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The Art of Wine

Links: Google Plus One Button We are always taking the time to check our other companies that are innovating in their respective industries. We are wine lovers and industry disrupters. Which makes it heart warming when other companies take bold steps to change how an indiustry distributes and connects with customers. In comes Artspace. Cameron and I love art. No other way to say it. But, for us, art, great art has always been out of our reach, until now. Artspace, an online marketplace that features and represents leading and up and coming artists makes it possible for people like us to have a chance to afford original, beautiful, collectible art. Without the Web this could never be, but it is now a reality and I encourage you to check out their site. They handle framing and much more. Their customer service is exceptional and their shipping and return policies extremely flexible. We believe so strongly in Artspace that we have developed a promotion called "The Art of Wine." This is not so much about how to make wine, but art as a mirror to the wine in the bottle - reflecting back from the art the style and expression of the wine in the bottle. We have selected six of our wines and paired them with six pieces of art from In celebration of the "Art of Wine" we are doing a shared promotion with Artspace. A lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card from Cameron Hughes Wine towards the purchase of any of wines and also a $500 gift card towards the purchase of the art on Artspace. This Rules and regulations are detailed at the promotion site. We hope you enjoy the benefits of being a member of Cameron Hughes wine. We will continue to look for partners and projects we think deserve your time and attention. Happy gazing and sipping! Cheers! Hr San Francisco, CA 94103 ?

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