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Westword covers Black Stockings! Opens this weekend!

Susan Froyd is the Arts & Entertainment Editor at the Westword and she often gives great coverage to Denver's Dangerous Theatre. Funny enough, she has never been to the theatre. That will change in June when she is a guest on the June 19th "I Want to be Craig Ferguson" Show. Today she posted a wonderful article about Black Stockings and our trip to the Orlando Fringe and ourIndiegogo fundraising campaign. I just wanted to express my thanks to Susan and share the article with you folks. I hope you all get a chance to come see this show. Denver's Dangerous Theatre gives audiences a leg up with Black Stockings See also: 100 Colorado Creatives: Winnie Wenglewick April 18 - May 4thOnly 8 performances. BLACK STOCKINGS is a Brechtian styled morality play about sex and war set in a brothel in Manchester England. Two prostitutes tell stories and jokes about their lives and livelihood. Donna is older and maybe tired of it all but has few other options. Trish is younger and still optimistic for the future. It is her story about her relationship with her Granddad, a decorated WWII bomber pilot, which gives the show moral substance. The audience is asked to consider disparages in morality of war using prostitution as a measuring stick. How do you define morality? While BLACK STOCKINGS uses an example from WWII, not much has changed over the years. Have you paid any attention to what is happening in Syria lately? The audience is also asked to consider the victims of war, who are often not so easily apparent.      April 18 - May 4, 2014  Fridays at 7:30, Saturdays at 7:00 & Sundays at 1:00 (No show Easter Sunday)  Sundays includes brunch in the ticket price  Tickets $20.00   $5.00 discount for students, seniors & military.    Warning: Adults only 18+ due to language, violence and anatomically correct blow up doll.  Black Stockings In Denver AND Orlando 2014  April 2014 ~*~   Black StockingsApril 18 - may 4  Saturday at 7:00Sunday at 1:00(no show 4/20)    ~*~ I Want to be Craig Ferguson  Thurs. 4/17 @ 7:30  Tickets $5~*~Hell Toupee CabaretThurs. 4/24 @ 7:30  ~*~Tickets $5.00    Purchase tickets to Black Stockings Purchase tickets to I Want to be Craig Ferguson  Purchase tickets to Hell Toupee Cabaret

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