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Bar Ferdinand Seattle

Winter/Spring 2011 Tastings at bar ferd’nand

Winter/Spring 2011 Tastings at bar ferd’nand

Winter/Spring 2011 Tastings at bar ferd’nand

Bar Ferd’nand
1531 Melrose Ave Suite 3, Seattle, WA 98122

Winter/Spring 2011 Tastings at bar ferd’nand
Dated: 28 January,2011
Hello there!
We would love for you to join us for a series of themed tastings that will take place in the loft above bar ferd’nand, the first of which will be offered Valentines Weekend, Sunday, February 13th! On one Sunday each month at 2pm, we will conduct tastings based on a range of regional, stylistic, and varietal themes. We will taste through several wines on the topic-of-choice.  Simple refreshment will be served; printed information on the wines and the topic will be provided; along with an opportunity to purchase any of the wines tasted at a discounted price that day.
Following are the dates and each month’s theme:

Sunday, 13 February(Valentine Weekend!)- Champagne and Sparkling Wine- What is it?  What are the differences? Why it matters. bar ferd’nand and The Corson Building’s Wine Director, Marc Papineau, will taste with you through different examples ranging from simple, refreshing Prosecco, to grower Champagne, along with other examples in the sparkling style.

Sunday, 6 March- Natural Wine- So What? What is it? Why does it matter? Is it really wine?

Sunday, 3 April- Aromatic Red Wines-  Tasting through some of the more nuanced varietals in the red wine world- Schiava Gentile, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir, Pineau d’Aunis, and others. If you big red wines, but are thinking you want to branch out, this is a good tasting for you!  If we’re “preaching to the choir” to some of you, this is a chance for you to taste other varietals in a style you already love.

Sunday, 1 May- The White Wines you never drank-  Let’s put it this way: we will not be tasting Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and maybe not Riesling either! (No disrespect intended).  We will explore lesser known white varietals from some of the great regions of the wine world.

Sunday, 5 June- Rosés- Why we love them and why it’s the only wine to gulp on a hot summer’s day while we pretend we’re in Provence.

Cost for attending is $60 per person.
Each tasting is limited to 14 guests
A credit card number is requested to hold a spot.


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