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Mueller College of Holistic Studies San Diego

Cymatics and Resonance Workshop February 4th!

Cymatics and Resonance Workshop February 4th!

Cymatics and Resonance Workshop February 4th!

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123 Camino de la Reina #100 North, San Diego, CA 92108, USA
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Cymatics and Resonance Workshop February 4th!
Cymatics and Resonance: Tuning In to the Subtle Vibrations of Sound Health
A multi-media presentation by poet, producer and publisher, Jeff Volk with live crystal bowl meditation by Elivia Melodey!
Friday, Feb. 4, 2011, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
$30 – Mueller Center Â? 619-298-1584
 4601 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92116
The science of Cymatics offers a window into the hidden workings of nature. As we witness audible sounds exciting inert sand and water into life-like, flowing forms, we can begin to visualize the mysterious mechanisms that animate our world. Cymatics demonstrates the creative potential of sound (vibration), but this process is not restricted to the realm of dense physical matter.
Once we truly understand these causative principles, we can apply them to every aspect of our lives, including the subtle vibrations of perception, feeling, emotion, thought and beliefÂ?Â?all of which must be brought into coherency in order to effect lasting change or Â?sound health.Â? Through music, poetry and scientifi c method, we will sense, feel, and come to understand the many diverse elements that are at play around us and within us.
Jeff Volk has been popularizing the science of Cymatics for over 25 Years. HeÂ?s produced a series of videos based on the pioneering experiments of Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny, and re-issued JennyÂ?s long out-of-print Cymatics books. His most recent publication, Water Sound Images, showcases the stunning cymatic artistry of the contemporary German photographer and researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser. The phenomenal success of his award-winning video, Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, inspired him to produce the International Sound Colloquium, the premier conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. He has distilled his decades of experience into vivid multimedia presentations and into feature articles, which have been published worldwide.
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