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Enjoy Some Tea and Support Local Business!

Enjoy Some Tea and Support Local Business!

Enjoy Some Tea and Support Local Business!

Floating Leaves Tea and
The Zen of Healing

Come Have Some Tea, Support Local Small Business!

In less than two weeks I’ll be teaming up with Shiuwen Tai, owner of Floating Leaves

I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you more information about her and the

Previously I shared with you my desire and intention to do more to support more
of our local small businesses by featuring one of my favorites every 6-8 weeks –
who they are, what they are up to, and why you should go to their website, read
their Yelp reviews, or just stop on by. For those of you who didn’t receive the

In The Spotlight
Owner and Head Instructor: Shiuwen Tai
1704 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107
From the Teahouse:
Floating Leaves Tea is a Seattle-based tea importer and retailer with a passion
for Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese tea, tea ware, and tea culture. We carry a small
selection of teas, each one of which has in some way inspired us. Our teas are seasonal,
unblended, and for the most part, single-estate teas. The Teashop is a tranquil
place to sample teas in the traditional Taiwanese style. The new location focuses
on selling loose-leaf teas and providing experiences that broaden your understanding
of tea. Modeled after the teashops and tasting rooms of Shiuwen’s native Taiwan,
this tea is an oasis of good tea and good humor.
Shiuwen Tai was born and raised in Taiwan and steeped in the culture of tea from
a very young age. Being separated from Taiwan by her many travels, she was inspired
to re-discover her own roots and her love of tea grew. Shiuwen sees tea as a cross-cultural
endeavor. Tea gives us an opportunity to bring our favorite aspects of Taiwanese,
Japanese and Chinese culture to America. Come share our passion for tea!
Personal note:
My passion for tea started in 2005 while finishing my residency in China. I was
hooked by the subtle nuance of oolong tea from my first visit to a teahouse, and
than MANY thereafter. When I came back from China I heard of a relatively new teahouse
opening in Ballard, and I met Shiuwen. Her passion and laughter was contagious.
I began to help her out on the weekends at the teahouse where she encouraged and
enriched my own passion and knowledge of tea. It was a great experience. Shiuwen
really cares about tea, its quality and integrity, and that people have their own
enjoyable experience of it. She and Floating Leaves Tea are an exquisite pearl within
Seattle’s plethora of places for a hot beverage. Visit often!

Why I’m Sharing these Businesses with You…

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up on Long Island, just 40 minutes outside
of Manhattan. While NYC is an amazing city to be in, I grew up surrounded by strip
was not at the top of anyone’s priority list. At the time I didn’t care because
I didn’t know any better.

In 2001, I moved to Ithaca, NY to live at my first Buddhist Zen Center. Ithaca is
a small but progressive town in central NY. I couldn’t believe the difference in
the vibe, the overall spirit of the city. While I’m sure this was due to a mix
of reasons, one of the things I was most struck by was the lack of “chain” stores.
What replaced them was smaller, independent, in many cases, family owned shops that
really had a passion for what they offered. You got to know the people who worked
there and it felt like you were a part of something… a community. One of the things
I appreciate about Seattle, is that it too feels like a community to me with a strong
consciousness around supporting small, local business. There is a connection to
helping individuals and families, with an authentic exchange of energy.


What I am attempting to do, is my part to encourage people to support local small
businesses. As a small business owner, the most powerful way I know of to do this
is still through word of mouth. It used to be the ONLY way, but now we have online
communities and social media to help spread the word, through sites like Yelp and
Facebook. Over the years, many people have asked me for all sorts of referrals.
Everything from healthcare providers to where to go for a good workout, tai-qi class,
cup of tea, or getting their car fixed!

So… every 6-8 weeks I’m going to spotlight a local small business in the area…
their Yelp reviews, or just stop on by. If you’re wanting to do more – post something
or write a review for that business on Yelp. I can’t tell you how helpful it has
been for my business to have potential patients read reviews for The Zen of Healing
. One thing to know about Yelp, is that they have a filter that they believe is
catching reviews that may be fraudulent. For example, if you go to The Zen of Healing
10 reviews will come up, but then you can scroll to the bottom to click on the “Filtered”
section and there are another 9 reviews, which indeed are authentic. It’s not a
perfect system, but it’s still a helpful tool for our community.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more featured small businesses in our amazing
corner of the country!!

in gratitude,

– David

David A. Tucker, MSAOM, L.Ac, LMP
(206) 696-1121


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