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Solomon rules the 'No Pants Section' at Smithereens in "Awaiting the Apocalypse"

Solomon rules the 'No Pants Section' in Jonathan M. Vick's "Awaiting the Apocalypse"Then again most of the characters are a little off. Let me introduce you to the characters who dine at Smithereens...... Solomon is the KING of the 'No Pants Section' at Smithereens. He is a bad boy who rides a suped up scooter and hates geckos.Mort is the ladies man at Smithereens. He may not schtoop often, but when he does he prefers to do it in a Craftmatic Adjustable bed.Sylvester is a self proclaimed Holistic Warrior, changing world economies by deciding to forgo another cup of coffee. He has a fascination with giant butterflies in Beijing. He believes that he, Mort and Solomon are 3 of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He is convinced the 4th is coming. Soon.Dallas is the owner of the diner called Smithereens. His rif-raf patrons would have you believe he is a lousy cook. This may be true but he had a heart of gold and a crush on Nora. One of these days he will sell the diner and move somewhere quiet - like Pakistan.Nora is the waitress at Smithereens and spends most of her days making fruit cups and coffee and trying to get Solomon out of the bathroom. She spends her evenings driving Mort home and visiting her Grandpop in a nursing home. She is wiser than she looks, even if she did not finish college.Melissa opens a can of worms just by walking into a diner. Instead of preparing for an afternoon meeting she wastes her time playing video games and getting hit on by old men with no pants on.Cameron is obsessed with Melissa. He has been following her for three days but has never gotten up the courage to say hello to her. Sylvester is convinced he is the 4th horseman they have been waiting for. He and Mort and Solomon try to force him to say something to Melissa - which will inevitably start the Apocalypse. He thinks they are all crazy. Which they may be. Or not.  "Awaiting the Apocalypse" is a surreal comedy about the end that takes place in a dingy diner called Smithereens. Usually Winnie avoids productions with a large set. But this set was so big she had to move it off the stage and put it in the audience. So now the audience is *IN* Smithereens. Since Winnie felt it unfair that the actors get to eat during the show, she also offers food to the audience. On Friday nights the audience is offered appetizers to nosh on with a menu that includes: Crackers with hummus and spinach dip, corn ships with salsa and queso, grapes and carrots, m&m's and/or jellybeans.  At the Sunday matinee patrons are served a brunch that includes a skillet mix of hash browns, eggs & sausage, muffins and fruit. Coffee and soft drinks also available at both performances. ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE.  Fridays at 7:30 & Sundays at 1:00 Through November 21, 2014  Tickets $20.00   $5.00 discount for students, seniors & military. Note: No performances Halloween weekend.     Call Winnie at 720-233-4703 to reserve a newly upgraded table with more leg room! Or click a button to the right to purchase online.   Fall 2014 ~*~   Awaiting the Apocalypse Sundays at 1:00   ~*~BITE Saturdays at 7:00Sunday at41:00 Tickets $20.00~*~Hell Toupee Cabaret Thurs. 10/23   *FRIDAY* 11/28Show starts 7:30Tickets $7.00~*~  Purchase tixs to Awaiting the Apocalypse  Purchase tix to BITE  Purchase tickets to Hell Toupee Cabaret ALSO PLAYING..... Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Sex Farce!Audiences are loving this hysterical kinky comedy!Saturdays at 7:00 and Sundays at 4:00

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