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Boost Your Health with Flaxseed, Back to School Tips and More

Boost Your Health with Flaxseed, Back to School Tips and More

Boost Your Health with Flaxseed, Back to School Tips and More

Delicious Smoothies that Nourish Your Body
At the center of it all… incredible tasting smoothies and nutritional products to support your health and wellness goals.
Booster of the Month: Bee Sure 
Bee SURE is America’s #1 Super Food Drink Mix, contains over 200 Nutrients and is 70% Protein. Bee SURE is the nutrient dense Super Food Mixture specially formulated for those individuals looking for the most natural way to supplement their bodies ever changing nutritional needs. Bee Sure contains:

Hawaiian Spirulina which is known for its anti-ageing, energy boosting and health giving benefits. Spirulina feeds and detoxifies the body with its long list of micro and macro nutrients.

Bee pollen is a protein rich source loaded with free amino acids which are immediately used by the body for rebuilding tissues.

Whey Protein Concentrate is used by the body for repair and growth of bones and tissues including brain tissues. Helps build lean muscle mass, is used for fat loss, helps prevent cancer and enhances immune function by raising glutathione levels.

Siberian Gensing (Eleuthero) used to stimulate mental, physical and spiritual energies. This amazing root assists the body with the absorption of vitamins and minerals and helps the body eliminate toxins and resist daily stress factors.

Plus Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, EFAs, Fiber, Probiotics and Prebiotics
Add Bee Sure to any Emerald City Smoothie for a overall healthy boost.
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Looking for Nutrition that Fits Your Busy Lifestyle?
Healthy Living Tips for Fall
Let Emerald City Smoothie help you achieve your health and wellness goals by incorporating these healthy living tips in your daily lifestyle.

It’s that time of year when it starts to get dark early, the days get cooler and we spend more time on the couch (think football) and less time in the gym. Many times the change in season causes us to move less and eat more. These simple tips can help keep you and your family fit and healthy this fall and avoid habits that often lead to weight gain.
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