the words seem to capture John A.T. Young’s operating style. Full Article
Researcher Receives George W. Beadle Award
The Genetics Society of America honored Joseph R. Ecker for his outstanding contributions to the community of genetics researchers. Full Article
Melanopsin Looks on the Bright Side of Life
Cells expressing melanopsin, a light receptor that measures the intensity of incoming light, could make a significant contribution to supporting vision even in people with advanced retinal degeneration. Full Article
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