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Thinkspace Art Gallery Los Angeles

Coming Feb. 5th to Thinkspace – new works from Vivanco and Clarkson

Coming Feb. 5th to Thinkspace – new works from Vivanco and Clarkson

Coming Feb. 5th to Thinkspace – new works from Vivanco and Clarkson

Kelly Vivanco ‘Wading In’ – 30×40″ – acrylic on canvas

Coming next Sat, Feb. 5th to Thinkspace…

Kelly Vivanco ‘Springs To Mind’

Raised among Beatrix Potter’s woodland creatures in a nest of drawing supplies somewhere
in Southern California, Kelly Vivanco grew up with a confident hand, an acute sense
of color and a wealth of playful intuition. Seeking to express a childlike perception
of endless possibility, she paints a mysterious world in which young people and
charismatic animals are busily engaged in their lives. Although her work brings
to mind the great children’s illustrators of the turn of the century, its vintage
storybook sensibility is made contemporary by the self-possessed attitude and quirky
style of her subjects. In many of her paintings, it is the eyes that captivate the
viewer – they are deep, glistening pools of emotion that can evoke a narrative in
a glance. Yet her goal is to leave their meaning open to interpretation, so as to
allow an infinite potential of stories and associations to unfurl.

In her most recent body of work, which she has titled ‘Springs to Mind.’ Kelly explores
a secret place where both water and imagination flow freely – where random chance
and make-believe intertwine. There we find intrepid heroines, voyagers and dreamers
roaming among forest streams, stairwells, tree houses and enchanted pools. Gazing
into their lambent eyes in the perpetual twilight, we are visited by that feeling
of empathy and wonder that sparks the imagination to life.

Take a look inside Kelly’s Escondido, CA studio here:

Anthony Clarkson at work in his Venice studio on his largest piece to date

PLUS also opening in our project room…

Anthony Clarkson ‘A Time To Forget’

The art of Anthony Clarkson is a portal into child-like innocence, mixed with troubled
spirits, broken hearts and a sense of emptiness. When Clarkson graduated from the
Colorado Institute of Art in 2002, he was resolute in his decision to make a living
as a graphic artist in the music industry. Embracing a vibrantly hyper realistic
digital photo-manipulation technique, his first published album cover followed
shortly after. In 2005 an opportunity presented itself that renewed Clarkson’s creative
juices and he soon found himself diving headlong into a new career as an active
artist in the new contemporary art movement. His work has shown in several galleries
throughout the States and abroad and continues to attract an ever-growing collector
base in the process.

Artist website:
Take a look inside Anthony’s Venice, CA studio here:

Both exhibitions open to the public on Sat, Feb. 5th from 7-10PM. Both artists will
be in attendance, so please be sure to come on through.

*PLEASE NOTE: Digital previews for both exhibits will follow early next week.

Thinkspace Gallery
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