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This rijsttafel is HOT-HOT-HOT (Or 'pedis' if you're like us)!


Chicago's  premier destination for  Indonesian cuisine! This is a friendly reminder for our rijsttafel on August 4:      You will have noticed that summer temperatures have finally come around and we figured we’d match that with a sweltering hot version of our August 4th Rijsttafel! We declare August to be the month of HEAT - and that Heat comes 3 ways - spicy, spicier and the spiciest! Look at all those peppers on the menu! Over the past few months, you've asked and we’ll deliver.      Some 400 years in the making, the Rijsttafel consists of a treasure trove of Old World delicacies, brought to life and executed to perfection by our chef Chris. Whether you've been with us previously or a first-time adventurous meal-seeker, you will be thrilled with what will be presented to you.       Winter may be all about comfort food but this Summer puts the comfort away and let's your taste buds have a wild adventure ride!  Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, August 4th!   CHECK OUT OUR FEATURE DISHES FOR THE UPCOMING FEAST: RENDANG DAGING Spicy cocnut curry beef SAMBAL GORENG ATI AYAM Stir fried chicken liver with green beans and Serrano peppers KENTANG BALADO Diced potatoes in a spicy tomato-sambal sauce TUMIS TAHU TAUGE Spicy stir fried tofu w/ onions, red peppers and bean sprouts View Full Menu Make your reservation Our mailing address is:

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