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The Gift of Stories

  Greetings!   Blessings in this holiday season! These stories are real.  And these brave individuals and families have chosen to share their stories because your end-of-year support to A Just Harvest matters!  The two families of these little ones know first-hand the struggles of making sure there is enough food on the table every day.  The sign Ta'Rya is holding reminds us that proper nutrition is vital to a child's development and growth.  Being able to access nutritious food at our Community Kitchen helps to make sure that these and many others  are not counted among the one in five children that face hunger daily in this country.  Your gift helps us to set the table that gives kids the boost they need and deserve. Chelsey and Claire are interns with The Genesis Project and have worked tirelessly with our team to help create economic opportunities for young people in the North of Howard community.  They are bright, determined and hopeful university students committed to developing alternative and sustainable jobs because they themselves face graduating in a time when jobs are scarce, wages are low and the competition is high.  Your gift helps us to cultivate the skills and abilities of the community and incubate new locally owned and run micro-businesses. Eric is a single father of six children (including a set of triplets!) working a low-wage job.  While grateful to be working, Eric doesn't earn enough to pay rent and cover other living expenses, such as-rent, food, clothes, health care and medication, and transportation to and from work.  He boldly told his story at a recent press conference calling on legislatures to vote to increase the state minimum wage to $10 an hour.  Northside P.O.W.E.R. is committed to helping people like Eric find their voice and to speak up on behalf of their families and communities.  Your gift helps us to fight for the working poor while providing leadership development ~ because an engaged community is a vibrant community! A Just Harvest is intentional about taking the time to hear and know the stories of those we partner with, serve and work with daily.  Every story is significant.  These stories inform our work and bring our mission to life.  We are transformed by them daily. These stories are real.  So is the impact of your generous gift to the work and mission of A Just Harvest. Sincerely grateful, Rev. Marilyn Pagán-Banks Executive Director     Follow us @AJustHarvest to stay in touch.   Quick Links... Website Volunteer Information  Donate Contact Information phone: 773-262-2297

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