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AUDITION NOTICE: "Paging Dr. Chutzpah"

AUDITION NOTICE - SUNDAY 12/20 AT 7:00 - "Paging Dr. Chutzpah"Denver's Dangerous Theatre at 2620 West 2nd Avenue #1, Denver, CO 80219, will hold open auditions for an original comedy "Paging Dr. Chutzpah" by Mark Troy. The story of a prominent New York psychiatrist trying to overcome his compulsion to sleep with his attractive female patients.Auditions will be held on Sunday, December 21 from 7:00 - 9:00pm. The play will open on Friday, Feb 27th and run for approximately 10 weeks, with performances on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. Rehearsals TBD. Actors will receive a percentage of the house. Available roles are as follows:Miss Jorgensen: Female 40-50. The doctor's secretary. She is in love with the doctor and tries to show him in very odd ways. Actor should be able to do various dialects.Kiity Gypsy/Tiffany Rage: Female 21-30. A gorgeous stripper coming to Dr. Oranofsky to try and find her true self. Actor should be prepared to dress very scantily and expose her bare bottom once.Bonnie Bobonnie: Female 25-30. The fiance of Dr. Oranofsky's nephew/son. A shy,virgin librarian with deep sexual fantasies. Dr. Oranofsky steals her away, they elope to Hawaii, and she returns a sex crazed dominatrix, too much for Oranofsky to handle.Please contact Marq Del Monte at 818.642.5120 with any questions and Winnie Wenglewick at 720-233-4703 to RSVP for the audition.

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