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Intro to Dr. Hoang & Osteopathy

DrFeder.com - Official Website for Dr. Lauren Feder - Intro to Dr. Hoang & Osteopathy Sunday January 18, 2015 As the newest physician to join The Center for Natural Family Wellness, I would like to introduce to you to the mechanical concepts of Traditional Osteopathic Medicine. I trained in Pediatrics at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, in southern California.  After graduation in 2000, I restudied Osteopathy as it was originally intended by the founder of the profession AT Still, MD.  He opened his DO school to teach his revolutionary concept that physicians should find the Health within. The human body is designed for balance.  In perfect freedom and balance, we move through space upright against gravity freely, unrestricted; we do not hurt, we can ward off disease.  Through the course of our sojourn on this earth, whatever our path, whatever our journey, from the moment of conception, this plan of perfection unfolds.  Anywhere along this path, anything can happen to derange and disrupt the unfolding, impinge upon our development or mechanically constrain or displace us well after we are structurally mature. Fundamentally, health is the absence of disease.  Health is reflected in how few meds we are on.  Health is never getting sick or maybe occasionally once a year (I call this the 'booster' illness).  Hurting is pain.  Pain is a result of mechanical restrictions.  Physical constraints affect our ability to live, to function, to move through space against the effects of gravity and aging.  Over time, pain and restrictions leads to altered biochemistry and physiology and eventually disease.  This is why the combination of Traditional Osteopathy and Homeopathy is so powerful.  Either approach alone are effective, together they get to the root of the problem and resolve issues of poor health mechanically and biochemically. If this resonates with you and you would like to find out more about what Traditional Osteopathy can do, the Natural Pharmacy Shop has my glossy booklet of before and after treatment photos for eye problems (like strabismus), TMJ, posture, bent knees, fingers, legs, scoliosis, and yes, even acne for $9.95. My blog Dr. Hoang's Straight Talk, since its inception 4 years ago, has gained over 100K views over 150 countries.  My most popular pain blog, "Doctor, why are my legs heavy?" continues to gather views internationally.  My most popular pediatric blog, "Doctor, what is that blue mark on my baby's face?" continues to inform curious mothers. Featured Products more products... Workshops more workshops... Articles more articles...

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