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World class acting school and cultural center, founded by Stella Adler in 1949.

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Now enrolling for classes beginning the week of January 12th!   CONTINUE YOUR ACTOR TRAINING...   MOVEMENT AND IMAGINATION 8 WEEKS, $460 MONDAYS, JANUARY 12 - MARCH 9   6:30pm - 8:30pm (Skips Monday, January 19, in observance of MLK Day)The actor's imagination must reflect a profound understanding of the world's movement, literal and metaphorical. We shall investigate the seemingly familiar movements of the world - human, animal, natural, abstract - to rediscover the connection between poetic universality and unique, individual expression.Instructor: Elena Zucker schedule an interview APPROACHING THE ROLE 8 WEEKS, $615   Audition Required THURSDAYS, JANUARY 15 - MARCH 5   7:00pm - 10:00pm This intermediate scene study course is designed for the actor who has a basic technique, but is seeking a stronger foundation. Students will analyze the text, the concept of active personalization, the specific creation of a character, emotional accessibility, and the ability to act on impulse with imagination and heart.Instructor: Paul Takacs schedule an audition SCENE STUDY II 8 WEEKS, $615   Invite Required WEDNESDAYS, JANUARY 14 - MARCH 4   7:00pm - 10:00pm This class integrates the thoughtful examination of a play in its depth of idea and how its meaning translates into an actor's behavior. Students will learn how to make intelligent choices that serve the play. Instructor: Jon Korkes SOUND INTO ACTION 8 WEEKS, $560SATURDAYS, JANUARY 17 - MARCH 7   1:00pm - 4:00pmThis class is a unique hybrid of voice and speech, language and text, and acting technique. One hour of voice and speech, followed by an hour of monologue work and an hour of "table work" on a classic play where students will be cast as a company working in its first stage of rehearsal. Instructor: Reginald Veneziano schedule an interview ACTING FOR FILM AND TELEVISION 8 WEEKS, $660Option 1: TUESDAYS, JANUARY 13 - MARCH 3   6:30pm - 10:30pmOption 2: SATURDAYS, JANUARY 17 - MARCH 7   2:00pm - 6:00pmThis intermediate class is an "immersion" experience in the techniques necessary to work in feature film as well as in television dramas and comedies. Students will learn to memorize scripts quickly, relax in front of a camera and "find themselves" in the roles they are playing; three skills necessary for success in feature film and television performance.Instructor: TBA schedule an interview JON KORKES MASTER CLASS 8 WEEKS, $605   Audition Required THURSDAYS, JANUARY 15 - MARCH 5  7:00pm - 10:00pmThis advanced level class is an exploration of scenes and monologues from works written after 1920. Students will work with renowned actor and teacher Jon Korkes on how their instincts and imagination can serve the material being performed. schedule an audition BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION IN ACTING.... EVENING INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM 8 WEEKS, $2275JANUARY 13 - MARCH 5TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS   6:30pm - 10:30pmThis foundation course is a taste of conservatory training with classes in Acting Technique, Scene Study, Movement, and Voice & Speech. Students will develop more fully as actors in this intensive, multi-disciplinary program.Instructors: Jon Korkes (Scene Study), Sarita Moore (Movement), Reginald Veneziano (Voice & Speech), Josh Rowe (Acting Technique) schedule an interview WEEKEND INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM 8 WEEKS, $1725SATURDAYS, JANUARY 17 - MARCH 7   10:00am - 7:00pmThis foundation course is a taste of conservatory training with classes in Acting Technique, Scene Study, Movement, and Voice & Speech. Students will develop more fully as actors in this weekend, multi-disciplinary program.Instructors: Jon Korkes (Scene Study), Sarita Moore (Movement), Reginald Veneziano (Voice & Speech), Josh Rowe (Acting Technique) schedule an interview ACTING TECHNIQUE I 8 WEEKS, $585Option 1: TUESDAYS, JANUARY 13 - MARCH 3   1:00pm - 4:00pmOption 2: TUESDAYS, JANUARY 13 - MARCH 3   7:00pm - 10:00pmThis Stella Adler® program explores the language and principles of Stella Adler's approach to acting, including action, circumstance, and justification. Students will develop a foundation from which to build themselves as actors as well as human beings.Instructor: Josh Rowe schedule an interview 8 WEEKS, $615Option 1: MONDAYS JANUARY 12 - MARCH 9   7:00pm - 10:00pm Option 2: WEDNESDAYS, JANUARY 14 - MARCH 4  7:00pm - 10:00pm This class is a combination of fundamental acting exercises and scene study designed to establish a strong foundation for each actor. Students will learn to develop character through actions and objectives drawn from the text. Instructor: Jon Korkes (Mondays), Grace Kiley (Wednesdays) schedule an interview WEEKEND TEEN CONSERVATORY 8 WEEKS, $995   For Ages 14-17 SATURDAYS, JANUARY 17 - MARCH 7  10:00am - 6:00pm The Stella Adler Teen Conservatory is designed to give young actors quality actor-training taught by the same faculty as Conservatory and NYU/Tisch School of the Arts Programs.  Students will learn core acting elements that make up a responsible actor. Classes: Improvisation, Scene Study, Movement, and Voice & Speech  schedule an interview  NOW ENROLLING - EVENING CONSERVATORY (January 2015) Evening Conservatory classes begin January 26, 2015 Application Deadline is November 1st, 2014 This full-time program prepares the student actor for the creative challenges of the acting profession by providing a solid craft that guarantees continued growth as a creative artist. It is specifically designed for the student actor who wants a cohesive, intensive program but cannot commit to a 30-hour per week daytime program. Classes meet at night, Monday through Friday, for 18-20 hours per week. FESTIVAL EVENT: 7 Ten-minute Plays with Social Impact The Harold Clurman Playwrights Division, a program of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, has announced the results of its search for ten-minute plays with social impact. In early 2014, the division sought plays that address issues of the environmental crisis or global violence against women and girls. Over sixty plays were received. Seven of them will be read on Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7pm in Studio G as part of the Harold Clurman Festival of the Arts, an annual event that highlights the relationship between art and social activism. The cast will be comprised of studio alumni and faculty.  

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