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Chapel of Sacred Mirrors New York

In:Sight New

    In:Sight  with Alex & Allyson Grey On our way to visit friends in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, we

Everything Mind New
Everything Mind

  Late Friday at CoSM with Dixon’s Violin You’ve never heard violin like this! A distinguished classically-trained violin master, Dixon followed his dream

This Weekend at CoSM New
This Weekend at CoSM

  This Weekend at CoSM Staying open late on Friday night till 11 o’clock is a new experiment at CoSM starting

Autumnal Equinox 2015 New
Autumnal Equinox 2015

  Autumnal Equinox 2015 Saturday, September 19 With a chill in the air come seasonal shifts and ceremonial rituals throughout

Amanda Sage and CoSM’s 7th Anniversary New
Amanda Sage and CoSM’s 7th Anniversary

  Visionary Salon with Amanda Sage The Visionary Art Movement Saturday, September 12 Premier visionary artist, live-painter, apparel designer, and

Body & Soul Drawing Ritual New
Body & Soul Drawing Ritual

  Body and Soul Drawing Ritual  with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey September 4-6, 2015 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

Light Body New
Light Body

  Pre-Full Moon Workshop: The Inevitable Consequence of Love with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey Saturday, August 29, 2015 3:00 pm –

Gene Keys New
Gene Keys

  Gene Keys with Richard Rudd, Elijah Parker, Teresa Collins, and Marshall Lefferts Humanity may be on the verge of

Art Evolves Consciousness New
Art Evolves Consciousness

  “How Art Evolves Consciousness” Alex Grey & Allyson Grey Montreal, Saturday, August 15, Concordia University Toronto, Sunday, August 16,


  ENTHEURN   Entheurn is a memorial urn inspired by the recent loss of Allyson’s parents, as a special container

Meet The Love Tribe New
Meet The Love Tribe

    Since last August’s membership drive, CoSM has served a growing community with celebrations of creative spirit. CoSM now

Building with Heart New
Building with Heart

  Building with Heart  We celebrate the people who give CoSM life: our staff, volunteers and community members!  Together we

Become A Member or Volunteer at CoSM New
Become A Member or Volunteer at CoSM

  BECOME A MEMBER OR VOLUNTEER AT CoSM It takes a lot of angels to build a Chapel of sacred

Mysteries of the Lost Civilizations New
Mysteries of the Lost Civilizations

  Mysteries of the Lost Civilizations Why?  Dr. Robert M. Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General

Interdependence Day New
Interdependence Day

  Interdependence Day This Saturday, July 4th, CoSM celebrates the Full Moon and the dream of America. Independence Day is

Planetary Metamorphosis New
Planetary Metamorphosis

  Planetary Metamorphosis: The Ecological Crisis as a Collective Initiation At this pivotal time of social transformation and ecological crisis,

Summer Solstice! New
Summer Solstice!

  As beings of light, together, we will light up the night.  Tickets are nearly sold out for CoSM Summer

Rick Doblin on Science and Sacraments New
Rick Doblin on Science and Sacraments

  Rick Doblin on Science and Sacraments Long-time friend of CoSM, Rick Doblin, returns for this Saturday’s Visionary Salon. Founder of the

Sacred Geometry & The Nature Field New
Sacred Geometry & The Nature Field

  Aligning with the Nature Field Michael F. Garger, D.C., teaches Chi Kung, Taoist Yoga and foundational health. Promoting optimal vitality and creativity, Dr. Mike brings 25 years

Art as Prayer New
Art as Prayer

    Awakening to Buddhism   Nearly every morning before we start our day, Alex goes out to find eight


  PALM BEACH BODY & SOUL DRAWING WORKSHOP Sharpen your drawing skills as you open your third eye to glimpse

Creating Mandalas New
Creating Mandalas

      Creating Mandalas “The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of

Opening 3rd Eyes since 2004 New
Opening 3rd Eyes since 2004

  Opening 3rd Eyes since 2004 The CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture was born out of a discussion with our


  VISIONARY CHEF for CoSM   CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in the Hudson Valley (65 miles from NYC) is

Declaration of Creative Spirit New
Declaration of Creative Spirit

  Declaration of Creative Spirit I proclaim my Spiritual Authority To unleash the Creative Power That uplifts the world, Offering

Visionary Permaculture New
Visionary Permaculture

  Visionary Permaculture Pre-Full Moon Workshop – Saturday Community is the ocean in which we swim. We are all products

Entheon Grows in Brooklyn New
Entheon Grows in Brooklyn

  Entheon Grows in Brooklyn With spring in full bloom and the foundation of Entheon laid-in before the icy freeze,

Bicycle Day 2015 New
Bicycle Day 2015

  ANNUAL BICYCLE DAY CELEBRATION, SAN FRANCISCO “Alienation from nature and the loss of the experience of being part of the

The Building of Entheon Resumes New
The Building of Entheon Resumes

    The Building of Entheon Resumes   Brian James, Chief Builder for Entheon shares the coming phase: “In the

Rites Of Spring New
Rites Of Spring

  As Springtime days are warming, we start to notice the tiny flowers of CoSM heroically poking their heads up.

How Rituals Make A Difference New
How Rituals Make A Difference

      In 1985, on our maiden MDMA voyage, when MDMA was still a legal therapeutic pharmaceutical, we lay on

Equinoctial Eyeflower New
Equinoctial Eyeflower

  VISION CRYSTAL TONDO PRINTS I saw an angel of fractal-eye-zed consciousness, a symbol of the infinite, Bulging, receding, puckering,

Creative Rebirth New
Creative Rebirth

  CREATIVE REBIRTH LUIS EDUARDO LUNA AT CoSM (Click image for event info and tickets)   “Ohio Song” by Alex

Visual Wisdom New
Visual Wisdom

  Every individual has the capacity for profound creativity, often lying dormant until switched on. Each of us has the

Voice of the Self New
Voice of the Self

      Our voices are the resounding instruments of our truth.  When we trust our voices and explore the

Seeing the Holy New
Seeing the Holy

  “VIsion Crystal Tondo” by Alex Grey Current suicide rates for returning veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan are unprecedented, alarming,

Sacred Relationships New
Sacred Relationships

  What is the most important thing we could say about relationships? The sacred and transformative path of love is unique

Gems of Awareness New
Gems of Awareness

  Gems of Awareness Visionary mystical experiences are humanity’s most direct contact with the Heaven worlds, and are recounted in

Creating a Life You Love New
Creating a Life You Love

  The Multidimensional Mind Fearless seeker of truth, Alan Steinfeld has explored the occult, paranormal, sacred and mystical through New Realities TV, his interview

Cosmic Philosophy New
Cosmic Philosophy

  The Perennial Philosophy or “eternal religion” that runs through all religions, is the ground of CoSM’s integrative spirituality.