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We provide healthy and safe products in a supportive atmosphere to encourage thoughtful nutrition choices.

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Balance… with FOOD!

News, articles and specials from Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. The season of justified overindulgence is fast approaching — really, when else do you have the excuse to gorge on massive second (or third) helpings, drink your weight in eggnog, and over-satisfy your sweet tooth? Most people worry about putting on a few extra pounds through the holiday season, but even more worrisome is the negative effect that all of this excess eating and drinking has on blood sugar. Chronically elevated blood sugar increases inflammation and the risk of neuropathy, impaired cognitive function, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. And new research has shown that the damaging effects of high blood sugar are evident in those with blood glucose levels in the high end of the normal range. Simply put, excess blood sugar is seriously damaging to health. The good news is that maintaining healthy blood sugar balance is within your control because it is almost entirely dependant on what you eat (and don’t eat).  How About a Grain Free Thanksgiving This Year? Some great recipes to get you thinking . . . Mashed Cauliflower Baked Apple Pie Nutty Apples An alternative 'mash' loaded with cruciferous veggies. A quick and unique way to make apple pie - and it is gluten free too! Get the Whole Collection of Recipes for a Wichita 1715 N. Rock Rd Wichita, KS 67206 (316) 636-4242 Mon - Sat: 8 am - 9:04 pm Sun: 8 am - 7:06 pmEvents at your Store PART II Wild Edibles Event 12/6/20143:45 am - 4:30 pm Sales Flyer Local Produce Flyer Pick Another Location  

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